Tuesday, 27 October 2009

A Quickie!

This post is a shortie and in no way showcases ALL the goods available at the Atomic pumpkin hunt, in fact it only shows two of the twelve items, but I hope you hear the name Atomic and go running anyway!! Oh...and check out this lingerie...*yums* I love you for this gift forever 5th and Oxford.

The pumpkin skin is available in more than one tone and makeup. The hair is available in several colors as well, and there is another hair too! There are also unisex items like tattoos and tees. Everything is really cute. The lag at the sim, however, is not cute LOL! I had my graphics down as low as they go, no attachments or scripts, even turned my rendering types off except for the basics and could barely move. This should let you know how freaking fabulous and worth it these goodies are. /me cuddles her new skins.

Skin and Hair: Atomic sim pumpkin hunt prizes
Lingerie: 5th and Oxford group gift

Not Free:
Necklace: Sissi
Mushroom and Lily Pad: Falln Angel Creations

Photos taken at Falln Amusements. The place is really freaking awesome and fantastic, don't judge it by my photos :P


Eden Knoller said...

YOU... are Hawt! I adore the lingerie.

Sileny said...

Oooh ok! SO is that why you TPd me to your skybox? Hehe.