Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Colors and Patterns and Fabrics, Oh My!

Sometimes I put some random things on that shouldn't match when I am going through my inventory and decide that I love how they look together.  Most of this is free too so that's extra love.  You can grab my hair in multiple colors for the Where's The Concert Hunt at Alice Project.  Mesh love 4lyfe.  Also for the mesh lovers you can get this top from Auxillary as a group gift (750L join fee.)  My boots are mesh too and clearly they are amazing because everything from Lassitude&Ennui is.  Can we say rainbow skull boots!?  They are in the gacha at Unhinged for only 60L a pop.
On the non-mesh side we have some group gift leggings from Umeboshi that are like the best color ever.  I remember going to this store when there were only a few things in it and now there is so much more!  It's still small but a total gem with great eyes and art.  My skin is from Mother Goose's and is only 1L.  I also remember this store when it was super small.  It had mostly clothes and builds and stuff and now it's almost all skins.  Oh, how times change!  It's fun to look back on changes when you start to become and old-timer. xD
Please Note: The Lassitude&Ennui gacha boots are limited to this event only and won't be for sale ever after the event.  I am specifically making note of this because sometimes the term limited can be confusing since the customer often doesn't know if that means the item will be retired after the event or if it means the item will be out in the main store after the event.