Monday, 30 April 2012



skin; rozena | 0L | here.
top; bonne chance | luckyboard | here.
pants & leggings; oyakin | 0L & 1L | here.
sandals; babouche | 0L | here.

non free
hair - clawtooth, Bubbles Clawtooth.
eyes -insufferable bastard, Audrey Lamede.
pose - es' cusi, Sophielle Resident.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Flawless Finishing

The Shops on the Flawless sim have joined forces, brought a few friends, and made a spring transformation to the sim. All along the walkways you will find little carts set up, packed full of goodies. The Stores also have goodies set up, so be sure to look in each to see what deals are in store for you.

Each Designer/Vendor has up to ten items on sale for you to browse, as well as one special event only item. This could be something new, or something already released, but it will be in an exclusive colour or edition just for the sale. If that wasn't enough, these items will be set for only L$50!

You would think it doesn't get better, but oh it does, never fear! There is also a hunt going on. Most Designers/Vendors have one to three spring flowers packed with goodies. These are priced between L$0-L$10.

The hunt runs alongside the event, which is from April 14th until April 29th. I will be putting up as much as I can over the next little while, so you can see all the items that have been made your your enjoyment.
You have just today until this event is over. With over 35 designers and just as many hunt items(if not more), it is worth it to stop by, even if only for a few minutes.

If you'd like to see Part 1 of the coverage, go HERE!

FreeStyle-Helena Stringer-April  28th-Flawless Finishings-1

I really wanted to show you these earrings from Fulo. I only managed to find the 2 pairs, there is one more out in the hunt somewhere. The other pair I found was pink. Maybe the third is Yellow?

Anyways . . .

The earrings inspired the whole outfit. I was just lucky that this dress from Orquidea matched so well. Adriannesuz McMinnar did a great job on this dress. I'm not one for white, but she picked the right dazzling blue to turn this dress into a ten. This is the Orquidea Spring Sale Exclusive, so you wont see this variation ever again.

I snagged the nails out of the Fashion Consolidated Group Notices. They colour change, shine change and you can even fiddle with how transparent they are. All the colours are in the blue range. Thanks to Marisa Yip for sharing these with us.

FreeStyle-Helena Stringer-April  28th-Flawless Finishings-2

Here is a closer shot of the earrings. They are studded with tonnes of tiny little blue gems. I really do adore these. The necklace is from Aluinn, now it was a past gift, it isn't out anymore, sadly. There are other gifts now up for grabs, so you might want to take a peek.

Little.Dirty.Secret has done a major rebuild on the store, and has new products out too. I couldn't resist getting these free eyes, not like I needed more eyes. Okay, that is a lie, always need more eyes.

/me hoards all the eyes!

There are some for L$15 in a gacha and one pair in an MM board too.

Skin - WoW Skins - Lory BDE Exclusive - L$79 (Best Designers Exile Event)
Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum - Assassin in Chambary - Not Free
Eyes - dirty.little.secret - Slate Blue Eyes - FREE (Instore Gift)
Contacts - Insufferable Dastard - Eye Effects prim shine 5 - Not Free
Lashes - Chaisuki - Lashes 43 - Not Free
Dress - Orquidea - Garden Dress - Flawless Spring Sale Exclusive Item - L$50
Earrings - FuLo - Lacie Earrings in white w/aquamarine - Flawless Spring Sale Hunt Item
Necklace - Aluinn - Tear Drop Necklace - Past Free Gift (Other Gifts in Shop)
Nails - Trendy Dolls - Magic Blue 2 nails - FREE (Fashion Colsolidated Group Gift)

Poses by Olive Juice

With all my issues with my computer and with sl(ever since their surprise buggering on thursday), I didn't manage to get all of what i wanted to show you for the hunt done up. I knew I'd have to pick and choose, since there was so much good stuff in the hunt and the sale.

FreeStyle-Helena Stringer-April  28th-Flawless Finishings-3

I might not like pink, but I knew you guys would like this dress. I do like the idea of it, and got a whole "Lady of the Night" thing going on for yous. This is the hunt gift from Paris Metro. Now I love big ass poofy gowns. I have more than a few that would not get through doorways. That being said, I think this would have been ruined if made that way, the slim design does it more justice, and was much easier to pose with. We need more poof dress poses, ones were my hands aren't in my hair, or on my face, or playing with my boobs. 

