Monday, 23 February 2009

Elv'an Dreams

I had some time on my hands this morning for a change, so after grabbing today's gift from Cutie Land, more info can be found here, I went for a wander. I found the most adorable store, all green and dark inside and choc full of Elvan gear.

The unbelievable thing about Elv'an Majika is the price of the clothes, hair, eyes and everything else in there. For free you will find full av packs (skin, shape, ears) both in light and dark elf. I couldn't get them to work for me so I haven't shown them. Hair, the choker I'm wearing and a fat pack of boots.

The clothes I'm wearing? 5L for each item. Skirts, tops, eyes, all 5L each *faints*

It's a beautiful store, full of beautiful things that made me smile. There's a tip jar out, please do as I did and fill it up!! You'll get some gorgeous quality, fantasy clothes for not alot of L, soo worth tipping doncha think? Ash out.

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百恋芙蓉 said...

Here is correct LM to store ^^ (Cutie Land 18/82/22)~ Might not land exactly at that place, but red beacon should be at right place. Thanks for letting us know about the store =)