Sunday, 31 May 2009

Aqua and Mix and Match

This post is about the stores Aqua and Mix and Match, hence my oh so clever title. Ahem. I am still sick and the sim where my store was got sold without my knowledge and I have to set up everything AGAIN so I am going to make this quick (sorry done with the whining :P) but because it's a quick post doesn't mean the items aren't awesome. In fact, they rock!!FREE:
Picture 1:
Hoodie: subscriber gift from Aqua
Leggings: lucky chair prize from Love Soul
Skin (worn throughout): Mix and Match 15 minute item camp
Picture 1:
Shape (worn throughout): 20L through 6-1, Zora shape by Shape It Up!
Hair (worn through out): BP, 100L I think
Picture 2:
Shirt: Mix and Match, 60L for a pack of three shirts
Shorts: Aqua, 50L for a pack of four styles
Picture 3:
Tank and Overall Dress: Poised @ Aqua, 50LI wanted to do a closer shot of the shorts worn above since they are super hot. For 50L you get four pairs, clean, dirty, one hand print, or two hand prints. Super fun! And, to let you all know, EVERYTHING at Aqua is now 50L because of the rough economic go and buy some mega sexy stuff. The shirt worn is another of the prints included in the three pack with the shirt above from Mix and Match.FREE:
Lingerie: subsciber gift from Aqua
Ballet Heels: Adam N EveFREE:
Shoes: Zenith. More free stuff and a lucky pad there too! :D
Picture 1:
Baby Doll Dress: 50L at Aqua
Picture 2:
Green outfit: 50L at Aqua

*NOTE: the boots worn in the first picture were an item camp from Edge Grafica at Utsuku City, bit the SIM has closed. The blue shoes worn in the first picture were a limited edition color from a past hunt Katat0nik participated in, but are no longer free. You can get a super cute black pair in the main store though for a good price.


Casia Serpente said...

too much awesome in one post...

/head explodes!

Sileny said...


P.S.- Had a few people message me to say the Zora shape was not set for sale *sigh* It's now fixed!

P.P.S.- /me sweeps up Casia's head chunks

persontypething said...
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persontypething said...

Sorry removed previous comment due to typos (eeps!)Sorry for not replying before but thanks so much for your smashing review of AQUA- much appreciated- I'm Elfreda Quar but call me Elf- Customer Service Rep and AQUA Promoter- we have some great new lines coming in right now adn sizzly summery stuff aplenty!