Friday, 26 June 2009


Well there are goodies to show you from Sascha's Designs so I thought I'd start out upstairs on the swing at Frick. Mostly because this is the only place I can show you the shoes :)

Sascha's Designs has two new items for free starting with the shirt which I kid you not is called smokey tit top. I learned why, while at SL6B with Valiant Westland when I changed skins, out of this one - and was inadvertently showing him my goods via the transparency on this shirt with my regular skin under it. EEEEEEEK.Paired with the stop are some hawt pants from Lelutka. Let me tell you about the pants. I didn't pay for them. They've never given them to me as a review item. This leaves the only possibility that they gave them out as a group gift. THUS - I'd join their group cuz yikes they are smexy.

I'm wearing Felicity from Gurl6 which is sort of an old school freebie but should not be discounted because it's a fun do. I picked this one up a while back at Savoir Hair and if you haven't been over there in a while, you should go check it out. I saw a few new things (new to me) last time I went.


I've added one of the fantastic skins from Frick - and if you have NOT visited my favorite fantasy skin store it's time to go - or go BACK. Fricka has added new skins and her shop remains one of those places that I love to take new players to pick up a reasonable priced unique skin. I'm wearing Frick's SHADOWS UNFURLED which was a group gift last time I picked the one up at the store. Also included were my blue nails YAY!

The eyes are from Kuri Style who has a great collection of free eyes out. I'm wearing her pink diamonds. Wait till I break out the cupcakes! NUTTY! But if you are in the market for pink eyes - here you go!

Next up is more traditional Sascha's Designs Fair - Gaggle - a free dress for your ballgown pleasure! Since I was at Savoir Hair I picked up the freebie from Damselfly - RYLIE. I'm wearing my fav color from Damselfly which is Sand Dollar Blend - but it's a fatpack so you can wear whatever you like! Sascha's Design's groups gets a group free dress every month - just a small dose of Barbie Doll Ballgown crack for all of you addicts like me.

And speaking of good groups to belong to.........I happen to know that I've shown you (as have other bloggers) the preview skins at Aleri Darkes Diversity Hair. This skin is one of her VIRGO line - PALE - DRAMA - WILD TEAL - and was a hunt gift she did last time she launched her skins. She'll have new skins out soon and I have NO insider information on what sort of promotion she'll do next time - but I know that Aleri is good to her group members. Her group is ABSOLUTELY worth belonging to.

I am wearing the bright blue freebie eyes from La Sylphide as well. She has a range of colors as well as some lovely prim lashes, but I'm all gobbledygook at adjusting prim lashes.

Where to Get It?

First Set

  • Shape - Gidge Custom Shape (sowwies not for sale)
  • Hair - GURL6- Felicity from SAVOIR HAIR LOCATION
  • Skin - FRICK - Shadows UNFURLED
  • Eyes - Pink Diamonds - Kuri Style
  • Pants - Lelutka - I dunno if these were free or WHAT so you'll have to search cuz I didn't want to mislead and send a lot of angry people their via slurl
  • Shoes - Tesla - Elise 2 Elevate - Group Gift for joining the Group
  • Nails - FRICK - Blue Manicure - Group Gift
  • Top - Sascha's Designs - Smokey Tit Top

Second Outfit

  • Dress - Sascha's Designs - Slurl above works nicely
  • Hair - Damselfly RILEY From Savoir Hair - again, amazing out that previous slurl still works from above
  • Skin - Diversity Hair - VIRGO - Pale - DRAMA - WILD TEAL
  • EYES - LA SYLPHIDE - Free Bright Blue Eyes


low, very low said...

I think something happened to the font size.

low, very low said...
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Gidge said...

yeah I have no idea. I went back in and editted and it didn't change.

Tazz said...

I've been to Sascha's and all over the store...I don't see that cute little top! Can you give me a clue as to where to find it? Thank you :-)