Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Designers Wanted! Exclamation Point!

So I have no awesome picture to go with this but it'll be quick.  We are letting everyone know that we are looking for new designers to join the Free*Style group. Here are the rules:

Free*Style Designer Rules

These are the Free*Style Group Rules for Designers.  Please read carefully, this contains information on notice frequency and notice content.

*If a person breaks the rules, myself or an officer will remove their ability to send notices immediately, there may be no second chances - so please read carefully**


a)  When sending notices, please send a notecard with description  and ideally a photograph of the free/1L item as well as an LM.  You can also include below this information on other not free products in your store in this same notice.  Including the picture and LM in one notecard makes the chances of people coming to your store much higher than if they have to look around for one or the other.

b) ~IMPORTANT~ Only send notices about FREE to 10L items in your store, you are welcome to show your full price items in this notecard as long as the FREE/1L INFO AT THE TOP OF THE NOTICE. 

*Please contact me first if you wish to advertise anything over 10L, this is not usually allowed unless something extra special*

Anyone advertising items which cost more than 10L (without prior approval) will have their ability to send notices removed and there may be no second chances

c) You are welcome to send a free gift direct to the group via a notice, please include an LM so people can come and see your store.
*Please DO NOT send gift cards unless it will buy a whole item in your store*

d) Please DO NOT send notices about free items in your store which are gridwide commonly available full perms items or low quality items.

e) Please DO NOT send notices about free goods (eg. Resell/Buy in a Box Items) of which you do not know the source.  I do not want this group to be associated with anyone who supplies unauthorized goods or rip-offs of anyone else's creations. This is theft and if I or any group member discovers goods of this type, anyone suspected of distributing such goods will be ejected from the group immediately and reported to the original creator who in turn will file a complaint and take possible legal action.

f) DO NOT send notes to individual group members advertising your store (outwith group notices).  This is spam and is abusing my free group.


a) You can inform the group once a week about a new free/1L gift in your store. There are NO exceptions to this rule unless you have been given it by Creamy Cooljoke, Eden Knoller or Sileny Noel. Each exception will be only on a one-time basis so do not consider any exceptions to blanket you.

b) If you have the same free gift then please send a notice about this once every 15 days.

c) please do not send 'reminders' about free or 1L items in your store/free Item offers about to end, etc.  I get many complaints about this and it is considered to be spam.

d) please do not take advantage of the notice frequency by using your alts/friends to send extra notices about your store - if your store is advertised more than once per week regardless of who sent it, you will have notice sending rights suspended.

e) CLOSING DOWN SALES: Only advertise these if you have free or 1L items there.


a) If you think a notice you sent didn't work - wait 5 mins as SL might be having issues - then please contact an online group member privately by IM to check if they received it,

5) We do allow notices regarding charity fundraising or competitions, BUT PLEASE CONTACT US FIRST SO WE CAN APPROVE IT.

If you have any queries, please contact us, EDEN KNOLLER, SILENY NOEL, CREAMY COOLJOKE or FREESTYLE ADAMSKI (by notecard if we are offline).  If it is urgent then please contact an online group officer.  *************************************

If any of these rules are ignored, the ability to send notices will be removed immediately and there may be no second chance.

OK so I know those rules sound harsh but they are the product of nearly five years experience so they are necessary, lol.  If you would like the ability to send notices please send a notecard to Eden Knoller or Sileny Noel with the following information:

-Your Name, not your display name, your actual SL name
-Your store's name
-Your store's LM (unless you only have a Marketplace-based store)
-Your Marketplace link, if you have one
-Flickr link, if you have it

Thanks so much for reading!