Sunday, 31 May 2009

Tantric Love

Belle Belle has always caught my attention with the amazing furniture avaliable to buy and all those FAB fab prizes you can get your hands on. Behold! The NEW gift avaliable from 3 of their lucky boards; Heidi, Leyla's assistant has kindly informed me that it is avaliable, here's how it looks:


etreat for meditation, cuddling, kissing, or relaxing with your favorite person in this beautiful sphere with pretty particles and light effects.

If you're ready for a well deserved break in your long SL day, come and get one today!

1. Meditate:
Tantric Lovin'

2. Sit Together:
Tantric Lovin'

3. Woo!
Tantric Lovin'

The Clothes:
Tantric Lovin'

Tantric Lovin'

1. Mimikri - Biarritz Bikini & Pareo white (group gift)

1. SF Design - Neck Towel for men, $0L

Here's some more sexy stuff from Wanderer The Wind, as mentioned previously by Sileny. So if you still didn't go there to have a look, you really should!!!

1. Eyemasks in blue and pink (you have the option to wear it up too!), $0L
Little Pieces of Clothing

2. WTW lingerie ver6 baby pink (30mins camping, for group only), other colors $60L
Little Pieces of Clothing

3. WTW ver12 black, lucky board (changes every 10mins)
Little Pieces of Clothing
Little Pieces of Clothing

4. On left: WTW lingerie ver11 brown, $80L (my FAVE piece in the whole shop!!)
Little Pieces of Clothing

On right:
CS FANDANGO - Pink orchid Hawaiian Bikini, $1L

This little purple number below is from Sam's Secret!

Little Pieces of Clothing
Little Pieces of Clothing

Sam's Secret - Purple Satin Lingerie, $0L


Ruina Kessel said...

Great post!

psst there's no slurl for Belle Belle ;D

Alexxandra Sorbet said...

Where is the hair from that you wear on the purple underwear-pick (nr 3)?

Suri Christen said...

That hair is from [LABIEJA]; creator is Applonia Criss, check her profile for the LM.