Sunday, 30 August 2009

Even more from Hodgepodge


Oyyyy allergies are eating my BRAIN. Despite that, I bring you free goodness. The jeans and shirt and skin, above, are opening gifts from bffae's Hodgepodge store. The jewelry is from U&R Dogs -- gorgeous camp chair necklace with charms, and freebie earrings. The boots are a sneaky preview of the Lazy Places Demonology hunt gift. The armlets, tattoos, and hair are not free, but I love them, so you get to see them anyway.

***Shirt: bffae (faire) Ombre top (pink) - Hodgepodge opening gift
***Skin: bffae Audri (Systematic) E - Hodgepodge opening gift
***Eyes: HooT halftone eyes - Hodgepodge opening gift
***Earring: U&R Dogs Cinderella pierced earring - store gift
***Necklace: U&R Dogs Cyerny necklace - store camp chair item
From demonology hunt:
***Boots: Lazy Places Myth - Satyr -- hunt starts Sept. 1. (info)
Not free:
***Tattoo: ATOMIC Tattoo_lucky basterd (black)
***Hair: ATOMIC hair_roxxie - beige
***Armlets: Dark Eden Empress Armlets in Mushroom

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Ylang-Ylang said...

Hi ! what lovely effect on your photos....can I ask how you did it? (the light line around the figures especially!!!) thanks :)