Monday, 16 April 2012

Making you Flawless

The Shops on the Flawless sim have joined forces, brought a few friends, and made a spring transformation to the sim. All along the walkways you will find little carts set up, packed full of goodies. The Stores also have goodies set up, so be sure to look in each to see what deals are in store for you.

Each Designer/Vendor has up to ten items on sale for you to browse, as well as one special event only item. This could be something new, or something already released, but it will be in an exclusive colour or edition just for the sale. If that wasn't enough, these items will be set for only L$50!

You would think it doesn't get better, but oh it does, never fear! There is also a hunt going on. Most Designers/Vendors have one to three spring flowers packed with goodies. These are priced between L$0-L$10.

The hunt runs alongside the event, which is from April 14th until April 29th. I will be putting up as much as I can over the next little while, so you can see all the items that have been made your your enjoyment.

FreeStyle-Helena Stringer-April 16th-Flawless Part1-1

This dress made me think of Asian Teahouses. The flexi numbers on it are really fun, so if you have an AO that has lots of movement, you will enjoy this dress. Great for artistic shots for flickr too.

Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum - Runaway Bandit in Cherelle - Not Free
Skin - {Frick} - Love/Hate in Goth - NLA
Eyes - By Snow - Valentine 2010 Eyes - L$1
Lashes - La Sylphide - Natural Prim Lashes - NLA
Lipstick - MOCK - Lucir Lipcolour in Rubyfruit - FREE (Instore Tester)
Dress - Kakia - Pink Isis - Flawless Spring Sale Hunt Item

FreeStyle-Helena Stringer-April 16th-Flawless Part1-2

I don't often look normal in SL, why bother, when you look that was IRL? If I do have to however, I often have a more retro feel. This dress bleeds the word spring, with blossoms covering the crinkled fabric. The bow is what really made me feel the retro action in this piece, once pair with the fabric. You can grab the dress for L$50, it's the exclusive from Aleida. I decided to wear the hunt gift skin from "Style by Kira" and the hunt gift lipstick from Glitterati. The Glitterati gift has 3 different V2 layers in their gift, another shape of these lips and an eyeshadow too!

FreeStyle-Helena Stringer-April 16th-Flawless Part1-3

I'm not one for SL jewelry. Designing jewelry IRL has sort of jaded me to a lot of what I see in SL. I do however enjoy the pieces from FuLo. I was very surprised at my instant love for all the pieces I put on, even when they would not have been my pick in colour. It is the workmanship to the pieces, and a more organic feel in some of the range. Fulo has 3 gifts in the hunt, I'm not wearing them this time, but what I am wearing is on their sales cart. The 3 rings are the exclusive to the event, and are only L$50 for all three. You can nab up the 3 bracelets while you are at the cart too! I really like the itty bitty single one nearest my wrist.

Hair - The Stringer Shrine - Clara Bow in Chocolate -NLA
Skin - Style by Kira - Abigail skin - Flawless Spring Sale Hunt Item
Eyes - Birth - Hypnotic Naturals in Crystal Potion - FREE (WOMENstuff Hunt Gift-still instore)
Lashes - La Sylphide - Natural Prim Lashes - NLA
Lipstick - Glitterati - Luscious Lips in First Kiss wide edition - Flawless Spring Sale Hunt Item
Rings - FuLo - Trio of Rings - Flawless Spring Sale Exclusive Item - L$50
Bracelets - FuLo - Trio of Bracelets - Flawless Spring Sale Item - Not Free

FreeStyle-Helena Stringer-April 16th-Flawless Part1-4

I did something a little different here, with these shots. I decided to tryout one of the hunt shapes from Fiddle Sticks. I have made, worn and tweaked my own shape since I have started SL. Even my man shape is made by me(my store model). I was surprised to not mind this too much. It is different than my own look, that is for sure. I wouldn't want to wear mesh clothing on her, due to her "Assets", as she might look VERY well endowed all around. Still, this isn't too bad. Most shapes I try out just make me laugh, can barely see my eyes, have no forehead, or have curve where there really shouldn't be a curve.

Did you all know I am not a fan of pink? I think I use to mention it every other post way back when. Well that still hasn't changed, but hey, I'm pretending not to be me here, so whoever this chick is, she is like dipped in the stuff! The dress and shoes are exclusives from Magnifico Exclusive, they have a whole slew of items in their store for the sale. I don't like toes shoes in sl, as I am often not normal skintone coloured. This set though has a very nice hud, and you can manage most colours fairly easily. I just really liked the wooden base to them.

FreeStyle-Helena Stringer-April 16th-Flawless Part1-5

This skin is the april group gift from Wow Skins, I am wearing tester eyes from Adam&Eve(omg they finally stopped of putting plain white backings to their eyes!) and the necklace is free at Barerose.

Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum - In the Rain in Black Tipped 10- Not Free
Hairbase - Milana - Hairbase 01 in Midnight - FREE (in demo hair)
Skin - Wow Skins - SpinkStar April Group Gift Skin - FREE (Group Gift)
Shape - Fiddle Sticks - Amelia Shape - Flawless Spring Sale Hunt Item
Eyes - Adam&Eve - Horizon in Medium - FREE (Instore Tester)
Lashes - Cybernetic - Prim Lashes L5 B1 - NLA
Dress - Magnifico Exclusive - Maggie Outfit in Pink - Flawless Spring Sale Exclusive Item - L$50
Necklace - Barerose - Silver Necklace - FREE (Instore Gift)
Shoes - Magnifico Exclusive - Woo-Den in Brown - Flawless Spring Sale Exclusive Item - L$50

Poses by Glitterati, {Just a Pose} and KS2cool


Well that is that for this post, lots of free and deals for you to gather up and roll around in.

Sorry about the wacky shots, my computer has been bawls.

*runs off to snap the next post*