Monday, 29 June 2009

One Pretty Dress

Sometimes there is a dress that needs to stand alone on it's own stage. This dress from the lucky chair at MNK shop is such a dress. Dear, dear OKRebecca was calling letters for this dress in Lucky Chair Stalkers group. When OKR starts calling, I know it's good. Luck would have it that my letter came up quickly.
The cotton candy green is an exclusive lucky chair version of one of ninachi Eel's new releases, *ninukyu*. There are other prizes in the chair. The other I am particularly salivating over, is an exclusive pink coloring of her new capri pants. The prim details on both are perfection.

Other items:
Tattoo: Cat Tattoo: MNK Shop - 10 L
Shoes: Kookie: Phoebe shoe - not free
Skin: [42]: Angel Kisses - not free
Hair: Junwave: RockArrange - not free


Sileny said...

/me upskirts you!

okrebecca said...

ruffles RUFFLES RUFFFLES!!!!!!!!!
rofls? <3 you lucky schmuck

Eden Knoller said...

Only thanks to you, OKR!

Christina said...

It looks like the Cat Tattoo is 10L not 1L

Eden Knoller said...

oops.. sorry about that!