FreeStyle-Helena Stringer-April  28th-Flawless Finishings-4

I know, I know! FuLo Jewelry, again! But dude, this shit is the good shit, not that stinky lunch bag someone placed on your doorstep shit. It's the kind of shit you want to dip into melted gold and place on your mantle.

And it went perfect with the gown. Just saying. It's on the FuLo cart, and on sale.

I normally don't hawk my own wares on here, I just wear them. This hair I made randomly for my Shrine line, which no longer exists. It use to be on the Ivalde sim, filled with lashes and retro hairs. Now, this hair never got released, but I used it in an ad recently, and decided to set it out if people wanted it. It is in a L$25 mystery box(filled with other random shit, and another colour of this hair in a blood red) on my sales cart. If you want it nab it. Not sure if I will ever have it for sale as it doesn't fit with my own store line.

The skin is from Eat Paste. I found the store when I got a notice from The Eldergoth Macabre group inworld. It was for some event, but I backtracked to the store, and lookie, prezzie! NABS. I like the mature goth look it brought out on my custom shape.

Skin - Eat Paste - Noelle skin in Fair - L$1 (Instore Gift)
Hair - The Stringer Shrine - Morning Hunt in Darknight - Flawless Spring Sale Item L$25
Eyes - By Snow - Dusted Eyes 2009 - FREE (Instore Gift)
Lashes - MMSkins(Now LeLutka) - Thora Lashes - NLA (I'm sure they have other lashes now tho)
Dress - Paris Metro - Elemental Cherry Blossom - Flawless Spring Sale Hunt Item
Jewelry Set - FuLo - Regina II Jewelry Set - Flawless Spring Sale Item

Poses by KS2Kool

Sorry I couldn't show you guys more, but seriously there is so much offered in the hunt. There is like 5 more dresses, full on outfits, 2 pairs of shoes, hair, eyes, skins, shapes, furniture, pillows, plants, makeup, tattoos, jewelry, BEER! Yes there is even beer! oh and a Demon horn/tail set. Stuff for petites too.

Oh ya . . . Kira of Style by Kira, she set out 6 purple flowers last night. They have special skins that she decided to put in as an extra special "last few days of the hunt" sort of thing. I haven't grabbed them yet, but they look nice!

Good Luck Hunting!

Saturday, 28 April 2012


Abra Abigail CompR

Free (items available at the time of posting): 
Skin--Cupcakes Abigail (Night makeup, all tones free this weekend only!) 
Hair--D!va Nana (group lucky board) 

Eyes--Ikon Utopia
Eyelashes--glow[studio] Clean 01
Choker--Lasaki Tortured Love Choker (store opening soon!)
Pose--!bang Stand 242

Posted by Abra Zelin

Itty Bitty Kitty

SL has been bawls.

This made me happy.

FreeStyle-Helena Stringer-April 26th-Itty Bitty Kitty-1

You can make it dance! Got forth and use SL as you virtual litter box.

FreeStyle-Helena Stringer-April 26th-Itty Bitty Kitty-2

That is all I have to say.

Kitty Avatar - Elan (Location 1) - Neko - FREE (it is very very tiny)
Kitty Hat - Elan (Location 2) - Frog Hood - FREE

Friday, 27 April 2012

Deco: 48 Hour Tree Spree! Weeeeee!!

Until Saturday, April 28 at 10 PM SLT, Deco is having a huge sale on every item in it's greenhouse.  Everything is 48 Lindens including the greenhouse itself, which has an original sticker price of 4200 Lindens!  I took a series of photos at the greenhouse to give you a quick indication of some of the wonderful items you can pick up at only a fraction of it's usual cost.  I've admired Deco creators, Orchid Zenkova and GutterBlood Spoonhammer (such a fetching fellow) for their keen design eye, sculpting skills and attention to detail for ages and this is a sale not to be missed.  Visit the sale here: Deco Greenhouse
Greenhouse filled with bargains
So adorable
Hats and Galoshes
Trees, rocks, buckets. flowers, grasses
Look closely and you can see drips in the greenhouse!

