Thursday, 28 May 2009

:WhoNose: knows

Rarurick Ragu, owner and designer of :WhoNose:, just keeps getting better. She now has two shops, one in the Baby Monkey Mall and another at LVS Drive.  You can find these outfits at either shop.  Her designs are beautifully sculpted and rich in detail.  Many come with shoes or jewelry and the most expensive dress in her shop is only 80L.  There are so many great deals here I couldn't cover them all.  Besides being very generous, she is definitely a designer to follow.  
The Shine Dress in Silver is only 5L.  The texture and design are fabulous. The jewelry is the Memories Set at Deco (one of my total favs) at the Vagabonds location.  The earrings are only 1 L thru Friday (SLT) and the necklace is half price.  Check out the Maraschino set right next to it for the same pricing.  
The dress above is on of many dresses available in her Lucky Board.  She spares no expense in quality on the items you can get on the board.  The cute Robokun bracelet and ring are a group gift at *mocorin*. Check out the other cute cheapies on the wall.  This is an adorable shop.  The Zelda hat is one of many you can find for only 10L at Split Pea.  Melatonin Hax is celebrating the first anniversary of her store.  All hats with even a tiny bit of green are only 10L.  All sunglasses are also priced at 10L.  Look at the shop sign for a 1L princess hat.
The Lavender Summer dress is only 5L The candy flats are from Scribble (not free but darn cute). Again I am wearing the Memories set from Deco.  
The Jewel Doll dress is an example of a full price dress at :WhoNose:.  It comes with cute matching flats and shoulder jewels.  It is available in a nice array of candy colors.  I am in love with bags lately and the Robo & Moco bag from *mocorin* is at the top of the cute list.  The designer and owner, akinko Twine, is so nice and flipped the board to a wildcard so that I could get it.  She also showed me that you can camp for the cute shoes at the front of her shop by sitting on an egg.  I will definitely have to go back and do that.  The sunglasses are from Split Pea, one of many for 10L.  (I bought them all...cough)

The skin in all the posts is from Tuli and is the new Profile Picks gift.  You don't have to be a Tuli group member to get this skin.  The easel to the right of the tree explains how to get it.  

Picture 1 & 2:  Tiny Bird: Olivia (not free)
Picture 3: Hair Solutions: Eleanor (I've had it so long I don't even know if it's still there but I did notice a bunch of campers for some nice hair.)
Picture 4: .::Stuff::. Leighton (not free) 


Sileny said...

The lavender dress is only what? I'm dying to know!!

Eden Knoller said...

OMG... I have to come back and fix it!

Eden Knoller said...

All fixed, Sileny. Now, go on and get the dress. It's so cute and you need it.

Sileny said...

Heehee I dooo!