Saturday, 28 February 2009


Not one, not two, but nine new lucky chair dresses at Katatonik.


These are not fat packs, you need to win each dress separately. Grab your girlfriends and have a chair party!


The Dollie dresses are gorgeous, and each colour is a "must have".


Shown here with non free hair also from Katatonik and non free skin from Curio. And to think, not an hour ago, I was wondering what to do with myself during some terribly rare time off from mini Ash. Huge thanks to Kat, Ash Out.

Candy Gumdrop!

WOW! A pink gown to add to my collection!
As you all know, Lemania Indigo has a retiring design every day, reduced to only $1L. This is today's special:

In Las vegas City

Pink Candy Gumpdeop, $1L

"Glamour Heels" from Redgrave, not free!! But so yummy. Dahlindah made me buy them. Blame her. ;p

This draping pearl necklace from Alyssa Bijoux, not free.

In Las Vegas City

Photos taken at Las Vegas City.

Well Duh

I'd been anxiously waiting for Tuli to release her new line "Natalie". Stoked was not the word when the group preview came through. It really is a beautiful skin


The lips are to die for and the light smattering of freckles are just perfect. My fave bit?


Colorable brows. Mostly I'm blonde, but I do like to have the options of wearing other colours, and brows I can edit or change is a massive plus in my book.


The tones are gorgeous, and I love the body. No doubt there will be something here for everyone. The group is 250L to join, but worth a million times more than that!! Thank you Tuli, "Natalie' rocks!


For the clothes I'm showing, I indirectly have Helena Stringer to thank. She was visiting a store called Duh!, and got chatting with the owner Renee Harvy, and told her to drop me some stuff, so here we are!!


Cute, tongue in cheek tees for an L each. My personal faves are "Attach To Pelvis" and "Douche Magnet" There's a lucky chair with yummy boots, a group gift happening at the moment, Paddy's Day specials and nothing in the store is over 20L. Yup, that's the regular pricing.


Know someone new? Wanna save them from blingtastic boots and shoes? Send them to Duh! I should also mention the boots are scripted with sounds and poses, but all very easy to turn off, just click the boots to bring up the menu. I've shown them with my usual dollarbie jeans from Torridwear and the new hair from Troof. The hair's not free, but pretty rockin' no? New build for the store, new textures for the hair and new skins for the boys. Yes I managed to say the word "new" 3 times in one sentence :P Ash Out.

Skin (not free)

Friday, 27 February 2009

Peacock Season! I'm A Pretty Bird!

Hello, hello! To all my fellow Free*Style fashionistas, Oh & fashionistos of course! Although this blog will mostly apply to the female avis, so here we go. Here I have one look to share with you guys today. I am Golden Peacock, I stand out from the flock lol. Don't you just love my hat/hair?

Boy do I, for I can't even take it off! Creamy passed it over to me today, I was blinded by it's beauty. I'm not sure when & where she will be releasing it but I had to it show off. I'm sure that whenever she decides to do so, she'll let you all know. At first I didn't know what to wear with it, I was going to take nudies, especially on account how good I look in this M&R Cupcakes skin group gift (as blogged before). It's still available if you'd like to snatch it up. As you might already know of, there is an enrollment fee but it's very well worth it. If you join check back into the notice tab history where you'll find more gifts as well.

If you know who I am & notice the things I never take off are mainly my nails. These nails are one of a kind, some are scripted to extend & or contract length, bling & bling off, I love them all. The ones featured, are by Gianetti not free but only 25L until St. Patrick's day (March. 17th) so be sure to grab them before it is too late. (If you miss out on this you can easily purchase them for a higher price, at least around 100L not sure.) Also, if you join the group there's a really nice silver ring (not shown) in the notices so make sure you pick that up too.

