Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Two, Two, TWO Posts In One!

I made two posts, but both were very short, so I am going to combine them :P You will easily be able to tell where the first post ends and the second post begins.

So, last year at hair Fair Tekeli-Li gave out an amazing hair inspired by the garden of Eden that I was wearing for quite some time (and still wear sometimes). And this year they have given us something just as freaking fabulous. This hair is inspired by under the sea dwellers and is color change scripted for each and every part. I sort of changed the pieces to various colors to give it a rainbow feel to match my new SkinSane skin. SkinSane has a whole bunch of her original skins marked down to only 45L, which is pretty darn awesome considering they were 950L to begin with. Skin: SkinSane, 45L
Hair: Tekeli-Li, Hair Fair freebie
Mouth Treats: Atargatis, part of the Sileny mer ensemble, not free

I decided to take this opportunity to show off the new Sileny fin by Atargatis since I have the under sea hair thing going on. Yes, it is named after me because I inspired it! See, if you have a really cool idea for a mer fin and send it to Cheran Snook she will actually take it into consideration. I told her I wanted something stripey and Tim Burton-y (and of course with food) and this is what she came up with! Squee! Mer mouth treats and all. If she uses your idea to make a fin she will give you the whole set for freeee and most likely name it after you. So get those ideas in if there is a custom you have been craving.Mer Ensemble and Throne: Atargatis, not free

OK, now, onto Sisters. A few pretty good deals at Sisters right now! This store is fun so seriously check it out.Pink Goddess Top: Sisters, free
Hibiscus Capris: G Field, subscribo gift
Zipper Flats: 50 Flats, randon item vendor 35L
Green Dress: Sisters, 10L
Pink Heels: Nushru, free in one of the hunt prizes

And a more gothtastic ensemble along with a great 1L skin from Weird Designs that has me totally drooling. Isn't the mouth great? And I love the feathers on the Digital Eyes hair.
Skin: Weird Designs, 1L
Hair: Digital Eyes, free
Dress: Sisters, 10L


Alexx Usbourne said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Sileny Mer set!!! Yay, Cheran!!! :)

Casia Serpente said...

that tail is AWESOME!

and the fishy food matches my kitteh tail too <3