Wednesday, 28 October 2009

for acha, who said she missed my boobs

at least i think it was acha? anyway, Liquid by Envy is taking part in a hunt at the GAL sim. in case you're unfamiliar, LbE turns out the sort of frilly underthings that would make, oh, betty draper proud. they've got 9 sets of lingerie hidden all around the sim. shown below are the black houndstooth bra and panties, but the folders include a babydoll attachment as well:

in other news, keiko morigi, one of my favoritest skinmakers in the history of ever, has hidden a gorgeous special gift at &bean for halloween (hint: look for a skull). it's got a bright, expressive face and teeny scissors chasing delicate dotted lines tattooed all over the body.

and yes, creamy blogged the lovely tres blah subscribo satchel already but i took the pic ages ago. so behold its glory again. i'm a slowpoke blogger, SLue me.

picture #1
free: lingerie - liquid by envy (hunt gift, one of 9 sets); skin - &bean (gift hidden instore)
not free: hair - clawtooth (from the specially discounted halloween packs, with special colors pumpkin spice and softest black)

picture #2
free: skin - &bean; bra - liquid by envy (hunt gift); satchel - tres blah (subscribo gift)
not free: hair - clawtooth; shirt - mr poet; jeans - surf co

(poses by esme milena)


Creamy Cooljoke said...

I miss your boobs and I can't wait to see your sorta like christmas cooter.

Achariya Rezak said...