Saturday, 30 May 2009

Something For Girls...Something For Boys!

So I spent some time preparing for the gifts for the Make Him Over Hunt starting on 1st June, now I'm done, let me show you some goodies!

African Necklace Mix

needing some MORE accessories?
I never say no to accessories, especially shoes!! But today I got this gorgy "African Mix" necklace from the So Many Styles group history, this is definately one group worth staying in, I'm always receiving fantastic quality stuff!

1. So Many Styles - African Mix Necklace (group gift)
2. Ce Cubic Effect Halterneck (Aqua), not free
3. hair from Truth, not free

Now we have a fab fab party dress, avaliable in 2 versions! Great thing is that you can get this through the subscribo; read on:

Version 1:
*[ROC]* Delilah Skirt Prim Champagne v1

Version 2:
*[ROC]* Delilah Skirt Prim Champagne v2

1. *[ROC]* Delilah Gown and Dress in Champagne (subscribo)
2. Paper Couture Moonlight Necklace (Earrings included), not free
3. SLink Caged Heels, not free
4. Nicole Hair from Naughty

Now for some update for the MAKE HIM OVER HUNT just for men, here's what I made for the guys to get:
My Name Is Ruben

Find all 5 poses!

My Name Is Ruben

My Name Is Ruben

Thank you Caeo for modelling for me!

You can see the official blog for more details and starting points:


Gidge said...

Suri whose skin is that? It's hawt.

Suri Christen said...

"Megan" by Glance

Yummy Mayya said...

Oooh does the bombtastic cleavage come with the skin or is it one of those kinds bought separately? I've seen something like that on somebody but they wouldn't tell me where they got it from -_-.

Suri Christen said...

Get it here:

Only $89L