Wednesday, 30 September 2009

T-Shirt & Skirt

If you all have not notice, Line has a new subscribo gift for all avatars that join, and it's a simple (but pretty) combo of a t-shirt and mini denim skirt!

line outfit_001

line outfit_002

Line - subscribo gift, $0L

Other stuff worn, all not free:
.:A&M:. Asian Floral Tattoo

(FD) Ultimate Bugeye Glasses (light frames),

>TRUTH< Rose - chestnut

[mm] cage boot grey

Old poses to get!

I also put out the old poses I made before, at $2L each, here is the preview of my favorite poses avaliable from the older collection. Go and have a look!

[S.LOVES] Old Random Poses, $2L each!

I Adore Toreador

Rawr, I'm a creature of the night and stuff. Fear me and whatnot.

See? I have pointy teeth. Why aren't you scared of me? Aww, man.

Well, at least bask in the glory of my shiny boots, ok? Pretty please?
Skin: B. Bodenhall, free in Domestic-V group notices
Jacket: Wild&Demetra, free
Boots: The Dominion, free (color change too!)
Pose: Creamy for FreeStyle

Not Free:
Skirt: Sweeter Than Candy (former MM prize)
Hair: SLink (new release!)

I used to table top RP a Toreador. Because I am awesome and not geeky at all.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Holli Hunts

Holli Pocket has left a whole bunch of hunt items out from all sorts of hunts present and recently passed. The items are all fun, brightly colored clothes. And they are all really, really, REALLY easy to find.

The items shown are from the Mother-Daughter, Poppy, S.O.S., and Dr. Seuss gifts. Holli Pocket in Gloomyville is also having a 50% sale on everything so bring some L's to spend too :DPoses are by Creamy Cooljoke for Free Style
Not Free:
Hair is by LaLa Moon
Skin is by My UglyDorothy


The awesome Yome Shoujo store has been revamped and has loads of new goodies, check out these yummy new freebies in store. You can find these in boxes next to the fountain, the tops are almost edible (nomnomnom jellybeans)



The black and white tops here are freebies in Yome Shoujo Halloween store, the TP is on the ground floor



I took my little girls Halloween outfit shopping yesterday, so felt all inspired to dress up my avatar too.

This next outfit is 90L from Yome Shoujo, there's 3 other top options, includes hat and it's unisex!


All outfits: Yome Shoujo (0L)
except Halloween striped outfit (90L)

Poses made by me: Free*Style - 1L or pay what you want (there's loads in the box)

Also worn:
Pics 1-4
Skin: Vive 9, new free gift in store
Hair: Junwave group gift in store
Boots: Periquita at The Black Market (100L)

Pic 5
Skin: My Ugly Dorothy Group Gift in store at Tails

Hair: Exile (bought for 100L in the sale, may no longer be this price)

bloody 'ell

It's book/movie inspired Tuesday everyone! Tarnished's group has this great hair out now, based on "Where the Wild things Are." For those that loved Lei's Ugly Duck's manic skins, will love this Eli uninvited skin, based on the movie "Let the Right One in". Join each store's respective group for the gifts! (Tarnished and Ugly Duck ($250L join fee for the latter)). xo, Abra

*Outfit Details:
pig: Life is Good group gift
cami: Church of Luxe

Monday, 28 September 2009

Towa Closing

There is more bad news folks. Towa is closing in one day! As a last gift there are two lucky boards out, one with beautiful jeweled prim lashes and a second containing these lovely dresses and accessories:

There is also a 50% off sale on the already low priced merchandise. Most dresses are below 100L and prim nails around 50L. There are even furniture and skyboxes and such! The two dresses below were both under 100L and are very nice quality:

The skin I am wearing is one of the latest freebies from (Vive9). It's a very sweet looking skin! The eyes are part of the Towa lucky board prize and the LCS piercings are a gift in the Lucky Chair Stalkers group notices from EllaBella.

Guilty Pleasure

Just one guilty pleasure for me to indulge this a nice bubble bath, drink a glass of champagne...then slip into this gorgeous set of lingerie...courtesy from Blacklace!

Blacklace Exquisite Lingerie
(Click on picture to enlarge!)

Blacklace - Azura Blue Satin & Lace Cincher Set, $0L

**This gift is limited so go grab it quick!!!**

Skin: Belleza group gift - Jesse
$250L joining fee but I swear this skin is so beautiful, I pay this fee begging on my knees!!!

Suri, xoxo

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Cherry Girl Lucky Board

FREE *CGirl*H* * LEATHER Bra&Pants Type1*

FREE *CGirl*H* * LEATHER Bra&Pants Type2*

l*H*FREE FREE *CGirl*H* * Lingerie * Teddy leather *

Outfit - Cherry Girl Lucky Board prize
Hair - PR!TTY Group Gift
Skin - Cherry Girl not free

Hodgepodge Mall Freebie Weekend

Hodgepodge Mall has begun holding monthly events and this month is a freebie weekend!   It ends on Monday, the 28th at noon so get down there and load up on tons of amazing freebies and dollarbies.  What I am showing is just a small drop in the bucket; if I showed you everything I would take up at least a page. I'm not giving exact slurls within the mall because all you need to do is walk about and you will find lots of great items from skin to jewelry to clothing.  There are some great men's items as well.

