Friday, 30 November 2012

25 for 25

Hi there!  HANDverk is one of my favorite stores ever and for every Saturday in December they are having a fun event for inworld group members.  The group is free to join and for 25 minutes they will price a number of items down to 25 Lindens.  I'm going to give you a sneak peek of this Saturday's items, which includes an amazing mesh replica of the Wassily chair, a Bauhaus masterpiece.  Also included are 2 accessory sets, a scale clutch and serpent ring in yellow and separately, the super sexy Eve pumps, also with a yellow serpent. The shoes include both the red and green apple version so you can mix and match.  All the items will be transferable and make awesome gifts.  This is a serious good deal, y'all.  25 minutes prior to the event the inworld group will be notified. The group is free to check your offlines often if you are not inworld!

Quickly, I've not been online much because of RL stuff but on of my besties, Hempy Weezles, told me about this awesome mesh miniskirt that is a group gift at Happy Undead.  It is turquoise latex and it is HOT.  It comes in about a billion sizes and includes several alpha layers so it should fit nicely over many different booties.  I do advise wearing undies as the alpha layer does not hid your bits...or if you enjoy flashing...there you go.  I also thought the mesh shelf made for Royal Living's Great Outdoors hunt was pretty sweet at only 45 dollars so I wanted to show that too!  Take care!

Chair: HANDverk: Wassily Chair - red: 25 Lindens for 25 minutes on Saturday: join the group to be alerted
Shoes: HANDverk: Eve Pumps - yellow: 25 for 25 on Saturday
Clutch: HANDverk: Scale Clutch in yellow - a yellow serpent ring is also included: 25 for 25 on Saturday
Shirt: Ingenue: Agathe: Newer release: not  free
Skirt: Happy Undead: Vinyl Mini Skirt: Group gift - group is free to join
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Joy Hair: New release: not free
Shelves: Abiss Design: 45 Lindens for Royal Living's Great Outdoors hunt

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Social Media.

Ever notice how your friends always insist on texting you while you're having a private moment (getting dressed, in the shower, etc.)? Case in point: I was so excited to see what my friends had to say about the final Twi-hards installment that I almost forgot to put on my new free starfish necklace. Geez!
In other giftie news, the annual With Love Hunt by Chic Management kicks off today, meaning that for a mere $10L a gift, you can grab yourself something 'specially nice from some of the grid's nicest stores. Skin fiends will definitely want to nab this "Alyx" skin by Pink Fuel; this adorbs cat (owl?) sweater is from Free*Style alum + creator Mijn Seoung; the cellie + accompanying pose are also hunt finds + tres on point for how our digi selves manage to remain social creatures these days.

Social media love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe


*NOTE: For more information on the With Love Hunt 3, please see the official CHIC Management blog here.

Starfish necklace & earrings: Cae - Starfish Mini :: Necklace - Group Exclusive Starfish Mini Set - group gift (join group for $0L; look in Notices) (new!) - free  
Socks: .::Mother Goose's::. - Korean Embroidery socks(group gift2012.11) - Knee socks 02(CR) - group gift (join group for $0L; look in Notices) (new!) - free  
Skin: Pink Fuel - [PF] Alyx - Pony (WLH2) - With Love Hunt 3 (find/buy a jewelry box) - $10L (new!) *mwuahs Mochi Milena* 
Owl dress: mijn botique - cloth/wool blocks sweater - With Love Hunt 3 (find/buy a jewelry box) - $10L (new!) *mwuahs Mijn Seoung* 
Pose (comes w/ cell phone): aDORKable Poses - Call Me - With Love Hunt 3 (find/buy a jewelry box) - $10L (new!) *mwuahs Adorkable Peapod* 
Hair: Truth - Jade w/Roots - toast (new!) *mwuahs Truth Hawks*  
Pose: Le Poppycock *double mwuahs Julliette Bade & Olivia Lalonde*

Monday, 26 November 2012

forty nine.


skin - mother goose, Milok Hermit. | new luckyboard, here.
top - coco, Cocoro Lemon. | new group gift, here.
glasses - swallow, Luciayes Magic. | 0L, here.
skirt - hucci, Eboni Khan. | previous subscribo gift, not sure you can get since there is no history, but join for future gifts.