Thursday, 26 April 2012



hair; clawtooth group gift | Clawtooth by Clawtooth Update Group | free to join / check notices.
skin; jesylilo group gift | JeSyLiLO | free to join, here.
piercings; ni.ju | 0L | here.
top; hal*hina group gift | = Hal*Hina = | free to join, here. ( this is really a dress modded into a top, includes resize script. )
leggings; blah group gift | Blah. VIP Group | 100L fee to join, here.
clutch; priss | 0L | here. ( other poses included. )

non free
headband; duboo, Newreem Waffle.
shoes; burley, Bella Earst.
pose; es' cusi, Sophielle Resident.

ily buhbye!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

One Bad Pixel Girl

There is a new mesh clothing store out called One Bad Pixel.  The items are brand new, all original, creations from two seasoned SL creators.  The items are very well made and quite sexy.  To get you into the shop they have these awesome pants as a subscriber welcome gift.
bad pixels_001
My hair is from Alice Project and is currently 75% off through the 30th of April.  *All* the hair is 75% off, actually.  The color packs (with a few exceptions) for all the mesh hairs start at only 50L!!  I grabbed quite a few styles and plan on going back for more.  Speaking of sales, you can grab this skin from MiaSnow for only 100L.  ALL of the skins for MALE and FEMALE upstairs are only 100L per FATPACK.  Yes, I said fatpack.  100L. HERE'S THE PROBLEM: I have no idea when the prices go back to normal.  Could be tomorrow.  Could be in an hour.  Could be 3 minutes after I post this.  I am confused by the store blog's post so I'll just say if you go and the sale is off, my bad.
Pants: One Bad Pixel, subscriber gift
Skin: MiaSnow, 100L fatpack sale on all male and female skins upstairs (not exactly sure when the sale ends, either tomorrow night or in the next couple of hours.  Eep!)
Belly Piercing: Phoebe's Piercings
Hair: Alice Project, 75% off sale through the 30th
Sculpted Hands and Bracelets: MiaSnow, bracelets are color change, nails are color change, skin is tintable, also comes with Ring Bop options and hand position options.
Lipstick Tattoo Layer: M.O.C.K., group gift in notices, 250L join fee but there are always a bazillion gifts in the notices
Tattoo: Radicalism
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard

Designers Wanted! Exclamation Point!

So I have no awesome picture to go with this but it'll be quick.  We are letting everyone know that we are looking for new designers to join the Free*Style group. Here are the rules:

Free*Style Designer Rules

These are the Free*Style Group Rules for Designers.  Please read carefully, this contains information on notice frequency and notice content.

*If a person breaks the rules, myself or an officer will remove their ability to send notices immediately, there may be no second chances - so please read carefully**


a)  When sending notices, please send a notecard with description  and ideally a photograph of the free/1L item as well as an LM.  You can also include below this information on other not free products in your store in this same notice.  Including the picture and LM in one notecard makes the chances of people coming to your store much higher than if they have to look around for one or the other.

b) ~IMPORTANT~ Only send notices about FREE to 10L items in your store, you are welcome to show your full price items in this notecard as long as the FREE/1L INFO AT THE TOP OF THE NOTICE. 

*Please contact me first if you wish to advertise anything over 10L, this is not usually allowed unless something extra special*

Anyone advertising items which cost more than 10L (without prior approval) will have their ability to send notices removed and there may be no second chances

c) You are welcome to send a free gift direct to the group via a notice, please include an LM so people can come and see your store.
*Please DO NOT send gift cards unless it will buy a whole item in your store*

d) Please DO NOT send notices about free items in your store which are gridwide commonly available full perms items or low quality items.

e) Please DO NOT send notices about free goods (eg. Resell/Buy in a Box Items) of which you do not know the source.  I do not want this group to be associated with anyone who supplies unauthorized goods or rip-offs of anyone else's creations. This is theft and if I or any group member discovers goods of this type, anyone suspected of distributing such goods will be ejected from the group immediately and reported to the original creator who in turn will file a complaint and take possible legal action.

f) DO NOT send notes to individual group members advertising your store (outwith group notices).  This is spam and is abusing my free group.


a) You can inform the group once a week about a new free/1L gift in your store. There are NO exceptions to this rule unless you have been given it by Creamy Cooljoke, Eden Knoller or Sileny Noel. Each exception will be only on a one-time basis so do not consider any exceptions to blanket you.

