Thursday, 24 September 2009


I'm very angry today. Let me release some of anger through my flaming eyes, mwa ha ha.
Skin, Tail, Wings: Darkerside, 0L
Hair: DarkerSide, 1L
Shredded Top: Sassy Kitty, subscribo gift
Fishnet Top: Sassy Kitty, part of the Dark Katz hunt gift
Shorts With Garters: Rock Me Amadeus, 1L

And another pose for good measure :P It should be noted that at the time I did this post all of the hair and eye lashes at DarkerSide were set at only 1L. :O
Also wanted to do a close up of my awesome angry flaming eyes. They have moving textures so that it actually looks like burning flames. I loves them. They are not free but are only 75L :PNot Free:
Eyes: Sexon's, 75L
Hooves: Dilly Dolls
Stockings: Reasonable Desires (part of an outfit)


Bunnie said...

Hot! On fire even! Very nice ;D

Sileny said...

LOL! Thank you :D My hubby liked it a lot too. He's all OOH! Demony!