NOW - i'm not sure if the shoes are still a group gift, but you can check, here. happy shopping babes!

non free
hair - burley, Bella Earst.
eyes - the sugar garden, Eilfie Sugarplum.
leggings - tuttifrutti, Bela Tonsen.
pose - marukin, Valencia Southard.
socks - tokidoki, Maya Levane. | gacha in shop.

Gypsy Hunt at Gypsy Moon Mall Part II

 As promised, more stuff from the Gypsy Hunt. This time no animals involved;)
Look for a red button.

NNight Creations - Dress (Gocha), Gypsy Hunt, 0L$
Wertina - Skirt (Wer), Gypsy Hunt, 0L$
Frozen - Couple Pose, Gypsy Hunt, 0L$
{'R'achelle} - tattoo, (Wer),Gypsy Hunt, 0L$

For hints click here.
Dziękuję Gosiu!

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Sunday Shopping Spree

(please click on photo for larger view)
Steals and Deals:
These two L$10 deals can be found only at The Wash- Black Market through Nov. 28th
Ensemble: Adoness- Precious, Black  
Outfit comes with everything shown on various layers.

Hair: Adoness- Natsuki, Pitch Black 
Comes with hair and hair base.

InStore Sales:
Eyes: Mayfly- Deep Sky Mesh Eye, Spring Night  
ALL Mayfly eyes are currently 50% off

Shoes: Malfean Visions- Don't Step On My Shoes, Black  Currently on sale for L$87
Comes with shoes, shoe base and alpha foot layer. Available in many other colours.

Skin: Kooqla- Ojen, Sunner (03)  Currently 50% off, with the Skin Addiction Group Tag 
Pack comes with skin in one tone/makeup, in two different hair base options and an optional teeth layer.
Many other skin tones/makeups also available during this sale.

Regular Price Items:
Lip Piercing: Virtual Insanity- Chiron Piercings Set

Background: Katink- from the Perdition 1 Pack

Poses: KaTink- Dress 72 Pose

forty eight!

hey darlings! how are you guys all doing?! hope everyone had a FABFABFAB gobblegobble thanksgivinggg and black friday! i went shopping, and bought like SOOOO much stuff for xmas presentss haaa. anyways to the free stuff!

Decoy is having a sale and is going to run till the 30th, there are also a bunch of free fatpacks! here i show you some of the items, the free fatpacks have a HUGE sign above the ones that are free! sooo you don't have to hunt!


yellow top, dress, jeans, shoes - decoy, free fatpacks!

Thursday, 22 November 2012

A beautiful Gypsy girl and her goat

This time I decided to show you a bit of a Gypsy Hunt which is taking place at Gypy Moon Mall. There are only 10 stores participating, all gathered in one location so the hunt should go smooth and easy:). The theme is Gypsy related as you can see in the picture. I wasn't able to put all the items in one picture so make sure you check Free*Style later on as there will be more Gypsy related posts coming from me;) 

Outfit - Go!, #1 Gypsy Hunt, free
Hairband - Charme, #7 Gypsy Hunt, free
Goat - Media Company Brzeg, #3 Gypsy Hunt, goat gives sounds:), free
Poses: Icons of Style, #6 Gypsy Hunt, pack of 9 poses, free
Want to know hints? Check hints list here.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Colors and Patterns and Fabrics, Oh My!

Sometimes I put some random things on that shouldn't match when I am going through my inventory and decide that I love how they look together.  Most of this is free too so that's extra love.  You can grab my hair in multiple colors for the Where's The Concert Hunt at Alice Project.  Mesh love 4lyfe.  Also for the mesh lovers you can get this top from Auxillary as a group gift (750L join fee.)  My boots are mesh too and clearly they are amazing because everything from Lassitude&Ennui is.  Can we say rainbow skull boots!?  They are in the gacha at Unhinged for only 60L a pop.
On the non-mesh side we have some group gift leggings from Umeboshi that are like the best color ever.  I remember going to this store when there were only a few things in it and now there is so much more!  It's still small but a total gem with great eyes and art.  My skin is from Mother Goose's and is only 1L.  I also remember this store when it was super small.  It had mostly clothes and builds and stuff and now it's almost all skins.  Oh, how times change!  It's fun to look back on changes when you start to become and old-timer. xD
Please Note: The Lassitude&Ennui gacha boots are limited to this event only and won't be for sale ever after the event.  I am specifically making note of this because sometimes the term limited can be confusing since the customer often doesn't know if that means the item will be retired after the event or if it means the item will be out in the main store after the event.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Let it snow, let it snow...

