Wednesday, 30 September 2009

I Adore Toreador

Rawr, I'm a creature of the night and stuff. Fear me and whatnot.

See? I have pointy teeth. Why aren't you scared of me? Aww, man.

Well, at least bask in the glory of my shiny boots, ok? Pretty please?
Skin: B. Bodenhall, free in Domestic-V group notices
Jacket: Wild&Demetra, free
Boots: The Dominion, free (color change too!)
Pose: Creamy for FreeStyle

Not Free:
Skirt: Sweeter Than Candy (former MM prize)
Hair: SLink (new release!)

I used to table top RP a Toreador. Because I am awesome and not geeky at all.


Eden Knoller said...

you're still geeky... sorry <3

Sileny said...

Me? Geeky? Never!! xD

Medusa's Cave said...

If the boots are transfer can someone pleaaaase send them? I can't tp there, have to install the new client... thanks! :D

Darcie55 Kraus