b) If you have the same free gift then please send a notice about this once every 15 days.

c) please do not send 'reminders' about free or 1L items in your store/free Item offers about to end, etc.  I get many complaints about this and it is considered to be spam.

d) please do not take advantage of the notice frequency by using your alts/friends to send extra notices about your store - if your store is advertised more than once per week regardless of who sent it, you will have notice sending rights suspended.

e) CLOSING DOWN SALES: Only advertise these if you have free or 1L items there.


a) If you think a notice you sent didn't work - wait 5 mins as SL might be having issues - then please contact an online group member privately by IM to check if they received it,

5) We do allow notices regarding charity fundraising or competitions, BUT PLEASE CONTACT US FIRST SO WE CAN APPROVE IT.

If you have any queries, please contact us, EDEN KNOLLER, SILENY NOEL, CREAMY COOLJOKE or FREESTYLE ADAMSKI (by notecard if we are offline).  If it is urgent then please contact an online group officer.  *************************************

If any of these rules are ignored, the ability to send notices will be removed immediately and there may be no second chance.

OK so I know those rules sound harsh but they are the product of nearly five years experience so they are necessary, lol.  If you would like the ability to send notices please send a notecard to Eden Knoller or Sileny Noel with the following information:

-Your Name, not your display name, your actual SL name
-Your store's name
-Your store's LM (unless you only have a Marketplace-based store)
-Your Marketplace link, if you have one
-Flickr link, if you have it

Thanks so much for reading!

Lil Wonder

***WARNING - This is a Petites Post, you must own a Yabusuka Petite Avatar to wear these items***

I was checking out one of the petites stores on my weekly shopping rounds today, when a C came up on the Lucky Board. I asked my sis if she wanted it, and then tp'd her over. 3 letter changes over, and H came up. What luck! These things normally hate me, and I have to go sit by them on sorting day, just hoping to get SOMETHING.

Tragic Beauty is the name of the store that is offering a 4 pack of corset for petites this week. I decided to wear the black one. There is also a rust, pink and a green, with each a little different.

I have noticed they change their Lucky Board and MM Board often, so if you have a petite, it is worth it to go check on the store every once in a while.

FreeStyle-Helena Stringer-April 25th-Lil Wonders

Avatar - Fallen Gods Inc - Royale in Spirit for Petites only - Not Free
Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum - R.Red in Darknight - No Free (On Sale at the Flawless Spring Sale)
Eyes - Mayfly - Deep Sky Eye in Majorelle Blue - Past Group Gift (new group colour instore)
Corset - Tragic Beauty -Cute Corset Black - FREE (MM Board)
Jewelry - Elemental Petite - Black Velvet, Peridot & Beads Set - Not Free
Wings - [YAWN] - Bat Wings - NLA

Pose by KS2Kool



hair; d!va | luckyboard | here.
skin; mother goose | luckyboard | here.
jacket; blue film group gift | -Blue Film- | free to join, here.
dress; yomeshoujo | lucky board | here.
leggings; mdl | 1L | here.
bag; tentacio | 0L @ kawaii fair | sorry i can't find LM. :S
ring pop; miasnow | subscribo gift | here.

non free
lipstick; the sugar garden, Eilfie Sugarplum.
teeth; pxl, Hart Larsson.
feets; slink, Siddean Munro.
poses; es' cusi, Sophielle Resident.

ily buhbye!

Falling asleep

Jumpsuit - Ricielli at The Dressing Room, 70L$
Skin - Jesylilo, group gift, 0L$
Shoes - The Dressing Room gift, you need to buy two packs, each 1L$, one in the dressing room and one in the dressing room blue, few colors of shoes included

Lip tattoo - Charme
Pose - Frozen
Hair - Elikatira

Friday, 20 April 2012


Free/cheap (items available at the time of posting):
Outfits and choker--Sn@tch Back to the Beach (7 seas fishing prize--caught with reusable 100L rod and no bait!)
Headpiece--LaGyo Anemone (70L at The Dressing Room)
Belly piercing--Gabriel (group gift in store)

Not free/discounted (check stores for other offers):
Eyes--MADesigns Promise
Eyelashes--glow[studio] Clean 01
Hair--elikatira Changes
Skin and base lipstick--Mynerva Milena
Lipstick--Acid & Mala Plastic Lips
Eyebrow tattoo--Cupcakes
Tattoo--Para Designs Timeless
Right bracelet--Concrete Flowers Beach Bracelet

Left bracelet--Sole Accessory (no longer available)
Pose (left)--Olive Juice Long Hair (not currently available)
Pose (right)--synt I live for awkward

Posted by Abra Zelin

StashBash 420

The 3rd Annual Stash Bash Hunt is HERE!