The halloween madness is over so now we can officially start the winter theme:)
Look what I've got for you:

Coat: [Foppish], Pimp My Hunters Hun, 0L$ (hint: coffee cup)
Glasses: ::Zup::  Mesh Glasses Nerd – Black/Red, marked as UNISEX SORPRISE ONLY15L (where the boxed gifts are), 15L$

Mesh head - Logo
Mesh pants - Vive
Hair - Exile
Pose - Icons of Style

Upper Cut

Each look contains a combination of discounted items and non-discounted items. See individual descriptions below for details!

From left to right:

SkinGlam Affair Lilith (not discounted)
Hair--MINA Nyeti (part of My Second Box monthly group package, 300L join fee, see official blog for more details)
Hairbase--Amacci Hairbase Tattoo 2 (free fatpack in store)
EyesIKON Eternal Emerald (NEW! not discounted)
Lipgloss with teeth--Acid & Mala Plastic Lips Saffron (not discounted)
Top--Ricielli Emma Mesh Shirt (15L Charming Hunt item)
PosePloom Lark (not discounted)

Skin--Glam Affair Ginny Brr & Etci 04 (188L at Collabor88)
Hair--Ploom Danni (NEW! not discounted)
EyesIKON Eternal Olive (NEW! not discounted)
Lipgloss with teeth--Acid & Mala Plastic Lips Saffron (not discounted)
Top--Baiastice Gabry Jacket (70L at The Dressing Room Blue)
Scarf--Zeery Warm Wrap Textile Scarf (not discounted)
PosePloom Touch (NEW! not discounted)

Skin--Glam Affair Ginny Brr & Etci 03 (188L at Collabor88)
Hair--Ploom Ark (NEW! not discounted)
EyesIKON Eternal Moor (NEW! not discounted)
Top--Ricielli Sonia Mesh Jacket (15L Charming Hunt item)
PosePloom Kerosene (NEW! not discounted)

Skin--Glam Affair Roza Brr & Etci 02 (188L at Collabor88)
Hair--Ploom Lauren (NEW! not discounted, available at Around the World)
EyesIKON Eternal Silver (NEW! not discounted)
Lipgloss with teeth--Acid & Mala Lip Balm Pink (not discounted)
Top--Ricielli Mesh Trench Jacket (15L Charming Hunt item)
PosePloom Touch (NEW! not discounted)

Worn in all:
Skirt--Purple Moon Break Skirt (125L at FAIR)
Eyelashes 1[glow]studio Clean Thick 04 (not discounted)
Eyelashes 2[glow]studio Ultimate Eyelashes (not discounted)

Posted by Abra Zelin

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Need Skin?

Long time no see!  RL has been kicking me in the pants lately and I've been on a bit of a blogging hiatus while my energy is needed at home.  My in-world time is limited but I was thrilled to get the notice from Rozena about their darling Coco skin that is utterly and completely free for ONLY 5 days.  It has the super soft, gentle and innocent look that I associate with Rozena.
Quickly, HANDverk is one of my favorite stores of all time and the creators make brilliant mesh items. This smart little clutch is a gift for subscribers and/or group members.  Hand made in a sexy red snakeskin.  A must have. (I apologize for the jags - my computer refuses to cooperate)
Skin: Rozena: Coco Natural: November gift: free
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Kylie: new release / not free
Eyes: Redbird: Sienna Eyes - light: not free
Clutch: HANDverk: subscriber/group gift
Top: Ison: Geometric Tunic - green : this version was only 50 L for FLF - maybe it's still out?
Leggings: MichaMi: Tilda Suede Leggings - mesh : new release / not free

Today is a grey day

Aida Ewing send thru  Glam Affair Group an awesome gift. There is a ridiculous small fee to join the group, but totally worth it. Check the notices, this gift will be available only until 24th.

Kokane also sent a subscribe gift, this awesome mini dress, if you aren't in this subscribe you should! They sent quite often males and female gifts.

HANDverk sent this amazing handbag on their subscribe, they are in a provisory location.

Non free: 

Shoes by DECO

Poses by Croire

Friday, 9 November 2012

The Long and the Short Of It

Deals and Steals:
Hair: Wasabi Pills- Claire Mesh Hair in Licorice- L$50 Fifty Linden Friday Special
Non-Rigged Mesh Hair includes built in resizer script for your prefect fit! Matching hairbase also included. (Also available in another hair colour option.)

