Wednesday, 31 October 2012

forty seven - Halloween!

hiiiiii! happy halloween!!! hope everyone goes trick or treating and gives me some free candy cause like im stuck in my house.. js, :P anywaysss freebies! so i got some of these like 3 or 4 days ago hopefully they are still out!

top - so many styles group gift NEW, here.
skirt - eaters coma group gift NEW!, here. there is also a dress version, group fee to join.
ears - love soul min mania NEW, here. | thanks so much Renee for the heads up hotstuff!
shoes - ld major avenue group gift, here! group  is free to join, make sure it's the avenue magazine group!
leggings - g field subscribo gift, included w/ dress & hair bow, here! check the history!
bag - auxiliary group gift, NEW, here. dress is also included!
skin - mother goose, luckyboard NEW!, here.
eyes - miasnow subscribo gift, here. men and female skins included with the set of eyes, check history!

happy freebie shopping & if you need help finding some of the freebs let me know! and LOLOL @ my demo haiiiir, my bad i totally forgottt, i'm totally going hair shopping after this!

Spooktacular Savings!

Hybie Is Wearing:
Outfit: NV Corsetry - Pumpkin Spice - Group Gift
Hair: Amacci - Nami - Pumpkin/Black - Free Gift
Skin: Metaphoria - Lyde Skin - Group Gift
Eyes: IKON - Horizon - White - not free
Pose - 1st Pic - Savoir Faire Poses - Casual Friday 01 - WOMENstuff Hunt

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Vintage Style

Cinema ends tomorrow and I almost forgot to tell you about this 3 free dresses from Volstead. They are wearable demos, so hurry up and grab them. You also can get a fat pack of this hair at Dura, is a group gift.

Skin: [PF] Alyx <Peach> - Siren (aubbrow) by Mochi Milena for Costume Ball (non free)

Hair: *Dura* Group gift2 -Halloween 2012-SIE by Chiaki Xue - group gift

Dress 1: Volstead ~ Butterfly ~ Lilac (demo gift!) by Dolce Blackflag for Cinema

Dress 2: Volstead ~ Empire ~ Lilac (demo gift!) by Dolce Blackflag for Cinema

Dress 3: Volstead ~ Champagne ~ Lilac (demo gift!) by Dolce Blackflag for Cinema

Shoes: [Gos] Posh Bootie - Autumn Trio by Gospel Voom (non free)

Poses: Bent by Catherine Fairport

Sunday, 28 October 2012


Free and cheap (items available at the time of posting):
Skin--Mother Goose Sasha II (lucky board item)
Hairbase--Amacci Hairbase Tattoo 2 (free fatpack in store)
Earrings--Amorous Encircled (freebie in store)
Nails--Virtual Insanity Black Nails (subscriber gift)
Shrug--Sn@tch Death by Ballet Sabrina Shrug (fishing prize) 
Jeans--Ricielli Anna Mesh Jeans (15L Halloween Hunt item) 
Pose--Ploom ALT Silence (75L mini-pack Lazy Sunday) 

Hair--Ploom Clara (no longer available, check store for other styles)
Eyes--IKON Horizon Pale Gray
Eyelashes 1--Beetlebones Mesh Lashes (Dainty)
Eyelashes 2--[glow]studio Ultimate Eyelashes
Eye makeup--Adore & Abhor Payback Time (at Cinema event)
Lipstick--Glam Affair Lilith Lipstick 01
Corset--Miseria Batty Corset (at Cinema event)
Belt--LOULOU&CO Asteroid

Posted by Abra Zelin

Dollarbie outfit

Boho Outfit - dollarbie @ English Muffin store (boots, skirt & top included)

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Oh my Kosh!

Deals and Steals:
(Unisex Dollarbie) Kosh: Skull Rugs, 5 Colours L$1
Set of skull printed rugs in red, purple, green, white, and brown

(Unisex Dollarbie) Kosh- Pavouk Necklace L$1
Spider print necklace on brown leather. Men's and women's versions both included.

Skin: Kooqla- Secret Garden, Spacedust L$30
Pack includes skin with dark and light brow options, and an optional parted lips (teeth) tattoo.

Regular Price Items:
Eyelashes: Kosh- No Alpha Lashes V5

Hair: Truth- Gianna 2, Crow (From the blacks and whites pack)
Pack includes regular and streaked hair, in 9 different shades, and HUD for streak colours.