On other freebies:
(Since I am wrapped in freebies from head to toe)

Eyes: By Decollage in Light blue. Located at Gnubie
Earrings: By yours truly... ME! :D Located at Free*Style Horst location.
Bracelet on Left: *VB* Gold Bunchy Located on XStreet
Bracelet on Right: -=UZURI=- Harem Bracelet Located at -=UZURI=-
Jacket/Necklace: Peakcock Feather Necklace By Nylon Pinkney (includes other freebs all for 1L) Located at Nylon Outfitters
Top: By (Pixel Dolls) - LimeLight in gold Was located on onrez, but maybe check out Xstreet for: Scarlett Butler (Pixel Dolls)
Pants/Under wear layer: Zomg! Leggings! Black capris By M&R Cupcakes Located in the basement with other discontinued items.
Socks: GHOST! - Prison Tights Located at Gnubie
Boots: Black Leather Thigh High Boots Was Located at Vinyl Cafe but you can always check for a new freebie.



We are making some changes to the blog, we thought it would be fun to inject a little something different into the Free*Style blog, it's been running for over a year now and a change is as good as a rest and all that...

Sooo, what's happening? We have guest bloggers hopefully appearing on your screen here soon, many of whom are popular bloggers who you already know and love and at least one item in their ensemble will be free.

Everything else will go on as usual, my posts will be less frequent for a while, as I am struggling with learning sculpties and suchlike.

While I'm here I have to tell you about this store which Four Yip introduced me to a few months ago, Naho's funny shop. This store is Japanese and there are some fabulous free things here, really inventive and great fun, like this 'Face Curtain' which you click and your face changes expression each time the curtain opens

face curtain

Sculpty bow (made by me, will be free once i've perfected it)
Lovespell skin: group gift from M&R Cupcakes
Bob III Hair Detour (not free)

I hope you will enjoy :)

Thursday, 26 February 2009

getting poetic about it

My senior year poetry is pretty much a flop.
So don't even expect anything to match my title.
The most poetic I get in Second Life is a freebie from the gorgeous Poetic Colors, gorgeous eyes available from [Kusshon].

The Liquid Amber eyes worn above are currently available, free, at the [kusshon] store. Go grab yourself a pair and flatter with your eyes.


Knitted cardigan- Tuli Hunt
Skin- Tuli Hunt
Eyelashes- Sky Everett Designs
Hair- Fascino (Big sale on atm. All hair is 50l!!)
Mouth tape- Grab is from Free*Style on Horst

La Jump!!!

Hey, just a short notice!
I am feeling more inspired than usual here is a new pose I made! The old ones are moved to Kali Isle where the Blue Blood Mainstore is! I will leave the newest one there until tommorrow, so go get it while you can!

[S.LOVES] La Jump! Poster

Get the styling tips and TPs with this link!

P.S. Clothing from Random Fashions (sale on until 28th Feb), the top and bottom cost me $70L in total!! Bargain!

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

1. the pink outfitters subscribo has this lovely frilly delicate-blue turtleneck thing available in archives til the 28th. i paired it with one of the newish, though not free (65L) colorful bubble skirts from one of our favorites, uncle wiggily:

2. noar, makers of the amazing sweats with the condoms and smokes hanging out of the ass pocket, have a long henley shirtdress available instore for free. dangling from my pasty neck are the granny-hip tortoiseshell glasses necklace gift from our horst neighbor, vintagewear.. grab it in the updated freebie box near the door:

3. aoharu's updated their lucky chair with this filmy purple babydoll that makes me yearn for warmer weather, and chrystina from riddle was awesome enough to let me know about her lucky chair's sexy ass animal print pumps; purple zebra is shown here but there's also a pink giraffe pair to be won (each also comes with 3 sole color variations)

the last picture shows the latest curio skin gift, firehouse 2, which i mentioned in a previous post but apparently the getting could use some clarification; search for gala and rita design announcements and check the notice archives. if search doesn't work for whatever reason, look up my profile and doubleclick the group name from my group list, and join from there.

stuff and things

picture #1
free: ava turtleneck - pink outfitters subscribo gift
not free: skin - curio; hair - pixel dust; skirt - uncle wiggily

picture #2
free: dress - noar; necklace - vintagewear
not free: skin - curio; hair - pixel dust

picture #3
free: skin - curio, group gift; dress - aoharu, lucky chair; shoes - riddle, lucky chair
not free: hair - artilleri (on sale til the end of the month then its gone forever!!!!11)

Some Stuff

A Quick one from me too!
Yay! I made it!

