Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Yes,Girls Have Pillow Fights In Their Lingerie!

It's true!! We all sit around playing Sl looking like Playboy cover girls in our super expensive and delicate lingerie, glammed up to the nines, without a hair out of place.

With that in mind, it made me chuckle when I found this little number at Lunas Boutique, complete with a scripted pillow! There's 4 commands to play with, so much fun!! It does come with really cute white ballet flats, but being Aussie, I'm an Uggs kinda girl. And these from Concrete Flowers do the job nicely. The "Cute Panda Doodle Boots" are this week's dollarbie, grab em before they poof.

My beautiful friend Lyra was in my nawty box this morning reminding me to check the SHI group notices. The stunning "Pepper" boots in leopard were sent out very late last night. Fecking gorgeous or what!! They are scripted with sounds (which I didn't know and kept wondering why everytime I landed, it sounded like a gunshot going off...duh) but you can easily turn them off with the click of a button. The dress I've shown them with isn't free, but I thought it too spectacular to hide. Also found at Lunas.

And check out these glittery overalls!! Grab em upstairs at Lunas. They do come with a top to wear underneath, but then, that soo wouldn't be me now would it :P Ash Out.

Not Free But Made Of Win



okrebecca said...

ugh, ash again, for the majorly sexeh win

okrebecca said...

woops hun, your slurl's a tad off, here's the fix to luna's

Ashia Tomsen said...

damn you blogger for boinking up my slurls on my last 3 posts, oh how I hate thee!!! Thankies Bec, will fix now *goes off mumbling at blogger html*

Stacie said...
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Lyra Lovenkraft said...

I'm like in your blog.. <3
and I love that white number *runs off to get it*

Banana Vella said...

Well - if we're gonna have an all-out pillow-fight, then I saw a 2-person pose that will suit the occasion!

travis said...

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Amethyst McMahon said...

HA! Who's been peeking through my screen and seen me playing SL in my undies???
Nawty Ash! ;P