Saturday, 27 June 2009

Duh, It's Peppermint!

Peppermint Blue has been giving away high quality goods for free in order to help newbies for quite some time now. The outfits are generally given out for a limited time and then retired. Well, now things have changed a bit! There are still some limited edition items, but most of the old sets have been brought back and set in the brand new Peppermint Blue Free Store!!! Yes, FREE, not even 1L required. The outfits in the next picture are some of the limited items, ending today so go get them!!! The outfit after that is a permanent one.Bikini, Shoes, and Entire Base Ball outfit: Peppermint Blue, 0L THIS WEEKEND ONLY!
Hair: Posh, Hair Fair gift
Skin: Exodi, 400L for a limted time
Shape: Not for sale

There are wintery items, summery items, accessories, skins, everything in between. So much fun to go and just grab tons of fun goodies and mix and match them, as I have here. And the boots....these are the latest release from Duh! The red are in the chair, there is a blue dollarbie pair, a pink camo pair in the subscribo, and every other color is only 25L each! 100L for a fat pack. Now that's a gosh darn good deal I tell ya.
Red Boots: Duh, lucky chair
Black Boots: Duh, 25L
Outfits: Peppermint Blue, 0L


Renee said...

Thanks Sileny! Peppermint Blue was one of my first "freebie obsessions". I think it's great that she's leaving some of her creations out permanently!

Eden Knoller said...

Renee's (Duh!) boots are fab!

Buraindo said...

Went to the Duh! store and i just love it! Cheap and smexy shoes :D