Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Lil Wonder

***WARNING - This is a Petites Post, you must own a Yabusuka Petite Avatar to wear these items***

I was checking out one of the petites stores on my weekly shopping rounds today, when a C came up on the Lucky Board. I asked my sis if she wanted it, and then tp'd her over. 3 letter changes over, and H came up. What luck! These things normally hate me, and I have to go sit by them on sorting day, just hoping to get SOMETHING.

Tragic Beauty is the name of the store that is offering a 4 pack of corset for petites this week. I decided to wear the black one. There is also a rust, pink and a green, with each a little different.

I have noticed they change their Lucky Board and MM Board often, so if you have a petite, it is worth it to go check on the store every once in a while.

FreeStyle-Helena Stringer-April 25th-Lil Wonders

Avatar - Fallen Gods Inc - Royale in Spirit for Petites only - Not Free
Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum - R.Red in Darknight - No Free (On Sale at the Flawless Spring Sale)
Eyes - Mayfly - Deep Sky Eye in Majorelle Blue - Past Group Gift (new group colour instore)
Corset - Tragic Beauty -Cute Corset Black - FREE (MM Board)
Jewelry - Elemental Petite - Black Velvet, Peridot & Beads Set - Not Free
Wings - [YAWN] - Bat Wings - NLA

Pose by KS2Kool