Tuesday, 25 August 2009


I know Winter will probably snarl like a goodun when he reads this......but I've been reading the Twilight saga. I just watched the movie too, but I was dissatisfied with that, it wasn't meaty enough (pardon the pun :P) Having finished the last book, I had an image in my mind of how Bella would look once she was a vampire, then my Ghani from Blueblood dropped her latest group gift on me.

It's called Death Princess, apt no? The black version shown here is the group gift, and there are loads of colours stuffed into the lucky boards at the main store.

I haven't had a chance to wear my amazing vampire skin from Den-Dou yet, but I thought this was the perfect moment. Do I look like I could lure you close enough to get a nibble at your neck? This is one of 3 versions you get, they get bloodier as you go along.

The hat hair is fucking incredible. I saw it here, and only logged in to get it, then promptly logged out again :P It's not free, but it is gorgeous, in fact the whole of Rozoregalia is well worth a look. Ash Out.

Blueblood group gift
Den-Dou Vampire Skin for CSR
Hat/hair (not free)


Amethyst McMahon said...

you look good enough to bite, my dear!
Tough titties what Winter has to say... it was light reading, but the saga was rivetting - as usual the movie just can't get it all in, but you do make one very sweet Bella! <3

Winter Jefferson said...

Oh god, we lost another one. >_<

Bloody Sparklepyres... should have bitten you when I had the chance. NOW I have to go all the way to England...


Lory said...

Hey, love the blog as usual and you find some great stuff Ashia!

But about Twilight, even though it's light reading and just for fun and all (hey I love vampire stories), I really think you should look into this just so you know: