Thursday, 22 November 2012

A beautiful Gypsy girl and her goat

This time I decided to show you a bit of a Gypsy Hunt which is taking place at Gypy Moon Mall. There are only 10 stores participating, all gathered in one location so the hunt should go smooth and easy:). The theme is Gypsy related as you can see in the picture. I wasn't able to put all the items in one picture so make sure you check Free*Style later on as there will be more Gypsy related posts coming from me;) 

Outfit - Go!, #1 Gypsy Hunt, free
Hairband - Charme, #7 Gypsy Hunt, free
Goat - Media Company Brzeg, #3 Gypsy Hunt, goat gives sounds:), free
Poses: Icons of Style, #6 Gypsy Hunt, pack of 9 poses, free
Want to know hints? Check hints list here.