Monday, 26 October 2009

Doctor, I've prepped the patient

Jelly Supply (don't you love the name!?), one of my fellow Lucky Chair Stalkers, alerted us to this amazing costume that you can get when you subscribe to Suicidal Unborn (#3 in the archives).  It is called Crazy Nurse and it is simply amazing.  It includes the entire outfit (except the shoes) as well as the skin.  The texturing and  seamwork is flawless.  The skin, with it's cuts and blood, perfectly accentuates the outfit.  I had never been to Eleanor Cyberstar's shop before but I will be back.

The shoes are from Heart & Sole and are part of the Black Widow hunt they are sponsoring on their sim.  They are hidden in the store and not too awfully difficult to find.  The prim feet are color adjustable for skin and nails.  Don't you just love the little dagger stabbing the foot?

I <3 it and it so suits my mood lately...this is not just a Halloween costume for me.  It might be my new uniform.  The hair is from Mirone, which is having a 30% off sale until the 28th, for their wonderful, chic hair.   It was very hard for me to not buy them all.  The Cat's Meow glasses are soon to be released from Deco.  I'm using them again in a post when they are released so I will keep you updated.

Outfit: Suicidal Unborn: Crazy Nurse: free - includes skin (the slurl is outside.. just go in the store)
Shoes: Heart & Sole: Stabbed: free - Black Widow Hunt
Hair: Mirone: Faye: not free, but 30% off until 10/28
Glasses: Deco: Cat's Meow glasses: not free
Eyes: Mystic Sky: Natural Eyes Purple: not free


Sileny said...

omfg. You look like one of those hot sexy nurse cartoon characters gone lethal. So. Freaking. Hot.

Eden Knoller said...

Gawd, I know! This outfit is the shizz.

Suri Christen said...

So bloody too! Love it <3