Monday, 23 February 2009

Quirky McQuirkster from Quirksville


Been busy, busy, busy, on a creative overdrive over the past few days, having lots of fun learning to do new things and exercising this rusty brain of mine. I've got a few things in the pipeline (if I ever finish them), but in the meantime I''ve made a new shape.

This is Little Miss Quirk, also shown on my previous post (if you want to see her in a diff skin). She has a more natural looking unsymmetrical face shape, a squinty eye, with a slightly bent nose, she also has a more natural body shape (ie not model thin and 8ft tall). Despite her little quirks, she looks really pretty - but she will give you hell when you are trying to fit your eyelashes.

She looks almost perfect in this beautiful skin from YourSkin YourShape. This is a group gift (join at the store)

Little Miss Quirk

You can find Little Miss Quirk hanging around in the men's toilets at Free*Style Horst. She also includes the eyes worn above, nothing fancy, just my first, slightly crap attempt at eyes. You can pay whatever you think she is worth, (from 1L)

The gorgeous lingerie is a Valentines gift from one of my fave lingerie stores, Attitudes, it's still available in store for free.
*YourSkin* ChiaraReloaded_SpringMakeUp_Group_Gift: YourSkin YourShape
Apple Hair: Maitreya


jenniewren writer said...

Creams! She is so cute - I'm actually tempted to step away from my self created shape, and try on quirky for a lil while. Shorter avi = me LOL

Amethyst McMahon said...

ooh... purrty lil' pixel princess! :)