Tuesday, 23 October 2012

forty six.

hey guys! i came across this amazing new hunt (ghost of halloween), 3 sims wide (amerie, uwst, and greed sims) the hunt will run till ONLY the 31st! you will be searching for the roaming ghosts, click them to receive the gift, BUT not all ghosts have the gift item, SO you have to search and work quickly!

there are 6 brands participating, amerie & sey have 4 gifts, honey kitty & kame have 1 gift each, likeA & uswt has 3 gifts!

happy hunting, if you need any help feel free to IM me, MWA! p.s. sorry for the photos, i was lazyyy!

hat, dress, bag are part of the hunt, here <- location to Amerie Sim! be sure to check out the other 2 sims for more prices!
socks - lark, 0L, here. | pack of 6 included!
glasses - umeboshi group gift FREE to join, here.
hair - dura group gift FREE to join, here. | fatpack for both men and female!