Friday, 28 August 2009

AyYaiYai Caramba!

Okay, lets see... it's been so long since I've done an Free*Style post....

Take a long shot of the outfit - check.


Slot in a close up of how it looks on the front - ahhh... nope, all those pics have black lines over them, hmmm.... remember to check your pics as you are TAKING them, dumbass.

At least I can use the opportunity to get in another buttshot on the premise that I can show off the back of the collar, right? And the jeans have great pocketage.

FS 1

Note - check to see if pocketage is actually a word. And if not, use it and convince people it always was.

And tell the Free*Style readers that this is a really nicely made dollarbie unisex outfit, hidden at AyYaiYai - along with more Lucky boards, chairs, and camping prizes than they'll ever need. Slide something in about the Biker Boots from HoC still being only 40l with four colour options... and there you have a Free*Style blog. What took you so long?

And pin a note to your forehead for next time, Winter - you don't have to spend the obscene amounts of money you do to look good.

You look damn good anyways.


Ashia Tomsen said...

YAY!!! Awesome post, thats so the opposite of sparklepyre <3455

Sileny said...

This post needs more exclamation points.

Valerian said...

I vote for pocketage to be a new word. Makes sense to me - but then I like words like clickability and invisibleness *grins*

Juxta said...

Invisibleness isn't a word? :(