Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Two, Two, TWO Posts In One!

I made two posts, but both were very short, so I am going to combine them :P You will easily be able to tell where the first post ends and the second post begins.

So, last year at hair Fair Tekeli-Li gave out an amazing hair inspired by the garden of Eden that I was wearing for quite some time (and still wear sometimes). And this year they have given us something just as freaking fabulous. This hair is inspired by under the sea dwellers and is color change scripted for each and every part. I sort of changed the pieces to various colors to give it a rainbow feel to match my new SkinSane skin. SkinSane has a whole bunch of her original skins marked down to only 45L, which is pretty darn awesome considering they were 950L to begin with. Skin: SkinSane, 45L
Hair: Tekeli-Li, Hair Fair freebie
Mouth Treats: Atargatis, part of the Sileny mer ensemble, not free

I decided to take this opportunity to show off the new Sileny fin by Atargatis since I have the under sea hair thing going on. Yes, it is named after me because I inspired it! See, if you have a really cool idea for a mer fin and send it to Cheran Snook she will actually take it into consideration. I told her I wanted something stripey and Tim Burton-y (and of course with food) and this is what she came up with! Squee! Mer mouth treats and all. If she uses your idea to make a fin she will give you the whole set for freeee and most likely name it after you. So get those ideas in if there is a custom you have been craving.Mer Ensemble and Throne: Atargatis, not free

OK, now, onto Sisters. A few pretty good deals at Sisters right now! This store is fun so seriously check it out.Pink Goddess Top: Sisters, free
Hibiscus Capris: G Field, subscribo gift
Zipper Flats: 50 Flats, randon item vendor 35L
Green Dress: Sisters, 10L
Pink Heels: Nushru, free in one of the hunt prizes

And a more gothtastic ensemble along with a great 1L skin from Weird Designs that has me totally drooling. Isn't the mouth great? And I love the feathers on the Digital Eyes hair.
Skin: Weird Designs, 1L
Hair: Digital Eyes, free
Dress: Sisters, 10L

Monday, 29 June 2009

One Pretty Dress

Sometimes there is a dress that needs to stand alone on it's own stage. This dress from the lucky chair at MNK shop is such a dress. Dear, dear OKRebecca was calling letters for this dress in Lucky Chair Stalkers group. When OKR starts calling, I know it's good. Luck would have it that my letter came up quickly.
The cotton candy green is an exclusive lucky chair version of one of ninachi Eel's new releases, *ninukyu*. There are other prizes in the chair. The other I am particularly salivating over, is an exclusive pink coloring of her new capri pants. The prim details on both are perfection.

Other items:
Tattoo: Cat Tattoo: MNK Shop - 10 L
Shoes: Kookie: Phoebe shoe - not free
Skin: [42]: Angel Kisses - not free
Hair: Junwave: RockArrange - not free

Sunday, 28 June 2009


It took me forever to do this post due to SL crapping out on me every few minutes but it's done! And you are going to adore the finds I am sure of it! Because...guess what?...it's Katat0nik! Yay! Well, ok, the pink haters might not like it (I am looking at you Isabeau, rofl) but they can at least appreciate the panda-y goodness that is this dress. Only 25L! Woot! The Pose is a dollarbie from KS2Cool inspired by Michael Jackson.

The skin I am wearing is a subscribo gift from Fishy Strawberry I have been meaning to show you, but am glad I waited because it looks so cute with this dress. Check out the dimples! Squee! There are many skin tones and eyebrows colors included (but I like black brows with light hair for some reason. Madonna influence possibly.) The hair is one of four new release gifts available for you at House of Heart.

OK...I have more to blog but two posts in one day is more than enough haha. Have a good one!

A Sweet Morning

This post is dedicated to the latest lucky board item avaliable at Belle Belle Furniture! I last blogged about Belle Belle Furniture was when they had the "tantric love" globe out (see Tantric Love).

As their NEW lucky board item, this set is called "Sweet Morning"; it is a sweet cafe-style table with two chairs, with lovely romantic animations. Optional are two breakfast servings, a vase w/rose, a candle, a backdrop fence panel with a rose bush - so if you're low on prims, you can set this up to suit your needs.