Skin (in all photos): A Piece of Candy: Sarah: Hodgepodge
Shirt: Sh*t Happens: Beige Birdie Tee (unisex) Hodgepodge - this store is up on a mountain overlooking the other shops.  There is are several freebies in the main room and there is a 50 % sale in the entire store until the 28th at noon SLT
Skirt: Elate!: Betsy: Hodgepodge
Hair: Tousled: Reed: huge moving sale with all packs only 40 L.  When you buy it the item is yours, so take it after you purchase it.

Top: Pididdle: Gauze and Gardens: Hodgepodge: truly a stunning piece that could be used in so many combinations.
Jeans: [vjj]: Antique Jeans: Hodgepodge
Jewelry: Otaku Designs: Aztec Armbands and Bracelets: Hodgepodge
Hair: Amitria: Aideen: not free

Dress: A Piece of Candy: Adrianna: Hodgepodge (isn't this gorgeous?)
Hair: Clawtooth: Good Evening: not free

Dress: SySy's: Notche LE Pink: Hodgepodge: sexy!
Hair: Clawtooth: Lola's Big Date: not free

Super Sileny!

I got this fabulous super hero ensemble for free from Peppermint Blue today and sat in the middle of a post-apocalyptic wasteland pondering over what my super hero power would be. Hmm. Hmmmmmmmm....AHA!

I bring you....cupcakes! Even in the middle of despair I can bring forth colorful cupcakes. Maybe not the most practical super power but it is fitting :P

The skin I have on is the latest group gift from Candy Mountain. There is also a hair in the notices, not shown.
Not free:
Hair: Curio
Eyes: Adam N Eve

-The Super Fetish hero garb is limited time only so hustle. It includes the clothes, mask, cape, and boots.

Silver Week pants


Hello! Today I'm wearing a lot of group gifts -- these excellent pants from Curious Kitties, the last gasp of Silver Week offerings. (I'm not sure what Japanese Silver Week is, is it Japan's bank holiday week?) I'm also in a number of cute items from Magi Take. If you join the group and head upstairs, there's a desk that contains all of the past group gifts. This month offers lovely orange Chucks, and the wall behind the desk has pants, sweaters, shirts, bags, socks... you can outfit your avatar for free! Not free but from a shop renown for its free skins is my dirty dolly "skine" from Mother Goose's. I thought it suited the kawaii-themed outfit. SLURLs below.


Group gifts:
***Group gift pants: Curious Kitties silver canious pants
***Group gift hair: TEKUTEKU muse(SP-Blue)
***Group gift shoes: magi take chucker sneakers orange -- available upstairs
***Group gift shirt: magi take white collared shirt -- available upstairs
***Group gift bag: magi take leather bag (green) -- available upstairs

Not free:
***Tank over shirt: Niniko loose tank black
***Skin: Mother Goose's dirty dolly Skine_03.5

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Kamikaze Gift

kamikaze gift
Outfit - Kamikaze free until around 6pm slt or so, so hurry!!!

Other free items
Right: Black hair - PR!TTY group gift, check notices
Skin - Dutch Touch subscribo gift

Thanks shunpra Inshan for modeling with me<3

Pretty in Purple

Some fun cheapies from [KUE!] as well as a dollarbie from skin fair ahoy! This pretty dress with matching shoes and hair bow is only 10L through the 27th to celebrate the owner's rezday! It's so cute with it's little tiny bunny!!! Very unlike the Halloween items out right now, haha.

Here is a close up of the shoes that come with the outfit, as well as a limited time only pair of boots! the boots are 25L and feature more tiny bunnies, this time riding on cookies! Full. Of. Win.

The skin is a dollarbie from Exodi at the skin/shape fair. Don't you love it?!

Here are the other two tones the skin come in. All four are in the pack!! the lashes too! The hair is by Clawtooth by Clawtooth and was the 50L Friday item, so no longer free or cheap, but still very cute :P


New massive pack of dresses with sequin details from The Dominion Fashion District. You can get these dresses free until 2nd October approx.


The Dominion Fashion District - Stylish Dresses, $0L

Other stuff worn:
Stilettos - Jimmy Chau, not free
Bra: *BOOM* Shot Girl lace bra (part of an outfit), not free
Hair: Truth - Madison, not free
Pearls: Bonita's Jewelry - Antique Pearl Wrapped Necklace..chest, FREE

Dark Katz

Dark Katz Hunt starts September 20th until October 20th; i got some details from the group notecard:

The hunt is inspired in Neko-grunge and Sweet-neko style and child avatars, furry avatars,demons,vampires and all the creatures of this wonderfull world are welcome to participate in the hunt. This hunt is for everyone in SL who would like to join in!