A hunt for those who love the herb or love cool stuff!

Hunt Dates:  April 20th - May 20th 2012

Today there is even a launch party for the hunt, so if you want to go check that out, there is some stuff on sale from the various vendors.

I will be showing gifts over a series of posts, so lets see what I have for you today!

FreeStyle-Helena Stringer-April 20th-420-1

Cherelle Capra of [CIRCA] made 2 pose props, this being one of them. It has 3 poses.

FreeStyle-Helena Stringer-April 20th-420-2

The stores in the hunt are offering up either unisex or a male and female gift. Shoes from Duh!, shorts from Snatch and shirt from Cracked Mirror.

FreeStyle-Helena Stringer-April 20th-420-3

This skin isn't in the hunt, but it is a promotional gift item. I thought I'd share the info, 'cause this skin is awesome.

FreeStyle-Helena Stringer-April 20th-420-4

SHOES! Closer shot of the Duh! ones, and the ones in the back are from Ducknipple.

FreeStyle-Helena Stringer-April 20th-420-5

MudHoney has this beanbag and poster set for you to nab, so you can rest your feet after the hunt!

The hunt is really small, only 20 stops. You are looking for little stash baggies, teehee!

Get started at HERE!

Non Hunt Items

Skin - (Red)Sand - Tyrese Skin - FREE (SL Marketplace)
Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum -  Kamenwati in Darkness - Not Free
Eyes - KOSH - Eyes 114 - Not Free
Contacts - Insufferable Dastard - Brown Eyes - Not Free

Poses by Long Akward Pose


I am going to attempt to play with SL shadows over the weekend, so maybe by next week I will have some more depth to some of my shots. Bare with me as I go through my transitional learning phase.



skin; mother goose | lucky board | here.
eye shadow & lashes; lpd | 0L | here.
dress; !go! group gift | !go! | free to join, here.
leggings; vershe | subscribo matic gift | here.
bag; azoury | trph2 hunt gift | here.

not free
hair; burley, Bella Earst.
socks; candystripes, Enzerubebi Resident.
pose; es' cusi, Sophielle Resident.

ily buhbye!

vershe legging gift 

ldp eyeshadow colors.

Fist Pump 2

So today is the last day for this little hunt, and conveniantly it is also my RL birthday, so gonna show you some of the gifties real quick!

Pic 1.

Skin: WoW skins ~ Sally (fist pump),
Tattoo: Sweet Sin ~ "I give all my love to you" (fist pump),
Eyes: Banana Banshee,
Hair: Tiny Bird (closed, sorry),
Piercing: alter ego (fist pump),
Pose: Purple poses (fist pump) .

Pic 2.

Dress: static clothing (fist pump),
Necklace: Zephyr ~ Petal Pearl Necklace (fist pump),
Hair: Tiny Bird.

Pic 3.

Mini skirt: evolve (fist pump),
Tanktop: Kyoot (not a freebie).

Sorry for the lack of slurls, Im in a big hurry to get out and celebrate my birthday now, lol. There is a blog with hints here, and theres also a very helpful inworld group too if you need it. Good luck, and have fun!!

Trini xx

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Butterfly Mowmow

Every now and again Helena has to be a dude. Sometimes she is lazy, and doesn't like to bring her guy alt on for ads, sometimes it's fun to see how many women hit on her before they even look at her name. This isn't a Johnny Cash song folks!

So I have a two for one special on for you today! You get dude Helena and you get regular Helena!

FreeStyle-Helena Stringer-April 19th-Butterfly Mowmow1

This look was all inspired by my first pair of mesh anything. I went to check out the Group Gift from Gothica. Now don't get too excited boys, the boots were for ladies, but I did find you this awesome jacket as a group gift. There is even a matching one for your ladies!