One thing that needs to be mentioned is the fact that all the lucky boards and the midnight mania board (featuring the Luna Classic furniture, content changed weekly until you have all six rooms) are now for group members only.

Leyla is not throwing old, outdated freebies at these boards, she makes them specifically for this purpose with as much love and attention to quality and detail as she does her for-sale products.

Unfortunately, she has received too many rude, insulting and threatening IMs and notecards from people that didn't understand how to use the product or neglected to read the details of the offer. It took too much of her time and upset her greatly that people a) complain about something somebody gives away for free and b) can't be polite if they don't understand how to use it.

You will be able to join her update group (search for Belle Belle in-world, using group tab) and get these offered freebies!

It is truly a sweet set of furniture, great for a romantic morning!!

sweet morning from Belle Belle

Belle Belle Sweet Morning (2)

Belle Belle Sweet Morning

Belle Belle Sweet Morning (3)

Belle Belle Sweet Morning (4)

Belle Belle Sweet Morning

Belle Belle Sweet Morning glitch fixed

Quick and Awesome

One of my fave skin stores of all time, MJ+DaDa, has given out a group gift!!! WEE! I paired my fabulous skin with a shirt from Cheap Love Song and accessories from Karuma.

Here's a close up...gorgeous right?? So worth the group slot.
Skin: MJ+DaDa, group gift
Shirt: Cheap Love Song, subscribo gift
Bow Tie Necklace: Karuma, MM prize
Afro Comb: Karuma, random item vend prize
Hair: Magika, not free
Jeans: Deviance, not free

Sunday Blogging!

The following bikinis are both from SWIM, can be found in the subscribo!



SWIM - RFL Hope Hunt Bikinis, subscribo gift

If you have not visited Hair Fair yet, or have failed to go on a number of occassions, it really is a good time to go now! I was able to go to any areas without that annoying warning saying the area is full, you gotta wait! Yay!

Matt & I picked up the shoes from Truth at Hair Fair, here it is!

Truth @ Hair Fair - HiTops, $0L

Hair: From Truth & Maitreya
Skin: From Glance

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Evie's Closet Cupcake Madness

Getting the notice that Evangeline Miles has put out the Lucky Cupcake at her store, Evie's Closet, was a drop everything event for me. I was the booby prize queen last time so I really wanted to give it another go. I totally scored this time and have 2 of the outfits you can win. The Lucky Cupcake differs from a Lucky Chair in that you don't have to wait for your letter to come up to win. However, it gives random prizes from stock booby prize cupcakes to complete outfits. You can try it every 5 minutes and get a different prize most every time.
The first outfit I won is the insanely cute Wicked Fairy. I felt like a naughty cheerleader with wings! The delicate wings flutter when you move and are resizable.
The Aria Gown is purely sumptuous and demure. It comes with long and short sleeve versions.
There are other prizes to be won from tiny cupcake forks, faery flibbertygibbets, and a 100 L gift certificate. The other clothing prizes I haven't won YET are Do You Believe in Fairies outfit, an exclusive Gothic recolor of the Aurora Gown and a Former Frog Prince shirt for the guys.

Evangeline Miles is really special. She creates exceptional items and finds fun ways to share them with us sales, photo contests (one which ends in less than 2 days) and new releases that leave me coming back for more. She also has a gift for players under 30 days that cannot be missed.

Not Free:
Skin: [42]: Angel Kisses 07 Neutral
Hair: Junwave: Spring Breeze
ETD: Yvette

Much Goodness

I am so so please to be able to show you the newest item in the Lucky Chair at Blue Blood. The Dress is called "Circus Freak" and comes complete with a lil skully boob bow and a nice large butt bow.. I adore my bows. The chair rotations through all the colors, so its a good idea to take some friends... Lucky Chairs are always better with friends!!! To me, it says naughty and adorably cute at the same time.

fs 27jun09

The boots shown are all from HOC and color change. If you have not been to HOC you are missing some of the best affordable basics out there. Srsly!! There are some glasses there that are better than ones I've seen priced at 100's of lindens. The shoes and boots are great and all color change as well, and there is stuff for both Men and Women!!

I've topped this off with hair from Digit Darkes & Baiastice, that is available right now at SL6B location. There is also a great pack of cyber-eyes and a skin and cyber outfit to make you Cyber Purrrrfect!!