Silver Dreams

Lemania Indigo Dollarbie of the Day: Silver Dreams!

Earrings from JCNY, not free.

At the park

Loving this cute shirt! If you have not had enough of these midnight mania boards you can tp to {\4Eva GuTta/} and touch the midnight mania board! Only 50 clicks needed, not difficult at all!

The micro skirt is also from there, it just about covers my butt! I love the bleached effect I just had to have it!

school detention

I am waiting for detention to start!! Who's late for detention anyway?!

You can get this outfit from Sera Korea's lucky chair. Changes every 10mins and you need to stay seated for about 30secs when you win a prize!

Leather Engineer Boots from Bukka, also lucky chair item, changes every 10mins also! Limited freebie until 28th Feb.

Other non free stuffs:
Hair from HCT
Browline glasses from Gritty Kitty

Further Read: All Girls Come Together Now


Note: I am not claiming to be a SL shape designer or anything, for that matter.
I am simply jumping on the band wagon with a shape, that you can purchase at the Free*Style Evil lair.

The Socialite Shape: by Dahlindah Destiny
Her name is Socialite. And in every back, you get various body types, from 'normal', 'bigger', 'thinner'. etc. etc.

You'll probably hate fitting lashes on her.
And you'll porbably think her eyes are too far apart.
If that's the case, whatevsss.

Well, for the people who have already grabbed her, thanks alot!
Hopefully somewhere out there likes her!!


Check out the other great items available at Free*Style!

Yes,Girls Have Pillow Fights In Their Lingerie!

It's true!! We all sit around playing Sl looking like Playboy cover girls in our super expensive and delicate lingerie, glammed up to the nines, without a hair out of place.

With that in mind, it made me chuckle when I found this little number at Lunas Boutique, complete with a scripted pillow! There's 4 commands to play with, so much fun!! It does come with really cute white ballet flats, but being Aussie, I'm an Uggs kinda girl. And these from Concrete Flowers do the job nicely. The "Cute Panda Doodle Boots" are this week's dollarbie, grab em before they poof.

My beautiful friend Lyra was in my nawty box this morning reminding me to check the SHI group notices. The stunning "Pepper" boots in leopard were sent out very late last night. Fecking gorgeous or what!! They are scripted with sounds (which I didn't know and kept wondering why everytime I landed, it sounded like a gunshot going off...duh) but you can easily turn them off with the click of a button. The dress I've shown them with isn't free, but I thought it too spectacular to hide. Also found at Lunas.

And check out these glittery overalls!! Grab em upstairs at Lunas. They do come with a top to wear underneath, but then, that soo wouldn't be me now would it :P Ash Out.

Not Free But Made Of Win


Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Indian Princess

For me, there is always something so rich about asian cultures; the Indian princess gharara is absolutely amazing! The colors are so rich I am totally in love with them! Can you believe they are free?

You can grab all the colors (pink, blue, black and white) from the lucky chairs of Mashooka Designs, or you can get the red version for only $1L. Trust me they are ALL worth getting!! I have settled for the white one (as shown):

Indian Princess

Indian Princess

But, the dollarbie red version is just as nice:

Mashooka Design Gift

I have matched the jewelry from Mashooka Designs as well, next time I'll show u my new nose piercing...

TP to Mashooka Designs now, it's absolutely unmissable!


Here is the Valentina gown from another lucky chair inside the store...Aradhana decided to make a full line of colors you can get, after the sucess of the Valentina red version!


Here is an outfit I got wearing some of Mashooka Design see the post and the SURL to the store, read on: Agent S.

Monday, 23 February 2009

kuri karas strikes again with delightful girly things you need on your pixel body. words words words blah words, i am extremely busy eating strawberry ice cream and so here, have some rushed descriptions and meh pics.

- the sex-free tee shirt and plaid pants set (0l. also pictured is the skin group gift from curio, which everyone should have by now because it's been out a few days and i am ultra delinquent):

- this foofy ethereal top and skirt (0l)

- this wild swirly dress and animal print jacket (2l; there is also another equally purdy silver version with a different animal print jacket):

not free things: all skins are from the only skin maker that makes me want to be one skin woman, all from curio's megafuckingginormous latest release, and all hairs are from my alt's megafuckingtalented exwife autumn hykova of pixel dust. the bitch dumped poor zuzu for twiggy whippet, no wonder i'm drowning my sorrows in delicious ice cream. BACK TO MY PITY PARTY.

