Sunday, 31 May 2009

Make Him Over.


There have been plenty of hunts in the past months, well, especially in the past 6 months or so. People would freak out and trawl through the lag all over the grid to finish the massive hunts. I, myself, couldn't possibly do it. I always ran out of time, or didn't really have the positive energy to carry myself onward and do the hunts.

I also found, from the hunts I did complete, that they were really aimed at the girlies. And the boys followed their loved ones or friends around, disappointed at the lack of men's gifts.
While this has changed with each and every hunt, and more and more designers now cater for the male hunter, I have news for your men who read this blog, or for the woman who wants her man to not miss out on all the fun!

The Make him Over hunt is about to begin! A month of hunting goodness to keep those men happy!

From the 1st till the 30th of June, Men, de-prim and get hunting!

Here is some info I received in a note card,
'As you know most hunts are 95% of time oriented towards women so the objective of MHO hunt is to get men involved in the hunt while exposing them to quality stores that they many not be familiar with. '

You can check out the Make Him Over Hunt blog for a list of all the stores and designers participating. There is about 150 stores, which is lots of time for you boys to go and find some new stores!

The starting location for the Make Him Over Hunt is MadDesigns, so head over the and get searching!

Aqua and Mix and Match

This post is about the stores Aqua and Mix and Match, hence my oh so clever title. Ahem. I am still sick and the sim where my store was got sold without my knowledge and I have to set up everything AGAIN so I am going to make this quick (sorry done with the whining :P) but because it's a quick post doesn't mean the items aren't awesome. In fact, they rock!!FREE:
Picture 1:
Hoodie: subscriber gift from Aqua
Leggings: lucky chair prize from Love Soul
Skin (worn throughout): Mix and Match 15 minute item camp
Picture 1:
Shape (worn throughout): 20L through 6-1, Zora shape by Shape It Up!
Hair (worn through out): BP, 100L I think
Picture 2:
Shirt: Mix and Match, 60L for a pack of three shirts
Shorts: Aqua, 50L for a pack of four styles
Picture 3:
Tank and Overall Dress: Poised @ Aqua, 50LI wanted to do a closer shot of the shorts worn above since they are super hot. For 50L you get four pairs, clean, dirty, one hand print, or two hand prints. Super fun! And, to let you all know, EVERYTHING at Aqua is now 50L because of the rough economic go and buy some mega sexy stuff. The shirt worn is another of the prints included in the three pack with the shirt above from Mix and Match.FREE:
Lingerie: subsciber gift from Aqua
Ballet Heels: Adam N EveFREE:
Shoes: Zenith. More free stuff and a lucky pad there too! :D
Picture 1:
Baby Doll Dress: 50L at Aqua
Picture 2:
Green outfit: 50L at Aqua

*NOTE: the boots worn in the first picture were an item camp from Edge Grafica at Utsuku City, bit the SIM has closed. The blue shoes worn in the first picture were a limited edition color from a past hunt Katat0nik participated in, but are no longer free. You can get a super cute black pair in the main store though for a good price.

Tantric Love

Belle Belle has always caught my attention with the amazing furniture avaliable to buy and all those FAB fab prizes you can get your hands on. Behold! The NEW gift avaliable from 3 of their lucky boards; Heidi, Leyla's assistant has kindly informed me that it is avaliable, here's how it looks:


etreat for meditation, cuddling, kissing, or relaxing with your favorite person in this beautiful sphere with pretty particles and light effects.

If you're ready for a well deserved break in your long SL day, come and get one today!

1. Meditate:
Tantric Lovin'

2. Sit Together:
Tantric Lovin'

3. Woo!
Tantric Lovin'

The Clothes:
Tantric Lovin'

Tantric Lovin'

1. Mimikri - Biarritz Bikini & Pareo white (group gift)

1. SF Design - Neck Towel for men, $0L

Here's some more sexy stuff from Wanderer The Wind, as mentioned previously by Sileny. So if you still didn't go there to have a look, you really should!!!