Dress: "CircusFreak" from the
Blue Blood Lucky Chair
Hair: maireantoinette cyborg from Baistice Hair, "Messenger Hair" and "Cyberfashionista Hair " from Digit Darkes all available at SL6B

Not Free but INCREDIBLY affordable
Boots: "Neo", "Knee Boots -Grunge" & "Knee Boots - Plain" $40L from
HOC Industries

Not Free: My skin is the new release "Kim" from
PXL Creations

Duh, It's Peppermint!

Peppermint Blue has been giving away high quality goods for free in order to help newbies for quite some time now. The outfits are generally given out for a limited time and then retired. Well, now things have changed a bit! There are still some limited edition items, but most of the old sets have been brought back and set in the brand new Peppermint Blue Free Store!!! Yes, FREE, not even 1L required. The outfits in the next picture are some of the limited items, ending today so go get them!!! The outfit after that is a permanent one.Bikini, Shoes, and Entire Base Ball outfit: Peppermint Blue, 0L THIS WEEKEND ONLY!
Hair: Posh, Hair Fair gift
Skin: Exodi, 400L for a limted time
Shape: Not for sale

There are wintery items, summery items, accessories, skins, everything in between. So much fun to go and just grab tons of fun goodies and mix and match them, as I have here. And the boots....these are the latest release from Duh! The red are in the chair, there is a blue dollarbie pair, a pink camo pair in the subscribo, and every other color is only 25L each! 100L for a fat pack. Now that's a gosh darn good deal I tell ya.
Red Boots: Duh, lucky chair
Black Boots: Duh, 25L
Outfits: Peppermint Blue, 0L

A Good Thing.

No matter what you think of Michael Jackson, whether you loved him or hated him or couldn't care less, you have to appreciate the charity work he did for children. Ryker Beck of Exodi wants to celebrate that by having a sale to raise money for the Make A Wish Foundation, a charity Michael openly supported. Every item in the store is 50% off with 100% of the proceeds going to the charity. Yes, you heard me, she is giving up ALL of her sales through July 3rd. And the items are really high quality...if you have the L's to spare you should really, REALLY check this out.Skin: Exodi, 400L w/100% of the price going to Make a Wish Foundation
Hair: Clawtooth by Clawtooth, subscriber gift
Necklace: Chuculet, 1L

The hair I am wearing (along with the cute hair flower) is a subscriber gift from Clawtooth by Clawtooth. It's perfect for a fun bikini, like this one from the Swim MM board. And yeah, most people won't be wearing a bunch of gold chains with their bikinis, but this one from Chuculet is just too darn cool. The shape is called Brick House and is one of the items at Shape It Up! priced from 24L-74L for a limited time.
Bikini: Swim, MM prize
Shoes: Lassitude and Ennui, free
Shape: Shape It Up!, 74L

Friday, 26 June 2009


Well there are goodies to show you from Sascha's Designs so I thought I'd start out upstairs on the swing at Frick. Mostly because this is the only place I can show you the shoes :)

Sascha's Designs has two new items for free starting with the shirt which I kid you not is called smokey tit top. I learned why, while at SL6B with Valiant Westland when I changed skins, out of this one - and was inadvertently showing him my goods via the transparency on this shirt with my regular skin under it. EEEEEEEK.Paired with the stop are some hawt pants from Lelutka. Let me tell you about the pants. I didn't pay for them. They've never given them to me as a review item. This leaves the only possibility that they gave them out as a group gift. THUS - I'd join their group cuz yikes they are smexy.

I'm wearing Felicity from Gurl6 which is sort of an old school freebie but should not be discounted because it's a fun do. I picked this one up a while back at Savoir Hair and if you haven't been over there in a while, you should go check it out. I saw a few new things (new to me) last time I went.


I've added one of the fantastic skins from Frick - and if you have NOT visited my favorite fantasy skin store it's time to go - or go BACK. Fricka has added new skins and her shop remains one of those places that I love to take new players to pick up a reasonable priced unique skin. I'm wearing Frick's SHADOWS UNFURLED which was a group gift last time I picked the one up at the store. Also included were my blue nails YAY!