Quirky McQuirkster from Quirksville


Been busy, busy, busy, on a creative overdrive over the past few days, having lots of fun learning to do new things and exercising this rusty brain of mine. I've got a few things in the pipeline (if I ever finish them), but in the meantime I''ve made a new shape.

This is Little Miss Quirk, also shown on my previous post (if you want to see her in a diff skin). She has a more natural looking unsymmetrical face shape, a squinty eye, with a slightly bent nose, she also has a more natural body shape (ie not model thin and 8ft tall). Despite her little quirks, she looks really pretty - but she will give you hell when you are trying to fit your eyelashes.

She looks almost perfect in this beautiful skin from YourSkin YourShape. This is a group gift (join at the store)

Little Miss Quirk

You can find Little Miss Quirk hanging around in the men's toilets at Free*Style Horst. She also includes the eyes worn above, nothing fancy, just my first, slightly crap attempt at eyes. You can pay whatever you think she is worth, (from 1L)

The gorgeous lingerie is a Valentines gift from one of my fave lingerie stores, Attitudes, it's still available in store for free.
*YourSkin* ChiaraReloaded_SpringMakeUp_Group_Gift: YourSkin YourShape
Apple Hair: Maitreya

Elv'an Dreams

I had some time on my hands this morning for a change, so after grabbing today's gift from Cutie Land, more info can be found here, I went for a wander. I found the most adorable store, all green and dark inside and choc full of Elvan gear.

The unbelievable thing about Elv'an Majika is the price of the clothes, hair, eyes and everything else in there. For free you will find full av packs (skin, shape, ears) both in light and dark elf. I couldn't get them to work for me so I haven't shown them. Hair, the choker I'm wearing and a fat pack of boots.

The clothes I'm wearing? 5L for each item. Skirts, tops, eyes, all 5L each *faints*

It's a beautiful store, full of beautiful things that made me smile. There's a tip jar out, please do as I did and fill it up!! You'll get some gorgeous quality, fantasy clothes for not alot of L, soo worth tipping doncha think? Ash out.

Not Free Schtuff


Ashia Designs


Sunday, 22 February 2009


Not only is my remote desk top having Mondayitis (making work a sodding nightmare) but apparently my Photoshop is also having conniptions. However I haz pretties to show, come hell or high water!


An ode to a bygone era of glamor and elegance from Lemania called Ginger. You have less than 24 hours to grab it before it's retired forever. It's Oscar day over at Lemania's too, so you never know what other lushness you'll find!


This is a yummy group gift from Sweeter Than Candy, and evidence of how Photoshop is being a complete hoar for me! The dress is all nude, not nude and cyan as shown here *shakes fist at computer* Also gave me a chance to wear my fave boots from 69, that while aren't free are bloody awesome!


My Yohane from Strayer has done it again with a funky, quirky number, that while isn't for everyday wear is so fun I had to camp it up. There's boy's and girl's versions in the group gift, thanks Yohane! Shown here with freebie sunnies from Redgrave and BRIGHT PINK BOOTS (Suri) from Vinyl Cafe. Now I shall skulk off back to work and pray that by some miracle, the database has fixed itself, yes even I have a dream :P Ash Out.

Non Freebs


Fine Silk

Some silk I have gathered in the past 2 days...gorgeous too!

Fine silk

I have waited forever for this, it is a lucky chair prize, change every 10 mins, beautiful, beautiful silk...

*HD* Qadesh Silks, lucky chair prize

Fine silk with armbands

I had to look twice when I wore this, it's so gorgeous!
There's always something so enticing about silks, I wish I know how to wear them better!

xploring the city

exploring the city (6)

As well as a men's kilt:

Free man silk

Get them free @ Ripped!

While you are there don't forget to check out the freebies, lucky chairs, and midnigh mania!!

Ripped freebies

Ripped lucky chairs