1. Eyemasks in blue and pink (you have the option to wear it up too!), $0L
Little Pieces of Clothing

2. WTW lingerie ver6 baby pink (30mins camping, for group only), other colors $60L
Little Pieces of Clothing

3. WTW ver12 black, lucky board (changes every 10mins)
Little Pieces of Clothing
Little Pieces of Clothing

4. On left: WTW lingerie ver11 brown, $80L (my FAVE piece in the whole shop!!)
Little Pieces of Clothing

On right:
CS FANDANGO - Pink orchid Hawaiian Bikini, $1L

This little purple number below is from Sam's Secret!

Little Pieces of Clothing
Little Pieces of Clothing

Sam's Secret - Purple Satin Lingerie, $0L

Saturday, 30 May 2009

Group gift tree from October Rust


This beautiful little tree is a group gift from October Rust. Touch the subscribo sign to the left of the landing point, then touch the giant red acorn to the right of the landing point (under the 'Display Vendor' sign). Then, you will have this pretty tree (inspired by Tolkien), the Agarwaen Nut! [SLURL HERE]

The Japanese lantern to the right is a not-free item from Havelock Shrine, a lovely build, well worth a look.

Something For Girls...Something For Boys!

So I spent some time preparing for the gifts for the Make Him Over Hunt starting on 1st June, now I'm done, let me show you some goodies!

African Necklace Mix

needing some MORE accessories?
I never say no to accessories, especially shoes!! But today I got this gorgy "African Mix" necklace from the So Many Styles group history, this is definately one group worth staying in, I'm always receiving fantastic quality stuff!

1. So Many Styles - African Mix Necklace (group gift)
2. Ce Cubic Effect Halterneck (Aqua), not free
3. hair from Truth, not free

Now we have a fab fab party dress, avaliable in 2 versions! Great thing is that you can get this through the subscribo; read on:

Version 1:
*[ROC]* Delilah Skirt Prim Champagne v1

Version 2:
*[ROC]* Delilah Skirt Prim Champagne v2

1. *[ROC]* Delilah Gown and Dress in Champagne (subscribo)
2. Paper Couture Moonlight Necklace (Earrings included), not free
3. SLink Caged Heels, not free
4. Nicole Hair from Naughty

Now for some update for the MAKE HIM OVER HUNT just for men, here's what I made for the guys to get:
My Name Is Ruben

Find all 5 poses!

My Name Is Ruben

My Name Is Ruben

Thank you Caeo for modelling for me!

You can see the official blog for more details and starting points:

Friday, 29 May 2009

Random Freebie And Not So Random

So I'm out sim wandering, I believe after picking up some sought after blog items - I just wandered off to see what is what....and I run into this REALLY sweet little furniture store - Rejudor. They're got a couple of lucky boards up giving away goodies (sweeeeeet) like couches and lamps which look REALLY nice ( I DID NOT WIN!) and their assortment of furniture is really cute. Plus some of it has, ahem, FEATURES some people might be interested in. Most of them labeled LOVE.

I thought their prices were reasonable too.

But that aside they had a gift out. So you know wtf I pick it up, and bizarrely, it's a set of red lingerie.

I guess perhaps if you were using any of the LOVE features on their funiture you might want something like this? I lounge here on Cajsa's chaise at our Office and Day Spa I thought I should also let you know that I'm wearing Kamian's Free Female Shape which despite being all shape picky - I really like.

NOW. ALL WORDS ASIDE. FREE EYES - At La Sylphide if you have not seen them yet!

There are also lashes but I have no business around Prim Lashes. This skin by L'Oring - them what was Lazolli is JORDEN which has already been blogged AT LEAST ONCE by my fine colleagues here, has some bombass lashes drawn onto the skin as you can see.

I was there last night, it is still 0L!

Style Notes

Lingerie and Furniture Lucky Boards at Rejudor

Free Eyes at La Sylphide - I got off the grid without the slurl. But Search Works JUST FINE!