I then proceeded to have fun and sort through my man folder, chucking 75% of it away(I have been gone for a while, some of that shit was moth ridden!).

FreeStyle-Helena Stringer-April 19th-Butterfly Mowmow2

I had a tip for these awesome eyes, which ended up inspiring the whole mankittymowmow look. I saw these man makeups when going through my original "OMG I've updated from 1.23, lets gets a bagillion makeups and explode my inventory some more!" phase. It adds a nice touch I think, since this skin is all beefcakey. Now since so much of what I was wearing is no longer available, I decided to scout out some man jewels for you, and found this necklace. I should have made my flails match, but you know, lazy female designer and all. I will blame it o the petites, I was probably making petite pants at the time.


Skin - JeSyLiLo - J1 - FREE (Instore Group Gift)
Shape - Bird Next Door - Keigo Shape - L$5 (SL Marketplace Deal)
Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum - Shadow Keeper in S.E. Nightshines Red - Not Free
Eyes - Les Fleurs du Male - Alive Eyes in Grey Medium Size/Medium Light - FREE (Instore Gift)
Lashes - Sin Skins - Ferra Lashes - NLA
Makeup - R's - Blist Facial Tattoo - L$3 (SL Marketplace)
Tee - Truth - Tucked Tshirt in Blood - NLA
Jacket - Gothica - Serious Jacket - FREE (Instore Group Gift)
Pants - Snatch - Red Skull Latex Pants - NLA
Necklace - Milady's - Magic Time Platinum Necklace - FREE (Instore Gift)
Ears/Tail - Adoness - Le Mrrrow - L$1 (SL Marketplace)

This outfit sort of just pulled itself together. I think I wore it for 5 days straight. I found the dress first, and the theme just took place. I did find little black ballet shoes with white butterflies on them, but opted to use the mesh boots instead. These are the mesh boots I was talking about above. They are super well made, and when you get them, you get a nice note to tel you what size leg you need to fit in there. I only had to size mine down a wee bit. Great job Zillana.

FreeStyle-Helena Stringer-April 19th-Butterfly Mowmow3

I wanted to see what Nuuna was doing while I had been off IRL. I collected up all her gifts, and got myself a few makeups too! This skin was almost perfect for the look, the only thing was that the upper lip was purple, so I just threw on a Mock lipstick and was set. You can barely notice the purple now.

I love me some eye action! I really could just blog free eyes on here all day and would be totally and utterly happy with myself. You might get sick of seeing my face though. We can't have that. These peepers are from my fav set of eyes from XYR. I wish they still had a store, but at least you still can enjoy the products, they are all cheap on SL Marketplace.

FreeStyle-Helena Stringer-April 19th-Butterfly Mowmow4

With all the butterflies I could not resit the butterfly nose pet from A.S.S. I'm not sure if it's in the inworld store, it go so big and I was having issues(I spent 30 minutes in the eye store), so you are just going to have to nab it from SLM. I got the nails there too, this whole double shopping thing is getting tricky. Shopping inworld while shopping online, double the explosion.

Skin - Nuuna's - Halloween 2010 Skin - FREE (Instore Gift)
Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum - Utterly Screwed Special Edition - Not Released Yet
Eyes - [XYR] - Blind Eyes 2 - FREE (SL Marketplace Only Store)
Lash - The Stringer Mausoleum - So new it doesn't have a name! - Not Released Yet
Makeup - M.O.C.K. -Dark Kiss LipSmacker - FREE (Past Notice Group Gift - other gifts in notices)
Dress - Chrysalis - Bows & Butterflies Dress - FREE (Instore Gift)
Boots - Gothica - Laytex Hot Boots in White - FREE (Instore Group Gift)
Nails - Glamorize - Back in Black Nails - NLA
Nose Butterfly - A.S.S. - Le Papillion Noir - FREE (SL Marketplace)

Now that I got this done, what am I to do with myself?

