Saturday, 27 June 2009

Evie's Closet Cupcake Madness

Getting the notice that Evangeline Miles has put out the Lucky Cupcake at her store, Evie's Closet, was a drop everything event for me. I was the booby prize queen last time so I really wanted to give it another go. I totally scored this time and have 2 of the outfits you can win. The Lucky Cupcake differs from a Lucky Chair in that you don't have to wait for your letter to come up to win. However, it gives random prizes from stock booby prize cupcakes to complete outfits. You can try it every 5 minutes and get a different prize most every time.
The first outfit I won is the insanely cute Wicked Fairy. I felt like a naughty cheerleader with wings! The delicate wings flutter when you move and are resizable.
The Aria Gown is purely sumptuous and demure. It comes with long and short sleeve versions.
There are other prizes to be won from tiny cupcake forks, faery flibbertygibbets, and a 100 L gift certificate. The other clothing prizes I haven't won YET are Do You Believe in Fairies outfit, an exclusive Gothic recolor of the Aurora Gown and a Former Frog Prince shirt for the guys.

Evangeline Miles is really special. She creates exceptional items and finds fun ways to share them with us sales, photo contests (one which ends in less than 2 days) and new releases that leave me coming back for more. She also has a gift for players under 30 days that cannot be missed.

Not Free:
Skin: [42]: Angel Kisses 07 Neutral
Hair: Junwave: Spring Breeze
ETD: Yvette


Sileny said...

The gown works for you! You are a gown type of AV I must say ^.^

Enigma Bombay said...

Very cute outfits! Where does the hair come from that you wear in the first pic, with the fairy outfit?

Sileny said...

I am pretty sure her hair is from Junwave :D

Eden Knoller said...

Sileny is correct! Adding hair to post!