Saturday, 31 October 2009

Go Fast!

Wanted to make sure you all got the dress from Exclusiva before it's gone!!!

The workmanship on this dress is just impeccable. It is one you will want in your inventory forever. Makes me feel all rock star awesome, so now you know why I have the super cool microphone, haha.

And those boots, BTW, are also free!! From MAITREYA!?!?!!!!!! YAY!! Subscribo gift, go grab them while you can.
Free ( most for a limited time only so hurry!):
Dress w/Spider Attachments: Exclusiva
Boots: Maitreya, subscribo gift
Skin: &Bean, previously blogged

Not Free:
Hair: Lamb, (was a subscribo gift that was blogged previously, don't think it is still available but I will check and make sure)
Vintage Microphone w/Poses: CnS

Happy Halloween ^-^

December PersimmonS Heavens
Shoulder Persimmon twig - December Lucky board prize.
Outfit - KWZ not free

Heaven's Skin
Skin - Heaven's - Lucky board prize. One day only.
Mouth Persimmon twig - December Lucky board prize

dismorph. subscribo gift
Pose - dismorph. subscribo gift. Follow the red beam and touch the subscribo in the shop.


The Black Market Pirate Union is having a hunt! Some of the best stores in SL have mini shops here with free, cheap, and exclusive items. Adding a hunt on top of that is just getting to have pumpkin AND pecan pie for Thanksgiving dessert. Yum!

The prizes made me feel really giddy and childlike. Lots of color and ruffles and good ideas found in these items.

To claim the prizes go to the area and look around for pumpkins. When you click a pumpkin it will give you a question with three possible answers. The questions are all spooky/Halloween type questions and are really fun. To answer you just type /8 followed by either a, b, or c, whichever you think is the correct answer.

Beware of answering questions on two different pumpkins that are close together, I have discovered; if the first pumpkin you answered on hasn't "timed out" it will still hear you trying to answer the second pumpkin's questions and you will end up getting multiples of the same gift. I think I ended up with like four birdhouses, lol. There are lots of prizes to be found, apparently there are more that just weren't out yet when I started hunting. I have a tendency to jump the gun when I see names like Sugarcube, Ohmai!, Bettelbones, etc. :PBlack Market Freebies:
Long Pearl Necklace: Twosome
Black Necklace w/Flower and Feathers: Glow Studio
Little Witch Necklace: Lagyo
Beanie w/Hair: Balaclava
Yellow Sweater (other colors available too): Modd.G
Chic Tinkerbell Dress/Leotard/Shoes: Ohmai!
Hearts Tank Top: Sugarcube
Orange Camisole: Madsy
Birdhouse w/Built in Poses: =Hoot=

Other Free:
Tennis Racket/Pumpkin Ball/Poses: A.D.D. Andel, opening gift
Rocking Horse: Kagayahime, free

Not Free:
Pants: Malt
Skin: Mix and Match (unreleased)
Hair: Zero Style (past CSR gift)

-The skin from Mix and Match was passed to me as a sneak prview by Manis of Mix and Match. It has adorable built in teeth and I LOVE it. When it comes out I will let you know because her items are always very affordable and good quality.
-Make sure to stop by A.D.D. Andel and make her happy since she just opened and is a super nice girl and loves giving out freebies :D

Friday, 30 October 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!

It's my birthday!! YAY! that that is out of the way, let's look at some freebies! Hehe. This skin is currently a pay what you want at Free Speerit. Is this a generous store or what!? The big walls of pay what you want and freebies...the group awesome. The skin comes with an option for no tears as well so it can be worn well past Halloween.
The dress I am wearing is a group gift from Draconic Kiss. You have to go to the store and click a thing to request an invite to the group. I got this from the subscribo, though I am not not sure if it is available for redelivery or not. The shoes are the sperm hunt prize from Shapely Designs.Thank you Dot Lane for my Cake Hat :D

Skin: Free Speerit, pay what you want
Dress and Socks: Draconic Kiss, group gift
Shoes: Shapely Designs, sperm hunt gift
Tattoos: One of the awesome prizes you can get in the Nigtmare Eden hunt

Not Free:
Hair: Lamb


Dresses - M*Motion free. Lucky board prize and Halloween gift. There's more in store.
Necklace and bracelet - U & R Dogs free. Prize camp chair and lucky board prize.
Prim Cheek - Fluffy. Gacha prize. It's sculpted and only L$10.
Hair - OH not free
Skin - Cherry Girl not free

Thursday, 29 October 2009


Here are some free/cheap skins from SkinSane! Go get them before they're gone :oSkin: either 1L or 10L I can't remember and I can't log in to check, argh.Skin: either 1L or 10L I can't remember
Skin: Sperm hunt gift, 0L

Note: One of the first two skins is 10L and the other is 1L. I am not sure which is which since I can't log on. But go check them out, they are cute.