You will be hunting the sims for a Kat who is shown close to the ^V^DKH^V^ sign, that one don´t have the prize in it.
The Kat who has the prize in it is a very, very bad kat and don´t like people around him so He´ll warn u that don´t get too close to him ^.^

Something for you Kiddies will be on this hunt ^.^

Zippir of Line sent me a copy of her gift for this hunt, there are 188 more gifts to find! You can check out the official hunt blog for the store list:

Dark Hunt Blog List of Designers

Line Dark Katz Hunt Gift 02
POSE: Random Poses made by Creamy @ Free*Style

Line Dark Katz Hunt Gift 01

Line - Dark Katz Hunt Gift

Stilettos from Jimmy Chau, not free
hair from Fascino, not free

Suri, xoxo

Friday, 25 September 2009

Connors Group Gift

connors halloween gift
Halloween Outfit - Connors group gift in store
Thank you Noc for telling me this ^3^

not free
Hair - W&Y
Skin - fd
Pornstar - UBU

That Thing You Like

I love funny tees! This "I taught your boyfriend that thing you like" tee makes me laugh! You can get this as well as the next outfit all from the Mischief Update Group (hippo)

I taught your boyfriend that thing you like

**MIS** Your Boy Tee (group freebie) - Black
TRUTH Tahlia 2 - coffee
F*S Schmoking Cigarette (mouth)

This outfit (top and pants) is a thank you gift, also from mischief:


Summer Mood
Couple Pose @ [S.LOVES]

**MIS**Rock Me, Roll Me (TY from Mischief Freebie)
F*S Schmoking Cigarette (mouth)
50 flats-patent rose- Midnight, $50L
Hair: friday - Rashelle, not free

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Pretty Church Fuses Melons and Cupcakes

Definitely a crazy name for a post but how else do I recognize all the great finds I have to show you?  Aemilia Case, of Philotic Energy fame, has opened a new sim and has started a new brand called Fusemelon, selling a wide range of products including hair, clothing, accessories and builds.  The PE store has moved there but with reduced stock. There are great wearable color demos for both men and women in the hair section.  I'm wearing the women's demo, Taken All.  It's so fab!  There is also a gift bag in the shop (you can't miss it - it's everywhere).  Walk around the sim and find the exclusive freebies from Sugar Mill and there were some cheapies at Philotic Energy that were new to me. Omaire Abattoir from O-Magine Homeworks and Ravyn Hynes from Mudhoney did a fantastic job on the builds.

There are some great sales going on now that I have really enjoyed.  Church of Luxe has almost everything on sale for 50 L right now and fatpacks are a steal.  Pretties by JB is rebranding to ala mood Boutique and all shoes are currently 25 L with supercheap fatpacks.  Cupcakes now has 15 gift bags out at 250 L each which includes an exclusive skin in all tones, an outfit and eyes.  You don't need to be a group member to purchase these and it's a great way to try out their skins for very little cost.  The collar I'm wearing is part of an amazing Roman collar/cuff set currently in the Midnight Mania board at Inca Temple.  The board only needs 100 slaps to get the item and when I checked a little while ago it was about halfway there.  It has intricate engraving and is fully scripted.

Hair:  Fusemelon: Taken Away: Wearable color demo: Free
Dress: Church of Luxe: Colleen: 50 L
Shoes: : ala mood :Khea Summer Heels: 25 L
Skin: Cupcakes: Gift 10: Seduction in Cameo: 250 L for the set plus a lingerie set
Collar: Inca Temple: Roman Collar: Midnight Mania Prize: Free


I'm very angry today. Let me release some of anger through my flaming eyes, mwa ha ha.
Skin, Tail, Wings: Darkerside, 0L
Hair: DarkerSide, 1L
Shredded Top: Sassy Kitty, subscribo gift
Fishnet Top: Sassy Kitty, part of the Dark Katz hunt gift
Shorts With Garters: Rock Me Amadeus, 1L

And another pose for good measure :P It should be noted that at the time I did this post all of the hair and eye lashes at DarkerSide were set at only 1L. :O
Also wanted to do a close up of my awesome angry flaming eyes. They have moving textures so that it actually looks like burning flames. I loves them. They are not free but are only 75L :PNot Free:
Eyes: Sexon's, 75L
Hooves: Dilly Dolls
Stockings: Reasonable Desires (part of an outfit)

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Pose Du Jour

Hi all!
More new poses for you including a free couple pose!

[S.LOVES] through the cloudy days

[S.LOVES] Through The Cloudy Days couple pose, $0L

Pants: *+curious+*G two-tone pants sepia (0L) subscribo gift


Here's the new dollarbie pose from my latest set "kristi":
kristi_05 dollarbie

[S.LOVES] Kristi_05, $1L

Clothes worn: top from MichaMi, high waist skirt from So Many Style, all not free.

Suri, xoxo

Mother Goose's

Mother Goose Lunas Boutique
Tops - Mother Goose's group gift. Search and join .:: Mother Goose's::. and check notices.

Denim pants - Lunas Boutique group gift. Search and join *Lunas boutique*

2-color denim pants - curious free

Skin - Mother Goose's luckyboard

Hair - YunA's Hair not free