Sunday, 23 August 2009

Helena stole pants, lots and lots of pants!


It's not every day you get bombarded with pants, and then have the promise of more pants. Now in sl I tend to wear alot of dresses, I only get to dress up a few times a year, and have often wished to be in a dress more often.

But these are some funky ass pants!


Treebie Withnail owns a store called U-neek, I blogged her last week, and I know it doesn't seem fair I'm doing it again, but I LOVE COLOUR. She was even sweet enough to tell me to delete all PINK items, Icky pink, blaaaaaaaa!

I did throw on these pink pants before deletion. These both are of her newest style.


So what is free what is free, I here the chants rolling in. Well there is a hunt at her store, before she has to move, yet again. She wanted you all to get a chance to get in the subscriber, so you all get the new landmarks.

You looking for 10 red ankhs set at L$1 each. Each has at least 1 pair of pants, but many have more. Stuff for guys, stuff for girls and stuff for crazies. XP

Here is my bootie, showing you a few of the finds.


The last pair here(on the right) have some really big ass bottoms.


If that wasn't enough tho, there is one of every item in the store set to L$1. Hair, skins, boots, clothing, and anything else in between.

These are the crazy ass boots you will find.


These are 2 of the skins you will find.


And this was my fav skin I found for L$1. It has a wicked crazy makeup, but is also blue! and the outfit matches well, the top and bottom are each L$1.

So get on down to U-Neek! These will only be out till Monday night, as she is moving to the new sim, so hurry hurry!

Not Free Items

Eyes in all pictures from House of Ruin, not yet released, but name Hell-ena! can't beat that. They also happen to be demon eyes, double bonus, and are so fun to mix and match.

Picture 1

Skin from Rockberry
Tat from InkD
Shirt from Tyranny Designs

***Why is there stuff not Credited? Find out why here!***

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VictorianFilth said...

Hello...I dunno if you know but there is 4 free skins and 2 free flexi hair styles at OCD designs..

Just wanted to fill you in :D

~Harleyquinn Constantine~