Top: Snatch- Sienna Mesh Halter Top, Black
Standard Fatpack includes top in 8 different colours, alpha layer, and optional waistband

Pants: Snatch- Heavy Metal Skinny Jeans, Platinum
Standard Fatpack includes jeans in 10 different colours, on both layers, and optional cuffs

Feet: SLink- Women's Natural Barefeet, Mesh
Pack includes feet in different sizes, alpha layer, base, optional ankle blender layers, and HUD for skin and toe nail colouring.

Eyes: Rue- Cassiopeia Eyes, Medusa 
(Previous Hunt Gift, may no longer be available in this colour)

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

forty six.

hey guys! i came across this amazing new hunt (ghost of halloween), 3 sims wide (amerie, uwst, and greed sims) the hunt will run till ONLY the 31st! you will be searching for the roaming ghosts, click them to receive the gift, BUT not all ghosts have the gift item, SO you have to search and work quickly!

there are 6 brands participating, amerie & sey have 4 gifts, honey kitty & kame have 1 gift each, likeA & uswt has 3 gifts!

happy hunting, if you need any help feel free to IM me, MWA! p.s. sorry for the photos, i was lazyyy!

hat, dress, bag are part of the hunt, here <- location to Amerie Sim! be sure to check out the other 2 sims for more prices!
socks - lark, 0L, here. | pack of 6 included!
glasses - umeboshi group gift FREE to join, here.
hair - dura group gift FREE to join, here. | fatpack for both men and female!

Tis the Season. Own it!

Hello! Long timezzzz. :D

Hair - Esk-imo Group Gift
Skin - MyDear Skin Group Gift
Bandage Outfit - dollle* Group Gift

Cemetery Movie Night

Steals and Deals:
Skin: Kooqla- Aurora, Lemonade on sale for L$50
Pack comes with skin in both light/dark brows, and an optional eye tattoo makeup.

Eyes: Insufferable Dastard- Reflections Eyes, Sunset, at Cinema FREE
System and Mesh Eyes, along with alpha layer included.

Snack Props: All part of the freebie snack pack exclusively at Cinema FREE

Regular Priced Items:
Mesh Top: Auxiliary- Zombified- Cropped Double in Red, Cinema Exclusive
Layered Shirt/Sweater, available in your choice of colours. Each pack includes 5 sizes and alpha layer.

Mesh Hair: Alice Project- Saru II and Saru Braids, Cinema Exclusives
Includes Hair, Alice Project Dye HUD, and optional alpha layers

Background Scene/Sits: Garden of Dreams- Cemetery Dream Scene

Sugar hearts shine on cute dresses

COCO has a group gift version of one of their new mesh dresses. It is cute, but only comes in one size so consider this a wearable demo! Join *COCO* Update Group for free and touch the panel instore to get yours. Also the other cute things I am wearing are from Sugar Heart. I do not wear piercings in SL at all, but these group gift ones are so cute and come in 4 different colors! The lip shine is also from Sugar Heart, it will fall out of notices after this Saturday, but however, it is available here for only 25L! It's perfect. Join Sugar Heart group for free and check notices to get both the piercings, which are also mesh by the way, and maybe also the lipshine if you are fast enough.

COCO group gift dress + Sugar Heart group gifts

-Hair: Fab-U-Lous Chanel (Black)
-Skin: Adam and Eve - Lataya Dark Chocolate (worn w/ cleavage de-enhancer)
-Eyes: Insufferable Dastard - Darkest Browns / Black
-Lashes: Beetlebones Mesh Lashes V.01 (minimalist tintable) mesh
-Mole: Sugar Heart - Heart Shaped Mole - Monroe
-Hands: SLink Mesh Hands - Casual (L) &  Elegant 1 (R)
-Pose: don't freak out! [free] I'm gonna dazzle you with my poor human brain (part of 10L pose pack)

. Hello with love

HAIR:  Exile “Violetta” Subscribe Gift

JACKET : Open-Cardigan - Pumpkin - REDGRAVE - 25L (mesh)
TOP: <<AT>> design, Lingerie "Angelica" PROMO - 10L

PANTS:  The Secret Store  – Rise Skinny Jeans

XOXO, Steffy <3

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Autumn Leaf

Sweater - Not a Toy, Halloween Gift, group gift, 0L$
Flats - Not a Toy, group gift, 0L$
Socks - Emery, group gift, pack of 10 colors, 0L$

Merry Christmas!

lol j/k  Halloween is way more awesome than Christmas.  Not as many presents and stuff but yay for spooky things! Even the adorable super cutsie, not spooky, Halloween themed things like I am showing below are awesome.  This dress from G*Field fits SO WELL I was shocked that I didn't even have to wear my mesh-specific shape to fit into it.  More details below, enjoy!
Bare Bones Tests 30_005
Dress: G*Field, free.  Also comes with tights and a headpiece.  You can also get matching boots for only 86L and also select colors of items in the store are 50% off.
Neko Ears w/Bow: Love Soul, mini mania prize.  There is a different mini mania with purple ears as well.
Leopard Print Eye Makeup: Adore&Abhor @ The Resting Place, hunt gift.  See the sign at the opening of the Sn@tch main store for more information on how to do the event.
Hair: Alice Project @ FAIR.  Not free but it's freaking amazing.  Several different parts are able to be colored individually.  Love!

