Friday, 28 August 2009

Do the Bustle!

I'm back from the depths of computer repair hell. Don't ever let them tell you it will be only 1 - 2 days to put a new fan in your iMac because they lie! It stretched out for a week, so I called them at least twice a day to make their lives as miserable as mine was without my comp.

It was nice to come back and hear from Skyler John who has a new gown in her Lucky Chair at Mystic Sky. Skyler continues to show her increasing range of style with the exceptional Serendipity gown. It features a brocade bodice and pink satin skirt and sleeves. The skirt features a bustle that extends around the back. Bustles were popular during the Victorian era (mid to late 1800's with a 6 year haitus out of style) so this is a perfect gown to have for special balls and such. (Morbid Outlook)
Bustles were considered very appealing to the opposite sex during this sexually repressed period of time. They were also a sign of wealth because the lower classes could not afford the excess fabric needed to make this embellishment. It also would be a bit foolish to do your chores in a bustle. And I just wanted to show you my back end like Winter did below. :)
Also, quickly, the skin and hair I am wearing are available only til midnight SLT tonight as they are part of 50 Linden Fridays. (I love 50 L Fridays!) Details below.


Gown: Mystic Sky: Serendipity Gown: free in the Lucky Chair or 400 to buy
Skin: Tyranny Designs: Sweet Augustine Poppy in 3 tones: 50 L til 12:30 AM SLT
Hair: Tiny Bird: I hate Camera: 50 L til 12 AM SLT (can't slurl because SL has decided not to load map info. Its on the Festivale sim, home of the Poop Hunt.


Juxta said...

I'm suprised that it took so long, the people at my apple store have always been overly friendly and speedy. I was starting to think they might be robots.

Eden Knoller said...

Well they did end up knocking off the labor costs, so they did do a bit of customer recovery effort, which I appreciated.

Juxta said...

Well that's good, definitely not robots though. I just snagged this dress, thanks for the post! They called out my letter just as I was TPing in. It's a nice store too, I love all the princess dresses.