The eyes are from Kuri Style who has a great collection of free eyes out. I'm wearing her pink diamonds. Wait till I break out the cupcakes! NUTTY! But if you are in the market for pink eyes - here you go!

Next up is more traditional Sascha's Designs Fair - Gaggle - a free dress for your ballgown pleasure! Since I was at Savoir Hair I picked up the freebie from Damselfly - RYLIE. I'm wearing my fav color from Damselfly which is Sand Dollar Blend - but it's a fatpack so you can wear whatever you like! Sascha's Design's groups gets a group free dress every month - just a small dose of Barbie Doll Ballgown crack for all of you addicts like me.

And speaking of good groups to belong to.........I happen to know that I've shown you (as have other bloggers) the preview skins at Aleri Darkes Diversity Hair. This skin is one of her VIRGO line - PALE - DRAMA - WILD TEAL - and was a hunt gift she did last time she launched her skins. She'll have new skins out soon and I have NO insider information on what sort of promotion she'll do next time - but I know that Aleri is good to her group members. Her group is ABSOLUTELY worth belonging to.

I am wearing the bright blue freebie eyes from La Sylphide as well. She has a range of colors as well as some lovely prim lashes, but I'm all gobbledygook at adjusting prim lashes.

Where to Get It?

First Set

  • Shape - Gidge Custom Shape (sowwies not for sale)
  • Hair - GURL6- Felicity from SAVOIR HAIR LOCATION
  • Skin - FRICK - Shadows UNFURLED
  • Eyes - Pink Diamonds - Kuri Style
  • Pants - Lelutka - I dunno if these were free or WHAT so you'll have to search cuz I didn't want to mislead and send a lot of angry people their via slurl
  • Shoes - Tesla - Elise 2 Elevate - Group Gift for joining the Group
  • Nails - FRICK - Blue Manicure - Group Gift
  • Top - Sascha's Designs - Smokey Tit Top

Second Outfit

  • Dress - Sascha's Designs - Slurl above works nicely
  • Hair - Damselfly RILEY From Savoir Hair - again, amazing out that previous slurl still works from above
  • Skin - Diversity Hair - VIRGO - Pale - DRAMA - WILD TEAL
  • EYES - LA SYLPHIDE - Free Bright Blue Eyes

Thursday, 25 June 2009

[studio m] lucky chair, subscribo gift

Inner Snoodle in a lucky chair dress and Hair Fair gift hair

While I was at Studio M this morning to check the SLURL, my freebie alt Inner Snoodle scored this lucky chair dress. She's also in free hair from Deadkitties, a Hair Fair giftie. Below, Inner is in Studio M's subscribomatic group gift outfit, which comes with little red flats and a bangle, and a Hair Fair gift from Xsena. [ SLURL to Studio M ] [ SLURL to Hair Fair ]


***Hair: Deadkitties Lafate browns by ^^dk^^ -- hair fair freebie
***Hair (second outfit): Xsena d.brown TTF -- hair fair freebie
***Dress: [studio m] Nenneh - Ethnic Green -- store lucky board prize
***Dress (second outfit): [studio m] Erica in blue ornate, subscribo gift with flats and a bangle.
***Skin: MiaSnow Foxy Girl & -- not free
***Hair flower: /artilleri/ skull hair flower -- old gift

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Silk & Satyr: Hope Hunt Amendment

As some of you may know, the Hope Hunt, benefiting Relay for Life and The American Cancer Society has been postponed until later this summer. The response to the hunt has been overwhelming and so the organizers have decided to take some more time to tweak the scripts to handle more capacity. I showed some of the prizes from Silk & Satyr in a previous post. ThomasD Felisimo, one of the owners of Silk & Satyr, does not want to dissapoint people who have come to the shop looking for the outfits. Sooooo... he has set the items out as a small hunt. This time you are looking for big gem hearts. All that he asks in return is that, if you are able, to make a donation -- any amount you like -- in the big RFL kiosk he has set in the store. He has given me permission to use his texture that shows the prizes and the RFL kiosk.

I just want to thank ThomasD for being so kind and continuing to offer these prizes. He is planning on making new prizes for the Hope Hunt later this summer. I can't wait!

