Sunday, 30 August 2009

Replicants and Goth Girls Like Fashion TOO!

One of my favorite stores (new to me) on the grid has a lovely selection of free goodness that I am compelled to show you. This first item from Donna Flora is 10L but it's CLOSE to free and it's sooo pretty!

I was shopping at Donna Flora the other night, and her traffic wasn't all it should be. How can this be, when she makes such sweet little morsels? Back on her freebie wall, there are also shoes, hair and a skin (maybe two) - I saw a chocolate one that I didn't have time to pick up and shoot.

Each of these outfits are available at Donna Flora mainstore for 1L!
Now let's talk about the skin. You know we all keep telling you to join Tuli's group! It's 250L to join but as always it's worth it, she recently gave us Pris (a la BLADE RUNNER) and Goth as gifts.
The hair is a lucky chair prize from Little Heaven.

Where to get it?


Hair - Little Heaven

All Clothes - Donna Flora (hey I pulled this slurl off of someone elses post So I'm crossing my fingers it's right - but she is CLEARLY listed in SEARCH - Donna Flora - go to the MAINSTORE)

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Juxta said...

That's so funny that you posted this, I was just there this morning. Love it <3