Evie's Closet

Hello! I've been active in SL (aka not just playing Barbie on Freebie Island) since late 2007, and a fan of Evie Miles' creation probably since early 2008. In the beginning I was fangirling her a lot, but then I got to know her and I am now proud to call her a friend (and fangirling even more!) When something's free at Evie's Closet, you don't hesitate, you run and get it, log in all your alts and get it for them and tell ALL your friends who log their alts and tell their friends who log their... you get the idea. Since you don't want to be the only person on the grid missing the free stuff at Evie's Closet, I strongly advise you to run there ASAP. These are not new creations, so you might already have them, but they've not aged a bit, and are still gorgeous.

Ellora II - Ruby
Originally made for this year's RFL, Ellora is a stunning fantasy gown with an empire waist line. The yummy magenta tones and the wings makes it the perfect outfit for the fae in you.

Credits for Ellora :
Eden - Fall
Eden was an exclusive cheapie for the Gallery Gift Shop last year. It is even more whimsical and faery-like, with lovely autumn colors. It comes with the cute hat, the wings, socks, and slippers (not shown)

 Credits for Eden :

  • Skin : same as above
  • Hair : Break Away, swiss, Exile
  • Eyes : Pearl, clear pond, Poetic Colors
  • Ears : same as above
  • Hands : same as above

Fable - Halloween
I dare you to find in your inventory another piece of clothing that's 2 years old and still looking so good, what with all the new mesh stuff and all. Evie managed to make a gown in 2010 that you don't look at and immediately think it's old. I remembered making a blog post at the time, so if you want to see more pictures, they're here.

Credits for Fable :

  • Skin : Sprout, cocoon 2, Curio
  • Make up : Blackish, Iren
  • Hair : Gemini, kit kat, Lamb
  • Eyes : Pearl, java blast, Poetic Colors
  • Hands : same as above
  • Ears : same as above

Thursday, 18 October 2012

l'argent est un cadeau empoisonné

Hey there! This time there is no freebies, but a bunch of cheap things,  some old, some new... but I like how they go together.

Skin: .::Mother Goose's::.Nadine 1L$ , Dollarbie

Hair: ""D!va"" Hair "Norma" (Type A)(Red amber) on Collabor88

Hat: LaGyo_Blackdrop hat Black on Collabor88

Eyes: Izzie's - Autumn Eyes (mesh) *green* , part of a pack of 3 colors, october group gift of Izzies (fee to join but totally worth it)

Eyebrows:  FAKE :: Lona Eyebrows // GINGER (non free)

Eyelashes: ::BB:: Mesh Lashes V.01 (clumpy tintable) (non free)

Dress: +>A&A<+ Svelte Dress XS - Pink, available at Cinema

Clutch: [HANDverk]Stud Clutch.liquorice for L'acessories (non free)

Hands: Slink Mesh Hand Elegant 1 R and Slink Mesh Hand Elegant L, you can mix and match hand poses. Non free but remember to get the slink group active to receive store credits by Siddean Munro (non free) 

Feet: Slink Womens Medium Height Barefeet (Rigged S) by Siddean Munro (non free)

Shoes: Slink Vintage 2-Strap Pumps Badpixel Pink by Siddean Munro (non free)

Poses : BENT

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Echo Sale!

Echo is having a HUGE sale on EVERYTHING in the store!
Nothing in the store is over L$25! 
There is no set end date for this sale yet so, get down there today so you don't miss out!

 Here are a few looks I put together with pieces from this massive sale.