Silver Rose group gift; TekuTeku hair


My pretty, pretty hair is a lucky chair item at TekuTeku -- thank you to everyone who helped roll the chair for me this morning, including Rosie, Teagan, Ellantha and all of Ellantha's alts. *g* When you're there, check out the gorgeous new build and the new releases -- TekuTeku's new hair is pretty and fluffy and adorable and well worth a look. [ SLURL HERE ]

The dress is a lovely group gift from Silver Rose (do a group search for Silver Rose and it'll come right up) -- if you don't have a group slot available, the dress will be a lucky chair item in two week's time. [ SLURL to main store ]

My skin, which is not free, is the gorgeous Fleur Allure Biba. [ SLURL HERE ]


Thursday, 28 May 2009

:WhoNose: knows

Rarurick Ragu, owner and designer of :WhoNose:, just keeps getting better. She now has two shops, one in the Baby Monkey Mall and another at LVS Drive.  You can find these outfits at either shop.  Her designs are beautifully sculpted and rich in detail.  Many come with shoes or jewelry and the most expensive dress in her shop is only 80L.  There are so many great deals here I couldn't cover them all.  Besides being very generous, she is definitely a designer to follow.  
The Shine Dress in Silver is only 5L.  The texture and design are fabulous. The jewelry is the Memories Set at Deco (one of my total favs) at the Vagabonds location.  The earrings are only 1 L thru Friday (SLT) and the necklace is half price.  Check out the Maraschino set right next to it for the same pricing.  
The dress above is on of many dresses available in her Lucky Board.  She spares no expense in quality on the items you can get on the board.  The cute Robokun bracelet and ring are a group gift at *mocorin*. Check out the other cute cheapies on the wall.  This is an adorable shop.  The Zelda hat is one of many you can find for only 10L at Split Pea.  Melatonin Hax is celebrating the first anniversary of her store.  All hats with even a tiny bit of green are only 10L.  All sunglasses are also priced at 10L.  Look at the shop sign for a 1L princess hat.
The Lavender Summer dress is only 5L The candy flats are from Scribble (not free but darn cute). Again I am wearing the Memories set from Deco.  
The Jewel Doll dress is an example of a full price dress at :WhoNose:.  It comes with cute matching flats and shoulder jewels.  It is available in a nice array of candy colors.  I am in love with bags lately and the Robo & Moco bag from *mocorin* is at the top of the cute list.  The designer and owner, akinko Twine, is so nice and flipped the board to a wildcard so that I could get it.  She also showed me that you can camp for the cute shoes at the front of her shop by sitting on an egg.  I will definitely have to go back and do that.  The sunglasses are from Split Pea, one of many for 10L.  (I bought them all...cough)

The skin in all the posts is from Tuli and is the new Profile Picks gift.  You don't have to be a Tuli group member to get this skin.  The easel to the right of the tree explains how to get it.  

Picture 1 & 2:  Tiny Bird: Olivia (not free)
Picture 3: Hair Solutions: Eleanor (I've had it so long I don't even know if it's still there but I did notice a bunch of campers for some nice hair.)
Picture 4: .::Stuff::. Leighton (not free) 


Got some undies for ya. Not too many words today since I am sick as a dawg and feeling lousy.

Lingerie / Jammie: Wanderer the Wind, 50 min. item camp (group only)

Crown, Scepter, and Lingerie: Reasonable Desires TTLG hunt gift

Sheer Cardigan: Wanderer the Wind, lucky board
Tank and Undies: LVS First Look, 1L each

Lingerie:Yomeshoujo group gift, 1L join fee (also comes w/skirt, not shown)

Gorgeous Skin: Cipria Couture, DSN gift

Have fun. Wear undies. Take pictures.

*NOTE: Wanderer the Wind is part of the Nenashigusa Nest group. Group join board in store.

Malt-y Goodness!

