Saturday, 26 September 2009

Dark Katz

Dark Katz Hunt starts September 20th until October 20th; i got some details from the group notecard:

The hunt is inspired in Neko-grunge and Sweet-neko style and child avatars, furry avatars,demons,vampires and all the creatures of this wonderfull world are welcome to participate in the hunt. This hunt is for everyone in SL who would like to join in!

You will be hunting the sims for a Kat who is shown close to the ^V^DKH^V^ sign, that one don´t have the prize in it.
The Kat who has the prize in it is a very, very bad kat and don´t like people around him so He´ll warn u that don´t get too close to him ^.^

Something for you Kiddies will be on this hunt ^.^

Zippir of Line sent me a copy of her gift for this hunt, there are 188 more gifts to find! You can check out the official hunt blog for the store list:

Dark Hunt Blog List of Designers

Line Dark Katz Hunt Gift 02
POSE: Random Poses made by Creamy @ Free*Style

Line Dark Katz Hunt Gift 01

Line - Dark Katz Hunt Gift

Stilettos from Jimmy Chau, not free
hair from Fascino, not free

Suri, xoxo

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Anna said...

That shape is awesomeeee