Not Free:
Hair: Clawtooth by Clawtoot
Eyes: Skin Within

Mer-Elf Goodies

Morgaine Price, owner of Mer-Elf Creations was kind enough to show me some of the wonderful outfits you can get for free at her shop right now.  In addition to the free items you can hunt for or win, she is having a substantial sale on some of her older gowns, which are gorgeous.  The gown directly below is Aurelina gown in Harvest that you can get in the Myths and Legends hunt.  There is a big sign in the store that shows you what you are looking for and it is not too hard to find.

Several of us Free*Stylers have shown you items from Atomic's fantastic Halloween hunt so I won't repeat details but I wanted to show you a close up of the skin from the hunt.  It is from the Bailey line and I love it for it's youthfulness.  You can find it in several tones and it comes in 2 lip colors and freckled versions in each folder.  I love the glossy lips!

There is a great lucky dip also at Mer-Elf with numerous prizes including a fairy dress, mermaid AO, unisex belt, gift cards and this Halloween version of the Aurelina gown.  This one comes with numerous skirt, sleeve and belt options for about a million different combination possibilities.  I'm showing it in a short version with a belt but no sleeves for a casual look.

Just a quick note about the Mer-Elf locations.  The main store is in a mature district so you must be age-verified to get the first gown.  However, both the lucky dip and gown sale are also available at her Vanity Fayre Boutique, which does not require age verification.

Clothing: Mer-Elf Creations: 1) Aurelina Harvest for Myths and Legends Hunt and 2) Aurelina Halloween - one of several lucky dip prizes
Hair and Skin:  Atomic: Halloween Hunt gifts


.:Twilythula:. Red Riding Hood

.:Twilythula:. Alice
Dresses - Twilythula free
Skin - McSkin not free
Hair in pic 1 - Atomic Pumpkin Hunt Prize
Thank you Twilythula Sorbet for letting me know about the dresses^^

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

MichaMi For Me!

The Deck sim is having an event where just about every store has put out either 1. an exclusive item 2. a freebie or 3. a sale item. It's really fun to wander around and look at them all. Some stores are a bit behind and don't have their goodies out yet (/me hides) but others do and I hope to show you some of these. For now I want to show you the cute top and scarf you can get for 0L each at MichaMi! The pants are like the perfect boyfriend jeans and are on sale for only 100L for the duration of the event.

The skin I am wearing is one of two skins you can get for free as a group gift from [OH]. Other gifts in the store include a cute hair (previously blogged by Creamy) and the fun glasses I am wearing in the first photo.
Shirt and Scarf: MichaMi, free
Skin and Glasses: [OH], group gifts
Pants: MichaMi, 100L
Hair: [OH], 100L

Creepy pumpkin features

Trick or treat? I'll show you a treat from Miel.

This fun pumpkin dress is free in the subscribo until October 31st


There is an animated spooky pumpkin face or a plain version of the dress and it also comes with this awesome pumpkin top hat (spiders not included) ;) I LOVE IT!!

The shoes and socks are also from Miel, they are colour changeable with a click and look just perfect with this dress doncha think?

miel 5

Dress: Miel Subscribo gift until 31 oct

Shoes and socks: Miel (not free)
Say Hair in sunset: Lamb (not free)
Skin: Blowpop Elizabeth N2 Graphite (not free)

Now I must go because my child is spooked and she keeps getting out of bed, it's nothing to do with the fact she glimpsed the spiders on this post I hope.

for acha, who said she missed my boobs

at least i think it was acha? anyway, Liquid by Envy is taking part in a hunt at the GAL sim. in case you're unfamiliar, LbE turns out the sort of frilly underthings that would make, oh, betty draper proud. they've got 9 sets of lingerie hidden all around the sim. shown below are the black houndstooth bra and panties, but the folders include a babydoll attachment as well:

in other news, keiko morigi, one of my favoritest skinmakers in the history of ever, has hidden a gorgeous special gift at &bean for halloween (hint: look for a skull). it's got a bright, expressive face and teeny scissors chasing delicate dotted lines tattooed all over the body.

and yes, creamy blogged the lovely tres blah subscribo satchel already but i took the pic ages ago. so behold its glory again. i'm a slowpoke blogger, SLue me.

picture #1
free: lingerie - liquid by envy (hunt gift, one of 9 sets); skin - &bean (gift hidden instore)
not free: hair - clawtooth (from the specially discounted halloween packs, with special colors pumpkin spice and softest black)

picture #2
free: skin - &bean; bra - liquid by envy (hunt gift); satchel - tres blah (subscribo gift)
not free: hair - clawtooth; shirt - mr poet; jeans - surf co

(poses by esme milena)

Deviant Girls Treasure Hunt Gift

Deviant Girls Jack o Lantern Hunt Prize 1

Deviant Girls Jack o Lantern Hunt Prize 2
EGGzorcist doll full avatar set (comes with hair, shoes and a basket) - Deviant Girls. One of many Jack o Lantern treasure hunt prizes.
Check the official website for details^^

Skin - &Bean free. Look for the skull in the shop.
Lashes - OH not free

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

MIAMAI Halloween Gift

Sometimes there are creations made that make me want to cry.  This gown, totes free, OMG, from MIAMAI is such.  I have been totally awed by monica Outlander's work for quite a while now... lusting, savoring, dreaming of occasions to wear them.  Each work is a vision and Hecathes is an opportunity to own a piece of art.

When you enter the store of gorgeousness take a left and the gown is shown in all it's glory.  There is a gift box next to the gown where you can pick it up.  Also, if this is a new store for you, make sure you subscribe.

A Quickie!

This post is a shortie and in no way showcases ALL the goods available at the Atomic pumpkin hunt, in fact it only shows two of the twelve items, but I hope you hear the name Atomic and go running anyway!! Oh...and check out this lingerie...*yums* I love you for this gift forever 5th and Oxford.

The pumpkin skin is available in more than one tone and makeup. The hair is available in several colors as well, and there is another hair too! There are also unisex items like tattoos and tees. Everything is really cute. The lag at the sim, however, is not cute LOL! I had my graphics down as low as they go, no attachments or scripts, even turned my rendering types off except for the basics and could barely move. This should let you know how freaking fabulous and worth it these goodies are. /me cuddles her new skins.

Skin and Hair: Atomic sim pumpkin hunt prizes
Lingerie: 5th and Oxford group gift

Not Free:
Necklace: Sissi
Mushroom and Lily Pad: Falln Angel Creations

Photos taken at Falln Amusements. The place is really freaking awesome and fantastic, don't judge it by my photos :P

Sunny Days

Rain, rain, rain!!!! I want sun, so I have to go to SL to get it.

Sunny Sim is having a bone hunt, it's really fun and well done. You attach the HUD which you will find in the sign at the landing point and a skeleton appears on your screen. As you find each bone it will appear on your skeleton. Each bone contains a prize. Ring the doorbell to the store and you will be given a lovely prize.

Stores include:
Oh Mai
Sh*t Happens (didn't find this one)
Tiny bird

I think there may be some others, but I'm not sure which as I couldn't find all the bones - yet!


Dress: Elate
Hair: Tiny Bird
Jeans: Decoy
Waistcoat: Whippet & Buck
Sunny 2
Black Top: Twosome
Jeans: Decoy
Orange Top: Oh mai
Necklace: Twosome
Hair: Tiny Bird

Sunny 3

Top: Twosome

Also worn but not part of hunt
Glasses: Pick gift from kgs
Bag: Tres Blah Subscribo Gift
Leg Bandana: LikeA Group Gift in store
Green shoes: Magi-take 1L
Elizabeth skins: Blowpop group gift

Here's some close-ups stunning skins from Blowpop, these are Annyka's latest creations, I think they look especially beautiful with red and blonde skin tones. These are a group gift, search Blowpop and look in group notices, but you must also check out the rest of them in store...YOU MUST I TELL YOU!

Blowpop skin 1

blowpop skin 3

My avatar Freestyle Adamski is now officially a redhead because of these skins. How striking does this look with the red hair?


Worn above (not free)
Skin: *blowpop* N2 Elizabeth -tone A- 5.2 Graphite
Dress: *blowpop* Felice - Leopard print slipdress
Hair: lamb. Say - Sunset
Shape: My own

More Halloween Stuff!

Halloween is approaching! I am so excited to organise a trick or treat this year until my brother promptly reminded me that I am too old to dress up as an orange bee and go knocking on peopl's doors. Personally I think it was just some lame excuse to get himself out of it.

Cynful Halloween Gift
(Click here to enlarge!)

