Thursday, 19 April 2012

Butterfly Mowmow

Every now and again Helena has to be a dude. Sometimes she is lazy, and doesn't like to bring her guy alt on for ads, sometimes it's fun to see how many women hit on her before they even look at her name. This isn't a Johnny Cash song folks!

So I have a two for one special on for you today! You get dude Helena and you get regular Helena!

FreeStyle-Helena Stringer-April 19th-Butterfly Mowmow1

This look was all inspired by my first pair of mesh anything. I went to check out the Group Gift from Gothica. Now don't get too excited boys, the boots were for ladies, but I did find you this awesome jacket as a group gift. There is even a matching one for your ladies!

I then proceeded to have fun and sort through my man folder, chucking 75% of it away(I have been gone for a while, some of that shit was moth ridden!).

FreeStyle-Helena Stringer-April 19th-Butterfly Mowmow2

I had a tip for these awesome eyes, which ended up inspiring the whole mankittymowmow look. I saw these man makeups when going through my original "OMG I've updated from 1.23, lets gets a bagillion makeups and explode my inventory some more!" phase. It adds a nice touch I think, since this skin is all beefcakey. Now since so much of what I was wearing is no longer available, I decided to scout out some man jewels for you, and found this necklace. I should have made my flails match, but you know, lazy female designer and all. I will blame it o the petites, I was probably making petite pants at the time.


Skin - JeSyLiLo - J1 - FREE (Instore Group Gift)
Shape - Bird Next Door - Keigo Shape - L$5 (SL Marketplace Deal)
Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum - Shadow Keeper in S.E. Nightshines Red - Not Free
Eyes - Les Fleurs du Male - Alive Eyes in Grey Medium Size/Medium Light - FREE (Instore Gift)
Lashes - Sin Skins - Ferra Lashes - NLA
Makeup - R's - Blist Facial Tattoo - L$3 (SL Marketplace)
Tee - Truth - Tucked Tshirt in Blood - NLA
Jacket - Gothica - Serious Jacket - FREE (Instore Group Gift)
Pants - Snatch - Red Skull Latex Pants - NLA
Necklace - Milady's - Magic Time Platinum Necklace - FREE (Instore Gift)
Ears/Tail - Adoness - Le Mrrrow - L$1 (SL Marketplace)

This outfit sort of just pulled itself together. I think I wore it for 5 days straight. I found the dress first, and the theme just took place. I did find little black ballet shoes with white butterflies on them, but opted to use the mesh boots instead. These are the mesh boots I was talking about above. They are super well made, and when you get them, you get a nice note to tel you what size leg you need to fit in there. I only had to size mine down a wee bit. Great job Zillana.

FreeStyle-Helena Stringer-April 19th-Butterfly Mowmow3

I wanted to see what Nuuna was doing while I had been off IRL. I collected up all her gifts, and got myself a few makeups too! This skin was almost perfect for the look, the only thing was that the upper lip was purple, so I just threw on a Mock lipstick and was set. You can barely notice the purple now.

I love me some eye action! I really could just blog free eyes on here all day and would be totally and utterly happy with myself. You might get sick of seeing my face though. We can't have that. These peepers are from my fav set of eyes from XYR. I wish they still had a store, but at least you still can enjoy the products, they are all cheap on SL Marketplace.

FreeStyle-Helena Stringer-April 19th-Butterfly Mowmow4

With all the butterflies I could not resit the butterfly nose pet from A.S.S. I'm not sure if it's in the inworld store, it go so big and I was having issues(I spent 30 minutes in the eye store), so you are just going to have to nab it from SLM. I got the nails there too, this whole double shopping thing is getting tricky. Shopping inworld while shopping online, double the explosion.

Skin - Nuuna's - Halloween 2010 Skin - FREE (Instore Gift)
Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum - Utterly Screwed Special Edition - Not Released Yet
Eyes - [XYR] - Blind Eyes 2 - FREE (SL Marketplace Only Store)
Lash - The Stringer Mausoleum - So new it doesn't have a name! - Not Released Yet
Makeup - M.O.C.K. -Dark Kiss LipSmacker - FREE (Past Notice Group Gift - other gifts in notices)
Dress - Chrysalis - Bows & Butterflies Dress - FREE (Instore Gift)
Boots - Gothica - Laytex Hot Boots in White - FREE (Instore Group Gift)
Nails - Glamorize - Back in Black Nails - NLA
Nose Butterfly - A.S.S. - Le Papillion Noir - FREE (SL Marketplace)

Now that I got this done, what am I to do with myself?

*Runs off to cause havoc somewhere*