*Runs off to cause havoc somewhere*


Four lingerie sets and one swimwear. Cheap, cheaper, cheapest:)

1st pic
Seldom Blue, sale, 50L$ 
Kastle Rock, group gift, 0L$ 
Luas, group gift, 0L$ 

2nd pic
Candy Meta,l WTC Hunt item, 1L$
Sakide, Fashioncentro Hunt item, 0L$ 

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Today Has Been OK

Lovely new mesh top in the Midnight Mania in the Mesh Room at Baby Monkey (go upstairs).  It's already half way there today so get on over!  10 L boots right by the steps.  Some delicious jewelry at Sigma Jewels: Fist Pump Hunt and the Gacha Hunt (fun!).   We don't often discuss poses but I am using poses from one of the group gifts for Exposeur Gold.  There is a pretty steep fee to join (500 L) but right now there are 4 group gifts at Pose Fair and more at the store.  Pose packs now include both poses for men and women, which I think is ossum.

Top: Baby Monkey: Eden Top - Mesh: Midnight Mania - 0 L
Choker: Sigma Jewels: Leather String Choker: Fist Pump Hunt - 0 L
Bangles: Sigma Jewels: Amie Bracelet: Gacha Fool Hunt: 10 L (also necklace and earrings available - items are not transferable).
Shoes: Baby Monkey: Grace - Spring Teal - 10 L
Skirt: The Sea Hole: Lattice Top Rag Skirt: not free
Socks: Pig: Duotone Socks Mit Suspenders - Camel: not free
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Shiki - Mesh: New Release: not free
Skin: Glam Affair: Leah - Contessina: exclusively at The Gallery Gift Shop: Special Price
Poses: Exposeur: from the Blissful set: Group Gift: available at Pose Fair 2012

Tuesday, 17 April 2012



dress; halcali group gift | :::Halcali::: | free to join, here.
eyes; miasnow | 10L eye tester | here.
skin; mother goose | luckyboard | here.

non free 
hair; burley, Bella Earst.

ily buhbye!

Shopper Stompers

***WARNING - This is a Petites Post, you must own a Yabusuka Petite Avatar to wear these items***

If I'm an ankle biter, than those people in the stores of SL are Shopper Stompers.

You buy some neko or cyber boots and think to yourself, man these are massive, and then proceed to where them. You go on mass with your fellow felines to the nearest Neko outlet that is having a sale. You put your most hyperactive AO on, cause you know, you want them to know you are the most playful lil kitty eva!

Never did it occur to you that your big arse boots might just be GiINORMOUSDONKEYBOOTS to some little punk fae shopping at the same store. At least, not until you scrap her off your footpad.


FreeStyle-Helena Stringer-April 17th-Shopper Stompers

Petite Avatar - Fallen Gods Inc - Royale in Translucent- Not Free
Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum - Cerdwin in Acorn - Not Free
Eyes - Skinthesis - Fathom Eyes in Gravel - FREE (Instore Tester)
Outfit - Fallen Gods Inc - Ankle Biter Outfit in Red - FREE (Petite Market Gift)

Pose by *ELISA*

Monday, 16 April 2012

Making you Flawless

The Shops on the Flawless sim have joined forces, brought a few friends, and made a spring transformation to the sim. All along the walkways you will find little carts set up, packed full of goodies. The Stores also have goodies set up, so be sure to look in each to see what deals are in store for you.

Each Designer/Vendor has up to ten items on sale for you to browse, as well as one special event only item. This could be something new, or something already released, but it will be in an exclusive colour or edition just for the sale. If that wasn't enough, these items will be set for only L$50!

You would think it doesn't get better, but oh it does, never fear! There is also a hunt going on. Most Designers/Vendors have one to three spring flowers packed with goodies. These are priced between L$0-L$10.

The hunt runs alongside the event, which is from April 14th until April 29th. I will be putting up as much as I can over the next little while, so you can see all the items that have been made your your enjoyment.

FreeStyle-Helena Stringer-April 16th-Flawless Part1-1

This dress made me think of Asian Teahouses. The flexi numbers on it are really fun, so if you have an AO that has lots of movement, you will enjoy this dress. Great for artistic shots for flickr too.

Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum - Runaway Bandit in Cherelle - Not Free
Skin - {Frick} - Love/Hate in Goth - NLA
Eyes - By Snow - Valentine 2010 Eyes - L$1
Lashes - La Sylphide - Natural Prim Lashes - NLA
Lipstick - MOCK - Lucir Lipcolour in Rubyfruit - FREE (Instore Tester)
Dress - Kakia - Pink Isis - Flawless Spring Sale Hunt Item

FreeStyle-Helena Stringer-April 16th-Flawless Part1-2

I don't often look normal in SL, why bother, when you look that was IRL? If I do have to however, I often have a more retro feel. This dress bleeds the word spring, with blossoms covering the crinkled fabric. The bow is what really made me feel the retro action in this piece, once pair with the fabric. You can grab the dress for L$50, it's the exclusive from Aleida. I decided to wear the hunt gift skin from "Style by Kira" and the hunt gift lipstick from Glitterati. The Glitterati gift has 3 different V2 layers in their gift, another shape of these lips and an eyeshadow too!

FreeStyle-Helena Stringer-April 16th-Flawless Part1-3

I'm not one for SL jewelry. Designing jewelry IRL has sort of jaded me to a lot of what I see in SL. I do however enjoy the pieces from FuLo. I was very surprised at my instant love for all the pieces I put on, even when they would not have been my pick in colour. It is the workmanship to the pieces, and a more organic feel in some of the range. Fulo has 3 gifts in the hunt, I'm not wearing them this time, but what I am wearing is on their sales cart. The 3 rings are the exclusive to the event, and are only L$50 for all three. You can nab up the 3 bracelets while you are at the cart too! I really like the itty bitty single one nearest my wrist.

Hair - The Stringer Shrine - Clara Bow in Chocolate -NLA
Skin - Style by Kira - Abigail skin - Flawless Spring Sale Hunt Item
Eyes - Birth - Hypnotic Naturals in Crystal Potion - FREE (WOMENstuff Hunt Gift-still instore)
Lashes - La Sylphide - Natural Prim Lashes - NLA
Lipstick - Glitterati - Luscious Lips in First Kiss wide edition - Flawless Spring Sale Hunt Item
Rings - FuLo - Trio of Rings - Flawless Spring Sale Exclusive Item - L$50
Bracelets - FuLo - Trio of Bracelets - Flawless Spring Sale Item - Not Free

FreeStyle-Helena Stringer-April 16th-Flawless Part1-4

I did something a little different here, with these shots. I decided to tryout one of the hunt shapes from Fiddle Sticks. I have made, worn and tweaked my own shape since I have started SL. Even my man shape is made by me(my store model). I was surprised to not mind this too much. It is different than my own look, that is for sure. I wouldn't want to wear mesh clothing on her, due to her "Assets", as she might look VERY well endowed all around. Still, this isn't too bad. Most shapes I try out just make me laugh, can barely see my eyes, have no forehead, or have curve where there really shouldn't be a curve.

Did you all know I am not a fan of pink? I think I use to mention it every other post way back when. Well that still hasn't changed, but hey, I'm pretending not to be me here, so whoever this chick is, she is like dipped in the stuff! The dress and shoes are exclusives from Magnifico Exclusive, they have a whole slew of items in their store for the sale. I don't like toes shoes in sl, as I am often not normal skintone coloured. This set though has a very nice hud, and you can manage most colours fairly easily. I just really liked the wooden base to them.

FreeStyle-Helena Stringer-April 16th-Flawless Part1-5

This skin is the april group gift from Wow Skins, I am wearing tester eyes from Adam&Eve(omg they finally stopped of putting plain white backings to their eyes!) and the necklace is free at Barerose.

Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum - In the Rain in Black Tipped 10- Not Free
Hairbase - Milana - Hairbase 01 in Midnight - FREE (in demo hair)
Skin - Wow Skins - SpinkStar April Group Gift Skin - FREE (Group Gift)
Shape - Fiddle Sticks - Amelia Shape - Flawless Spring Sale Hunt Item
Eyes - Adam&Eve - Horizon in Medium - FREE (Instore Tester)
Lashes - Cybernetic - Prim Lashes L5 B1 - NLA
Dress - Magnifico Exclusive - Maggie Outfit in Pink - Flawless Spring Sale Exclusive Item - L$50
Necklace - Barerose - Silver Necklace - FREE (Instore Gift)
Shoes - Magnifico Exclusive - Woo-Den in Brown - Flawless Spring Sale Exclusive Item - L$50

Poses by Glitterati, {Just a Pose} and KS2cool


Well that is that for this post, lots of free and deals for you to gather up and roll around in.

Sorry about the wacky shots, my computer has been bawls.

*runs off to snap the next post*