Thursday, 29 October 2009

Mer-Elf Goodies

Morgaine Price, owner of Mer-Elf Creations was kind enough to show me some of the wonderful outfits you can get for free at her shop right now.  In addition to the free items you can hunt for or win, she is having a substantial sale on some of her older gowns, which are gorgeous.  The gown directly below is Aurelina gown in Harvest that you can get in the Myths and Legends hunt.  There is a big sign in the store that shows you what you are looking for and it is not too hard to find.

Several of us Free*Stylers have shown you items from Atomic's fantastic Halloween hunt so I won't repeat details but I wanted to show you a close up of the skin from the hunt.  It is from the Bailey line and I love it for it's youthfulness.  You can find it in several tones and it comes in 2 lip colors and freckled versions in each folder.  I love the glossy lips!

There is a great lucky dip also at Mer-Elf with numerous prizes including a fairy dress, mermaid AO, unisex belt, gift cards and this Halloween version of the Aurelina gown.  This one comes with numerous skirt, sleeve and belt options for about a million different combination possibilities.  I'm showing it in a short version with a belt but no sleeves for a casual look.

Just a quick note about the Mer-Elf locations.  The main store is in a mature district so you must be age-verified to get the first gown.  However, both the lucky dip and gown sale are also available at her Vanity Fayre Boutique, which does not require age verification.

Clothing: Mer-Elf Creations: 1) Aurelina Harvest for Myths and Legends Hunt and 2) Aurelina Halloween - one of several lucky dip prizes
Hair and Skin:  Atomic: Halloween Hunt gifts

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