Wednesday, 27 May 2009


Wow it's been awhile!! SL and RL have gotten so busy in the last couple of weeks, and I was doing my best to keep up.......then I just said fuck it, and started hanging out having fun instead. Most of yesterday was spent waiting for Nishant Zobovic to put out the hair we had been waiting very impatiently for :P While waiting, Sas and I tried to sort inv, then she got dizzy from throwing stuff away, and I thought it best we stop!

Most of you would have this amazing preview from the Tuli group, but if you don't, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY grab it now! "Hope" is stunning. You have a choice of tones and brow colours, which is awesome.

Pididdle has opened up at Fashion Mode, and looky, special dollarbie make up for yooooos. The makeup is so cute, and again you get a choice of tones.

For a couple of weeks now, girls have been asking in fashion emergency, and other groups I'm in, "What's happened to Lazolli?" Buggered if I knew, but I did love that store with a deep and burning passion. The skin shown here has been in my inv for a bit. I didn't know who sent it (thanks to capping and crashing on logging in). I went to the store to have a look round last week, then got distracted by IMs and forgot why I was there ;P Fast forward to this morn and this post, and I was like oooh I have that skin, then the penny dropped! Thanks for solving the mystery Narita!! Sooo, the point of that ramble is, Lazolli has rebranded to L'oring, this skin is free for a limited time, go grab it! It's the Jorden skin, the one Narita posted is Takako, both still avail at the time of posting for free.

Here's a new release from Dare Designs, this colour is the lucky chair exclusive. The Enthralled set is beautiful, I love the options that come with all of Dare's clothes.

This set Dare was kind enough to gift to me. "Beauty Is Pain" is a terribly apt name for the last two weeks of my sl. Thank you Dare, you rock! The hair!!! While it's not free, it's the biggest damn hair I've seen in ages and I fecking loves it!! Grab your blast from the past at Mirai Style. And remember, the higher the hair, the closer to god :P Ash Out.

Tuli group gift
Dutch Touch (not free)

Hair (not free)
Paper Couture
Mirai Style

Dare Designs luck chair
Dare Designs new release


Casia Serpente said...

OMG i say that hair quote ALL the time! *loves the big hair* gorgy pics, awesome friggin post :D

Sileny said...


/me steals yer wig

Gidge said...

I been wondering about Lazolli recently too.
Thanks for the update!

Emerald Wynn said...

YAY! I wondered what the hell happened to Lazolli. Thanks!!!

P.S. This Southern Belle from Tennessee loves the big hair!