Cynful - Halloween Dollarbie

Spinal Tap Boots
(Click here to enlarge!)

eiffel & VAIN INC Halloween Spinal Tap Boots from Sentou Yousei, $0L

Other Stuff worn:
POWER DOLL tatt - Get them @ I <3 Rien:

*GA* Hats Kaporal Panel (texture changing menu with a click!)

LaGyo Halloween LITTLE WITCH necklace, $4L

Monday, 26 October 2009

Doctor, I've prepped the patient

Jelly Supply (don't you love the name!?), one of my fellow Lucky Chair Stalkers, alerted us to this amazing costume that you can get when you subscribe to Suicidal Unborn (#3 in the archives).  It is called Crazy Nurse and it is simply amazing.  It includes the entire outfit (except the shoes) as well as the skin.  The texturing and  seamwork is flawless.  The skin, with it's cuts and blood, perfectly accentuates the outfit.  I had never been to Eleanor Cyberstar's shop before but I will be back.

The shoes are from Heart & Sole and are part of the Black Widow hunt they are sponsoring on their sim.  They are hidden in the store and not too awfully difficult to find.  The prim feet are color adjustable for skin and nails.  Don't you just love the little dagger stabbing the foot?

I <3 it and it so suits my mood lately...this is not just a Halloween costume for me.  It might be my new uniform.  The hair is from Mirone, which is having a 30% off sale until the 28th, for their wonderful, chic hair.   It was very hard for me to not buy them all.  The Cat's Meow glasses are soon to be released from Deco.  I'm using them again in a post when they are released so I will keep you updated.

Outfit: Suicidal Unborn: Crazy Nurse: free - includes skin (the slurl is outside.. just go in the store)
Shoes: Heart & Sole: Stabbed: free - Black Widow Hunt
Hair: Mirone: Faye: not free, but 30% off until 10/28
Glasses: Deco: Cat's Meow glasses: not free
Eyes: Mystic Sky: Natural Eyes Purple: not free

Foxchase Designs Halloween Hunt


Speaking of hunts, you can pick up this outfit (including the bangles, skin, hat, shoes and little frock) at Foxchase Design's Halloween hunt. The creators have provided cute poem-type hints for the hunt, and you can find out more at the store. The hunt runs through Halloween. (SLURL to Foxchase Designs).

***Outfit: Foxchase Designs - Plum Web Dress - Halloween Hunt items
***Eyes: From The Stringer Mausoleum's Halloween Hunt
Not free:
***Shape: Blitz mirah shape
***Tattoos: ~silentsparrow~ (rave's wing) 50L Friday item, SE belladonna: lepidoptera
***Hair: Serena - Cynical Black

TSM Halloween Hunt (post three)


My third post about The Stringer Mausoleum's second annual Halloween hunt has more Unisex items -- hair, eyes, and these neat pointy headdresses with super-long Latin names (that were totally driving me crazy in spell check).

The Stringer Mausoleum's 2nd Annual Halloween Hunt
Oct.23rd-Nov.8th 2009

The Stringer just got back from a space expidition, slaying space spiders on mars. She busted open her favorite after battle treat, Twizzlers, but sadly dropped the bag on the Aurora Isle sim on her way down from her Mothership.They rained down from the sky all over the sim. Now these aren't just any plain old Twizzlers, they are space demon Twizzlers, and hold a special gift in each. Why do you think The Stringer likes eating them? Your mission is to find as many as you can! The Stringer Mausoleum has yet again this year asked a few other vendors to get in on the hunt.

So far in the Hunt:

The Stringer Mausoleum
C&D Designs
House of Ruin

SLURL to The Stringer Mausoleum


***Eyes: TSM Creature Series Alien Eyes - Nightlight Blue, Alien Eyes - Nightlight Green, Darkness Eyes - Abyss, Darkness Eyes - Rage
***Hair: TSM Loaded SE Darkness /Nightshine Red, Blue, Purple, Pink
***Skin: RUIN Lethean Female: molten ritual, charcoal ritual, moonlight ritual
***Headdresses: TSM Fangorian Headdress - Anoterpopsis Hilaris, Argyrodes Antipodianus, Badumna longinqua, Hexathele Hochstetteri
***Pasties: Dark Eden free item!

Spirit of Sn@tch

Well hello! Welcome to my room! I shall share my closet with you.

And my cosmetics and wigs too, of course.
Dress/Socks/Shoes: Sn@tch, group gift (300L join fee)
Skin: Free Speerit, group gift (1L join fee)
Bracelets: Retox, Nightmare Eden hunt gift
Futon w/Several Animations: FD Decor, sperm hunt gift
Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations, hunt gift