Steals and Deals:
Look One: 
Echo- Intermezzo Mesh Dress, Black/Teal L$25
Echo- Interlude Pants, Black L$25

Look Two:
Echo- Exposition Sleeveless Blouse White (Two Tone) L$25
Echo- Ligature Leather Mesh Skirt L$25

Look Three:
Echo- Dissonance Cape, Red L25
Echo- Espressivo Leather Skirt, Black (Two Tone) L$25

Hair: Alice Project- Bella, Lucky Black (Lucky Chair Prize)

Nails: Virtual Insanity- Black Nails v2.0 (Subscribe-O Gift)

Regular Price Items:
Jewelry: Virtual Insanity- The Oracle Choker

Eyes: Mayfly- Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Desert Twilight, w4)

Skin: Akeruka- Twiggy Light Mk5 Cleavage

Fireplace and Background Accessories: Garden of Dreams- Inside of Cabin Dream Scene

Pose: Magnifique Poses- Model Pose 23

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

fourty five.


hair - magika, here. candycorn style also included, subscribo gift.
cat - hpmd, here, group gift!
dress & wings - ho wear, here. 2 other outfits available, 0L.
shoes - severed garden, here. | subscribo gift!

see you soon! MWA!

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Halloween is coming!!

And there's some really great themed gifties available right now. I particularly love this free subscribo group gift skin and hair from Amacci.

The dress I'm wearing is a subscribo group giftie from Leezu, and the shoes are  subscribo giftie from severed garden. I have accessorised this look with one of the super-cute gacha fright night necklace's from {MV} and nails by [Virtual/Insanity].


Skin: Amacci ~ Lian (goth) silver (subscribo gift),
Hair: Amacci ~ Nami (subscribo gift),
Eyes: Mayfly ~ september shadow,
Dress: Leezu ~ Annie (halloween subscribo gift),
Shoes: Severed Garden (subscribo gift),
Nails: [Virtual/Insanity] plain halloween pack,
Necklace: {MV} Fright Night necklace (gacha - L$30 a go).

Trini xx


Gaaaah!  I get so excited when Halloween comes around!  I love dark makeup, spooky decor and all things creepy.  This skin isn't creepy but it does have the dark makeup. :D  I love the shimmer of the eyeshadow especially.  Get it free as a group gift from Rockberry.
My hair is from Mina and is currently available at the Cinema event.  This event is times ten.  One of my fave events of the year so far.  It's worth a visit just for the build!  This hair is available in lots of colors and there is another style at the event that has a Catwoman-style mask attached.  Check it out!
Skin: Rockberry, group gift (lots of other free things in store too, like lucky chairs and stuff)
Hair Mina @ Cinema (headband is texture change mesh)
Eyes: Umeboshi

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Darling Deals

Steals and Deals:

Outfit: Evale- Serving Wench Costume
Comes with complete dress, as shown and a non-PG version of the top and optional pasties.
ALL of Evale's Costumes are on sale for L$99 today only!

Eyes: Mayfly- Deep Sky Mesh Eyes in Absinthe Shadow L$60 Linden Weekend special!
Set of Mesh/prim eyes in 4 different eye-white brightness. Each scripted for size/bright etc.

Pose: KaTink- from the Allison Set 1 Pose Pack
Pack includes 6 different poses that work perfectly with your favourite dress/skirt or anytime!
L$60 Linden Weekend special!

Regular Price Items:

Background Prop: KaTink- Walk Away Autumn Scene L$200
Gorgeous, fall background prop is only 8 prims and includes, lamp post, tree, and wood fence.

Hair:Alice Project- Wonderland SE
Come with colour change HUD for hair with hairband scripted for colour change as well.

Skin: Heartsick- Desire, Muse- The Seeker 
(May no longer be available.) 

Freebie Saturday

Hi, sorry its been a while, but here's some cute freebies I've come across lately :)



Skin: mojo ~ Phoebe/ Cocoa (free group gift, free to join),
Hair: Magika ~  Faint/Blood (free Halloween subscribo group giftie),
Eyes: poetic colours ~ oriental pearl (new freebie instore!),
Oversized shirt: underdogs (group gift, free in notices - sorry not sure if this is still available!),
Pants: deer ~ mesh pants (colour change via HUD, free group gift instore, free to join group).

Trini xx

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Energy Club

Left Dress - Energy Club great opening gifts, join Energy Club group, 0L$
Right Dress - Energy Club great opening gifts, join Energy Club group, 0L$
Flip flops - J’s Group Gift flip-flap, 0L$
Heels - Energy Club great opening gifts, join Energy Club group, 0L$

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Animal Control.

My free magical cat (who I named Pousse-Pousse) decided to be tres naughty today by casting magical spells everywhere (he made my groceries + dress match before I caught on). Luckily, I remembered my non-magical remedy of cats disliking water, which I used in an attempt to calm him down a bit. This worked awesomely for about a second -- after which he demanded my yummiest sushi-grade tuna. What a smartie pants!
As many of you know, there's oodles of freebie blogs out there that can be superfun to browse; I spied many of the things I'm wearing today on a "feed"-type gathering of blogs (including Free*Style) that I found here. The old-school grocery store build was particularly fun (and the pharmacy next door, where you can grab free "shopoholic" pills -- as if there were a chemical remedy, or that we would ever want one, hehe).

