Friday, 20 April 2012

Fist Pump 2

So today is the last day for this little hunt, and conveniantly it is also my RL birthday, so gonna show you some of the gifties real quick!

Pic 1.

Skin: WoW skins ~ Sally (fist pump),
Tattoo: Sweet Sin ~ "I give all my love to you" (fist pump),
Eyes: Banana Banshee,
Hair: Tiny Bird (closed, sorry),
Piercing: alter ego (fist pump),
Pose: Purple poses (fist pump) .

Pic 2.

Dress: static clothing (fist pump),
Necklace: Zephyr ~ Petal Pearl Necklace (fist pump),
Hair: Tiny Bird.

Pic 3.

Mini skirt: evolve (fist pump),
Tanktop: Kyoot (not a freebie).

Sorry for the lack of slurls, Im in a big hurry to get out and celebrate my birthday now, lol. There is a blog with hints here, and theres also a very helpful inworld group too if you need it. Good luck, and have fun!!

Trini xx