Moar Fair Goodies

I've had these pics sat on my Flickr for a day or so now, I figured I'd best post em :P

As I'm sure you're all aware, not only can you buy amazing hair at Hair Fair, but most of the designers have yummy dollarbies out for you. Stumbling across the Posh booth was like heaven. Not only is the hair beyootiful, they have 3 gift bags out for you. The dress shown here is in one of said bags. Shown with a Fair exclusive hair from Fuel...yup Cleggy's bak!

The top is a group gift from Modd.G, there is a joining fee, but it's well worth it. The shorts are part of another gift bag from Posh, that was also stuffed full of hair *swoon* The hair shown here is also from Fuel, but didn't make it out in time for the fair, so you can find it at her main store, for only 200L per colour pack. And with that short and sweet post, I'm off to socialise with my cousin who's come to stay for a few days. Ash Out.

pic 1
Posh Hair Fair Dollarbie
Socks (not free)
Boots (not free)
Pic 2
Modd.G group gift
Posh Hair Fair Dollarbie
Bandaid (not free)

Skin worn throughout
Lazolli group gift
Hair worn throughout(not free)
Fuel Main Store & Fuel @ Hair Fair

Rainy Day Goodies

Today it is really, really hot and really cloudy and gross. Going to rain any time so I can't go anywhere (I don't have a driver's license, so taking the baby for a rainy walk would be not good). SO I am bored and stuck inside. Therefore, you win by getting a blog post from me. LOL!

First up, join the Avantmelon update group and you can claim this cute outfit as your own. You have to love the cute little watermelons on the butt pocket and the front kangaroo pocket. I blogged some fabulous nails on my food blog that would go well with these if you want to check that out. (Not trying to pimp my blog out, it's just we're on some feeds now and I am trying not to double post :P)Outfit: Avantmelon, group gift
Shoes: Old Gravy, store closed no longer available

Also at Avantmelon are these freebie uneven pants which are pretty darn cool. The t-shirts I am wearing with them are from Rezlpsa Loc and are 25L each. There are tons of fun shirts there based on game shows and more, also a dollarbie! Go!Pants: Avantmelon, free
Shirts: Rezlpsa Loc, 25L each

If you are looking for something sexier, you can go hit the MM board at Sweeter Than Candy and get this fabulous bikini. I love the textures on it, and you so can't go wrong with leopard print.Bikini: Sweeter Than Candy, MM board prize

Now for the skin and hair! The skin is a freebie from LeLutka. The quality on these skins is some of the highest in SL, so if you get a chance for a Lelutka freebie you should always take it. The hair is a brand new lucky board prize from Vanity Hair. It comes with this detachable peacock feather if you want to make the style even more fabulous. FABULOUS I say! I got soooo lucky and as soon as I TPd in to stalk the board it changed to a ?. I was like WOOT! SO yay.Skin: LeLutka, free
Hair w/ or w/o feather: Vanity Hair, lucky board prize

Meghindo's Mega Watt Dresses!!

Meghindo's Touch now has a satellite location at the Best of SL Boulevard, as well as some new designs Meg has also released some cheapie dresses. Judging by her unique and sexy dresses, $10L for each of these dresses is an absolute bargain!
Let's have a look at the discounted dresses:

Dress: Meghindo's Touch - Gossip, $10L
Hair: Diversity Hair - Daphne, not free
Shoes: YS & YS group gift


Necklace: Gems & Kisses - Esotic Pearls - Necklace (group gift)

Gems & Kisses™: Stylish Jewelry for the Modern Avatar blog

Dress: Meghindo's Touch - Militar De Frunte, $10L
Hair: Maitreya Piper II - Caramel, not free
Necklace: Gems & Kisses - Esotic Pearls - Necklace (group gift)

Quick Reminder - Feather

Matteoo & I are having some fun at my house!
We got a freebie couple pose from SD pose and it is perfect some some summer fun, thank god I am not so heavy, Matt carried me with ease!

Pose: SDPose - Feather
**You can get this gift by joining the mailing list**

Summer with Matt

Summer with Matt

Our clothes not free, but you can get SURLs to the clothes right here!

Pose: SDPose - Feather
**You can get this gift by joining the mailing list**