Friday, 30 November 2012

25 for 25

Hi there!  HANDverk is one of my favorite stores ever and for every Saturday in December they are having a fun event for inworld group members.  The group is free to join and for 25 minutes they will price a number of items down to 25 Lindens.  I'm going to give you a sneak peek of this Saturday's items, which includes an amazing mesh replica of the Wassily chair, a Bauhaus masterpiece.  Also included are 2 accessory sets, a scale clutch and serpent ring in yellow and separately, the super sexy Eve pumps, also with a yellow serpent. The shoes include both the red and green apple version so you can mix and match.  All the items will be transferable and make awesome gifts.  This is a serious good deal, y'all.  25 minutes prior to the event the inworld group will be notified. The group is free to check your offlines often if you are not inworld!

Quickly, I've not been online much because of RL stuff but on of my besties, Hempy Weezles, told me about this awesome mesh miniskirt that is a group gift at Happy Undead.  It is turquoise latex and it is HOT.  It comes in about a billion sizes and includes several alpha layers so it should fit nicely over many different booties.  I do advise wearing undies as the alpha layer does not hid your bits...or if you enjoy flashing...there you go.  I also thought the mesh shelf made for Royal Living's Great Outdoors hunt was pretty sweet at only 45 dollars so I wanted to show that too!  Take care!

Chair: HANDverk: Wassily Chair - red: 25 Lindens for 25 minutes on Saturday: join the group to be alerted
Shoes: HANDverk: Eve Pumps - yellow: 25 for 25 on Saturday
Clutch: HANDverk: Scale Clutch in yellow - a yellow serpent ring is also included: 25 for 25 on Saturday
Shirt: Ingenue: Agathe: Newer release: not  free
Skirt: Happy Undead: Vinyl Mini Skirt: Group gift - group is free to join
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Joy Hair: New release: not free
Shelves: Abiss Design: 45 Lindens for Royal Living's Great Outdoors hunt