Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Sunny Days

Rain, rain, rain!!!! I want sun, so I have to go to SL to get it.

Sunny Sim is having a bone hunt, it's really fun and well done. You attach the HUD which you will find in the sign at the landing point and a skeleton appears on your screen. As you find each bone it will appear on your skeleton. Each bone contains a prize. Ring the doorbell to the store and you will be given a lovely prize.

Stores include:
Oh Mai
Sh*t Happens (didn't find this one)
Tiny bird

I think there may be some others, but I'm not sure which as I couldn't find all the bones - yet!


Dress: Elate
Hair: Tiny Bird
Jeans: Decoy
Top: fri.day
Waistcoat: Whippet & Buck
Sunny 2
Black Top: Twosome
Jeans: Decoy
Orange Top: Oh mai
Necklace: Twosome
Hair: Tiny Bird

Sunny 3

Top: Twosome

Also worn but not part of hunt
Glasses: Pick gift from kgs
Bag: Tres Blah Subscribo Gift
Leg Bandana: LikeA Group Gift in store
Green shoes: Magi-take 1L
Elizabeth skins: Blowpop group gift

Here's some close-ups stunning skins from Blowpop, these are Annyka's latest creations, I think they look especially beautiful with red and blonde skin tones. These are a group gift, search Blowpop and look in group notices, but you must also check out the rest of them in store...YOU MUST I TELL YOU!

Blowpop skin 1

blowpop skin 3

My avatar Freestyle Adamski is now officially a redhead because of these skins. How striking does this look with the red hair?


Worn above (not free)
Skin: *blowpop* N2 Elizabeth -tone A- 5.2 Graphite
Dress: *blowpop* Felice - Leopard print slipdress
Hair: lamb. Say - Sunset
Shape: My own


Suri Christen said...

How did you get the font to be so big! We always only had problems making it smaller, not bigger!

Love this post <3

Creamy Cooljoke said...

haha! God knows, i'm suddenly having a horrible time with the font now too, it seems to be since I changed to Google Chrome.

Felon said...

The Blowpop skins are cute but the shading on the face is a bit extreme, there is all this detail in the nose/eye area then the freckles just stop existing :/ I was sporting freckles before they became popular, I am kind of disappointed in this fad because it is rarely done well

Sileny said...

I personally love the freckles, they look like the freckles on a lot of my RL friends. I have been a freckle person for a long time too...these are lovely.

Creamy Cooljoke said...

loves them too, i wish I had such cute freckles in RL :)