So, first thing I find when I log on this morning is a notice from Malt Village letting me know that they've put out a cart of Free Stuff (Yaaaaay!). Please keep in mind as you read that some things were 0L and some were 1L. This is just some of the fantastic-ness from said cart!....

malt 1

This is an outfit from (Posh). It is the cutie patootie dress and also the HAIR! I didn't do justice to the pretty flower in my mouth, which is also a facelight. The flower is from Outbox by Design. It's super cute, trust me.

malt 2

This outfit is from Malt and also includes the cute lace collar! (the boots are from SiniStyle, very not free but a total STAPLE in my wardrobe!)

malt 3

Last but NOT least, a very pretty corset from Nushru that I paired with jeans from Malt and a smexy collar from Spork! All from the cart!

The skin I'm wearing is the Tuli group gift that Ash so awesomely blogged here!

Go check it out, you'll be glad you did!

<3, Cas

Wednesday, 27 May 2009


Wow it's been awhile!! SL and RL have gotten so busy in the last couple of weeks, and I was doing my best to keep up.......then I just said fuck it, and started hanging out having fun instead. Most of yesterday was spent waiting for Nishant Zobovic to put out the hair we had been waiting very impatiently for :P While waiting, Sas and I tried to sort inv, then she got dizzy from throwing stuff away, and I thought it best we stop!

Most of you would have this amazing preview from the Tuli group, but if you don't, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY grab it now! "Hope" is stunning. You have a choice of tones and brow colours, which is awesome.

Pididdle has opened up at Fashion Mode, and looky, special dollarbie make up for yooooos. The makeup is so cute, and again you get a choice of tones.

For a couple of weeks now, girls have been asking in fashion emergency, and other groups I'm in, "What's happened to Lazolli?" Buggered if I knew, but I did love that store with a deep and burning passion. The skin shown here has been in my inv for a bit. I didn't know who sent it (thanks to capping and crashing on logging in). I went to the store to have a look round last week, then got distracted by IMs and forgot why I was there ;P Fast forward to this morn and this post, and I was like oooh I have that skin, then the penny dropped! Thanks for solving the mystery Narita!! Sooo, the point of that ramble is, Lazolli has rebranded to L'oring, this skin is free for a limited time, go grab it! It's the Jorden skin, the one Narita posted is Takako, both still avail at the time of posting for free.

Here's a new release from Dare Designs, this colour is the lucky chair exclusive. The Enthralled set is beautiful, I love the options that come with all of Dare's clothes.

This set Dare was kind enough to gift to me. "Beauty Is Pain" is a terribly apt name for the last two weeks of my sl. Thank you Dare, you rock! The hair!!! While it's not free, it's the biggest damn hair I've seen in ages and I fecking loves it!! Grab your blast from the past at Mirai Style. And remember, the higher the hair, the closer to god :P Ash Out.

Tuli group gift
Dutch Touch (not free)

Hair (not free)
Paper Couture
Mirai Style

Dare Designs luck chair
Dare Designs new release

I looked through the looking glass!

Hey everyone!

I'm about halfway done with the Through the Looking Glass Hunt that runs until July4 and I've already found some reallllly great stuff! I put together a mash up of some of the prizes I've found already and I wanted to share. Please keep in mind that with some items the stores had WAY more in their gift, but I'm only wearing a piece of their prize (even better right?) You're looking for a little looking glass and the starting point is here!

I thought I'd show you the full outfit first!


The skin is part of the hunt gift from [42] and it also comes with an "unteary" version. When I put it on it made me wanna pose as a sad kitteh in distress (don't ask lol). The Alice shirt is the prize from Miasma, the pants are part of the WoE gift, the shoes are part of the (ADORABLE FukMi prize), the belt (which has awesomesauce details on the front) is from UrBaN DySfUnCtIoN, and the ears and tail set (also with awesomesauce detailing) is from Twisted & Spoiled!

Heres a close up of the amazing skin!


If you have the time, I would definitely do this hunt I've found so many great things so far... I'm off to finish! <3, Cas

p.s. also wearing hair from the DSN gift from Tiny Bird and my "c" collar is from *Dreams* and costs 250L
p.p.s. the slurls won't take you to the looking glass... sowwy, gotta find it! However, if you need help there's is a help blog here :)