Skins: Both found at Kooqla
1. Okania, Rion 01- Instore Group Gift
Skin in one tone/makeup, dark and light eyebrows, and optional lipstick tatoo layer included.

2. Cherie 01 - Avenue Magazine Readers (Instore) Group Gift
Skin in one tone/makeup, dark and light eyebrows, and eyebrow shaper included.

Piercing: A:S:S: deLuxe- Monroe Piercing- Instore Freebie
Texture change HUD for gem included

Regular Price Items:
Jewelry: Izzie's- Teardrop Earrings, Black

Also Featured:
Eyes: Poetic Colors- Autumn Moon (Previous Instore Gift)

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Sales to Fall For!

Steals and Deals:
Sale prices on the following items can be found exclusively at the Flawless Sale and Hunt Event that ends TODAY!

Autumn Crates and Autumn Barrels Pose Props: RnB Designs L$10 for each of the two Sets.

Skin: Syle By Kira- Olivia Skin, Harvest Exclusive01 v1 L$50
There are many more skin options/makeups at this same price too!

The next items are sale price exclusives only for today's edition of Woeful Wednesday!

Outfit: Malfean Visions- Agnes Mesh Corest Dress L$50

Shoes: Malfean Visions- Marilyn Mary Janes, Black L$50

Regular Price Items:
Hair: Alice Project- Willow, Infinity
Hair Colour from the Alice Project Fading Summer HUD

Eyes: Mayfly- Liquid Light Mesh Eyes in Sea Green Shadow

Background: KaTink- from the Autumn Splendor Pack 2

Spin Spin Sugar

Steals and Deals:
Outfit: Sugar- Damper Day Outfit L$99  Exclusive to XY Room through Nov. 20
Includes: Mesh Skirt, Mesh Layered Tank and Mesh Hoodie, all in the 5 Standard Mesh Sizes, as well as Alpha Layers for all pieces.

Skin: Sugar- Lush (Wild Nights) $L80  Exclusive to Stuff In Stock through Nov. 18
Pack Includes: 24 skin variations with 1 makeup, and a pack of add ons that include dimples, freckles, blush and more.

Regular Price Items:
Jewelry: Virtual Insanity- The Black Swan Collection Fatpack
Includes: Necklace, Ring, Wrist (shown) and Hand Bracelets, Tiara, and Earrings.

Hair: Alice Project- Rachel - Infinity
Hair Colour- Lavender Sky from the Alice Project: Fading Summer HUD

Eyelashes: Redgrave- Corner Pointed Eyelashes

Eyes: Rue- Jewel, Archangel from the Delirium Set
(Past Group Exclusive)

Pose: KaTink- Runway Dress 79

Background: KaTink- from the Cinecitta Pack 2

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Greenie Meanie

Who says that once Halloween is over we have to stop liking the dark side?  Certainly not me!  My tiny latex skirt from Sakide and skeleton tank from Sn@tch are both hunt gifts at The Resting Place event.  If you haven't been yet, don't worry, it's is on through the 18th.  Prepare for some spooky!  My hair is from Alice Project and is a hunt gift in store now.  The hair comes with a brand-spanking new version of the Autumn Colors HUD, as well as the Nova mini-pack colors HUD, so you can mix and match natural colors and unnatural  steaks, partial colors, etc.  Love, love, love.  My brooch is a Mini Mania prize from Lasaki.  There always seems to be something cute in the Mini Mania at this store, for realz. More info. below!
Shirt: Sn@tch, Resting Place hunt prize, male version also included
Skirt: Sakide, Resting Place hunt prize
Hair: Alice Project, hunt gift, color-change HUD included
Skin: La Petite Morte
Makeup: Adore&Abhor
Bracelet: Lavillie by Starstruck @ Fameshed 
Brooch: Lasaki, Mini Mania prize

Friday, 2 November 2012

Which dress should I wear today?

From the left:
white & brown dress - Kokane, group gift, 0L$
laced red dress - Luna, group gift, Maai, 0L$ (check previous notices)
green dress - Blueberry, SOM gift, 0L$
pink panther dress - Ani, group gift, Maai, 0L$ (check previous notices)
pink dress - Kiki, group gift,  Maai, 0L$ (check previous notices)
all leggings - pack of leggings - 4 colors, group gift, Wertina, 0L$
poses - Frozen