Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Indian Princess

For me, there is always something so rich about asian cultures; the Indian princess gharara is absolutely amazing! The colors are so rich I am totally in love with them! Can you believe they are free?

You can grab all the colors (pink, blue, black and white) from the lucky chairs of Mashooka Designs, or you can get the red version for only $1L. Trust me they are ALL worth getting!! I have settled for the white one (as shown):

Indian Princess

Indian Princess

But, the dollarbie red version is just as nice:

Mashooka Design Gift

I have matched the jewelry from Mashooka Designs as well, next time I'll show u my new nose piercing...

TP to Mashooka Designs now, it's absolutely unmissable!


Here is the Valentina gown from another lucky chair inside the store...Aradhana decided to make a full line of colors you can get, after the sucess of the Valentina red version!


Here is an outfit I got wearing some of Mashooka Design Jewels...to see the post and the SURL to the store, read on: Agent S.


LostGrayCat said...

The SLURL you posted lands incoming on the chair, kinda distracting for already rez'd waiting patrons.

Suri Christen said...

lol, sure I'll change that