Monday, 28 September 2009

Guilty Pleasure

Just one guilty pleasure for me to indulge this a nice bubble bath, drink a glass of champagne...then slip into this gorgeous set of lingerie...courtesy from Blacklace!

Blacklace Exquisite Lingerie
(Click on picture to enlarge!)

Blacklace - Azura Blue Satin & Lace Cincher Set, $0L

**This gift is limited so go grab it quick!!!**

Skin: Belleza group gift - Jesse
$250L joining fee but I swear this skin is so beautiful, I pay this fee begging on my knees!!!

Suri, xoxo


Tesh said...

Suri - you look gorgeous as always and this is just a stunning picture!! Thanks so much for all the wonderful tips :) :) xoxo Tesh

Suri Christen said...

More Blacklace lingerie including a group gift here: