Friday, 27 February 2009

Peacock Season! I'm A Pretty Bird!

Hello, hello! To all my fellow Free*Style fashionistas, Oh & fashionistos of course! Although this blog will mostly apply to the female avis, so here we go. Here I have one look to share with you guys today. I am Golden Peacock, I stand out from the flock lol. Don't you just love my hat/hair?

Boy do I, for I can't even take it off! Creamy passed it over to me today, I was blinded by it's beauty. I'm not sure when & where she will be releasing it but I had to it show off. I'm sure that whenever she decides to do so, she'll let you all know. At first I didn't know what to wear with it, I was going to take nudies, especially on account how good I look in this M&R Cupcakes skin group gift (as blogged before). It's still available if you'd like to snatch it up. As you might already know of, there is an enrollment fee but it's very well worth it. If you join check back into the notice tab history where you'll find more gifts as well.

If you know who I am & notice the things I never take off are mainly my nails. These nails are one of a kind, some are scripted to extend & or contract length, bling & bling off, I love them all. The ones featured, are by Gianetti not free but only 25L until St. Patrick's day (March. 17th) so be sure to grab them before it is too late. (If you miss out on this you can easily purchase them for a higher price, at least around 100L not sure.) Also, if you join the group there's a really nice silver ring (not shown) in the notices so make sure you pick that up too.

On other freebies:
(Since I am wrapped in freebies from head to toe)

Eyes: By Decollage in Light blue. Located at Gnubie
Earrings: By yours truly... ME! :D Located at Free*Style Horst location.
Bracelet on Left: *VB* Gold Bunchy Located on XStreet
Bracelet on Right: -=UZURI=- Harem Bracelet Located at -=UZURI=-
Jacket/Necklace: Peakcock Feather Necklace By Nylon Pinkney (includes other freebs all for 1L) Located at Nylon Outfitters
Top: By (Pixel Dolls) - LimeLight in gold Was located on onrez, but maybe check out Xstreet for: Scarlett Butler (Pixel Dolls)
Pants/Under wear layer: Zomg! Leggings! Black capris By M&R Cupcakes Located in the basement with other discontinued items.
Socks: GHOST! - Prison Tights Located at Gnubie
Boots: Black Leather Thigh High Boots Was Located at Vinyl Cafe but you can always check for a new freebie.


Elise Petrov said...

Where can we find the freebie at Tableau? I've looked several times, but dont see anything. thx!

J.Dikes said...

as of right now i'm not exactly sure - due to the hamsters destroying the sim, having them rebuilt everything (the sim is now open so you can look around for 'Nylon Outfitters'). but i'll look around & let you know as soon as possible unless you cant wait you can ask Nylon Pinkey where you can find her 'Female Freebies' as it says on the box. Good luck :)

Creamy Cooljoke said...

Oooh the Peacock hat looks so beautiful on you. Thanks for blogging it :)

I'm going to put it out in the store today as a pay any amount, I hope you don't mind but i used your pic from this post for the box, because it's beautiful :))