Animal control love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe


Dress: The Secret Store -  Lullaby Dress - Cobalt - subscribo gift - free 
Dryer sheets & soy milk: Grocery Store @ Jellybeans Too - Fluffy Dryer Sheets & Soy Milk Carton (creator (Lizzy Saintlouis) - free 
Feet: MI Mesh Ladies Tip Toe Feet @ Marketplace - Fashion Kit (*NOTE: NO SKIN HUD AVAILABLE, SO WEAR WITH A SKIN THAT MATCHES!) - free 
Cat: HPMD* - Halloween Gift 2012 - Stuffed Sitting Cat - group gift (join group for $0L; click cat in bucket hanging above store) - free 
Watering can poses: Model Poses - Watering Can - free 
Hair: Truth -  Swift w/Roots - espresso (new!) *mwuahs Truth Hawks*  

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

In The Pink

There is a new subscribo gift for Valentina E., this pretty mesh dress and hair bow accessory.

Valentina E. Subscribo Gift Dress & Hair Accessory
Touch the subscribo at the main location for yours.

Style Notes
Hair:  Lelutka
Skin: Tres Blah

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Alien Angel

My husband said this photo reminded him of an alien and an angel so hey, there's a title for the post. xD  This free skin is part of a pack and I think it might be pretty old but I can't remember and it's cute and I don't think any of us have blogged it yet so here it is. :P
white zombie_0032
Skin: Tuty's @ Marketplace, free (other free skin packs there as well)
Hairbase Tattoo Layer: Discord Designs
Eyes: Curio

Friday, 5 October 2012

Punkin' Queen

Steals & Deals:
Skin: Adore and Abhor- Jessica, Fifty Linden Friday special! L$50
Single tone/makeup skin in no brows and red brows options, with optional cleavage layers on tattoo and undershirt layers.

Shoes: Adore and Abhor, Lena, T-Strap Wedge Shoes in Halloween- Fifty Linden Friday special! L$50

Outfit: Adore and Abhor, Starlust Skully 'Kini L$49
Skull print bikini on all layers, in your choice of 4 different colours. 
Currently exclusive to the Starlust Monster Beach Party, on TwoMoons Island.

Eyes: Mayfly- Instore Group Gift
Liquid Light Eyes in Sea Green Shadow 
System and Prim eyes with 4 different eye whites, and optional eye hider alpha layer.

Hair: Alice Project- VIP Midnight Mania Board Prize- Kristina Hair, Mega Pack
Scripted to change to your choice of many colours/tips. 

Background: Katink- Autumn Scene Prop 
Trick or Treat Trail Hunt Gift

Regular price items: 
Eyelashes: Kosh- No Alpha Lashes V5

Pose 1: KaTink- from the Kat Pose Pack 1 

Pose 2- KaTink- from the Odetta Pose Pack 1

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Hunting for pumpkins

There is this hallowen hunt at Ricielli store. Loads of amazing mesh clothes for only 15L$.
 Look for pumpkins.
Green coat, black jeans, black baggy top, pink shorts and cropped sweater - Ricielli

Monday, 1 October 2012

The Girl and the Raven

Steals and Deals:
Eyes: Rue- Cassiopeia Eyes, Mythos Set L$55 [Very Limited Time Price!]
Includes system eyes and prim eyes in 6 different colour options. Can be found at this price here.

Bracelets: Amorous- You
Free In Store Gift  Fully Menu Driven, Metal Change, Copy OK

Lingerie: Blacklace- October Group Gift [This Is a Paid Group]
Harlot Black and Orange Satin and Polka Dot Set, includes: Bra, Panties, Garter Belt, and Stockings on all layers, as well as attachable prim bows, black pearl necklace (all shown), charm bracelets, and a bear.

Tables: Cute Poison- Poe's Muse Table L$75
Set of 3 Different Mesh Accent Tables with Edgar Allen Poe poetry, taxidermy skulls, and plooms inside of the glass tops and a raven in different spots on two of them. Available at The Outlet, Sales Room 

Regular Price Items:
Skin: Sugar- Limited Edition Skin in Tango Masque, Powdered 
Comes with skin in one tone/makeup in 12 different options and optional skin add ons such as blush, freckles, and dimples.  

Hair: Amacci- Sphinx in Black Pack 
Comes with hair in 9 different shades in solids and in streakable versions, with colour changing HUD