Friday, 20 April 2012

StashBash 420

The 3rd Annual Stash Bash Hunt is HERE!

A hunt for those who love the herb or love cool stuff!

Hunt Dates:  April 20th - May 20th 2012

Today there is even a launch party for the hunt, so if you want to go check that out, there is some stuff on sale from the various vendors.

I will be showing gifts over a series of posts, so lets see what I have for you today!

FreeStyle-Helena Stringer-April 20th-420-1

Cherelle Capra of [CIRCA] made 2 pose props, this being one of them. It has 3 poses.

FreeStyle-Helena Stringer-April 20th-420-2

The stores in the hunt are offering up either unisex or a male and female gift. Shoes from Duh!, shorts from Snatch and shirt from Cracked Mirror.

FreeStyle-Helena Stringer-April 20th-420-3

This skin isn't in the hunt, but it is a promotional gift item. I thought I'd share the info, 'cause this skin is awesome.

FreeStyle-Helena Stringer-April 20th-420-4

SHOES! Closer shot of the Duh! ones, and the ones in the back are from Ducknipple.

FreeStyle-Helena Stringer-April 20th-420-5

MudHoney has this beanbag and poster set for you to nab, so you can rest your feet after the hunt!

The hunt is really small, only 20 stops. You are looking for little stash baggies, teehee!

Get started at HERE!

Non Hunt Items

Skin - (Red)Sand - Tyrese Skin - FREE (SL Marketplace)
Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum -  Kamenwati in Darkness - Not Free
Eyes - KOSH - Eyes 114 - Not Free
Contacts - Insufferable Dastard - Brown Eyes - Not Free

Poses by Long Akward Pose


I am going to attempt to play with SL shadows over the weekend, so maybe by next week I will have some more depth to some of my shots. Bare with me as I go through my transitional learning phase.