Friday, 27 February 2009



We are making some changes to the blog, we thought it would be fun to inject a little something different into the Free*Style blog, it's been running for over a year now and a change is as good as a rest and all that...

Sooo, what's happening? We have guest bloggers hopefully appearing on your screen here soon, many of whom are popular bloggers who you already know and love and at least one item in their ensemble will be free.

Everything else will go on as usual, my posts will be less frequent for a while, as I am struggling with learning sculpties and suchlike.

While I'm here I have to tell you about this store which Four Yip introduced me to a few months ago, Naho's funny shop. This store is Japanese and there are some fabulous free things here, really inventive and great fun, like this 'Face Curtain' which you click and your face changes expression each time the curtain opens

face curtain

Sculpty bow (made by me, will be free once i've perfected it)
Lovespell skin: group gift from M&R Cupcakes
Bob III Hair Detour (not free)

I hope you will enjoy :)

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J.Dikes said...

i can't wait for the bow! by far it looks cute the way it is :D