Sunday, 30 October 2011

Whisper D says Happy Halloween!

Hiya all. It's not Wednesday but, did you really think I wouldn't come by and say Happy Halloween to all the Freestylers? So here I am. Make sure to stay safe on Monday night. Wear glow sticks. See youuuuuuu!

Hair @ Adoness : Scary Kitteh Hunt #37 - (Hunt over, prize still there as of Sunday!)

Skin @ + Huwa*Yura + : Skin + 002 - (Lucky Board, 10 minutes!)

Shape @ [XYR] : Veronica Doll - (FREE on marketplace. Comes with skins!)

Eyes @ InVision : Real Eyes by IV Fatpack - (FREE!)

Skullface @ Death Row Designs : gore skull face - (10L Halloween stuff until Tuesday!)

Dress @ *M'one* : WitchGirl-OR - (Lucky Board, 3 minutes!)

Broom @ *M'one* : Witch:Broom-Free - (FREE, different colors too!)

Heels @ [In Her Shoes] : Circus Lolita orange - (FREE!)

Snapshots from the Grid: Voc Linda

Sometimes I like to see if I can pull together a cohesive look from currently available gifties, which is kinda how I found myself dressed today. This snapshot was taken from the dreamy Voc Linda SIM that Sileny mentioned in her blog post yesterday; the male accessory is just a li'l something I picked up in a dark alley. (Just teasing G! Hehe).
Check the Styling Credits below for deets; nearly everything I'm wearing is free or $1L, several of which are going bye bye soon.

Snapshot simple love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe


Top: [ SAKIDE ] @ Seraphim - Casual Tee Pink - join Seraphim group + click around the walls for tons of gifts - free
Skirt & hat bow: The Sea Hole @ Seraphim - The Sea Hole Seraphim Gift (Floating Lotus color shown; includes hair bow) - join Seraphim group + click around the walls for tons of gifts -
Scarf: MOLICHINO @ Seraphim - Free Gift for Seraphim - join Seraphim group + click around the walls for tons of gifts -
Earrings: Dark Mouse - VIP Group Gifty! October 2011 - free
Tights: -paper.doll- - DarkMagic: Socks - find/buy red & white popcorn bag for
$0L (NOTE: the Zombie Popcorn hunt is ending soon on 10/31!) - free
Bag: 'MICO' DARK BAG - join
*'..*".'::bonne chance!::*'..*".' group for $0L in Search; look for this + another gift in Notices - free
Nails: * RezIpsa Loc * @ Kozmetika - Taste the Rainbow Nails -
Stiletto sneakers (just realized that you can't exactly see 'em here! le sigh): Glow Studio @ TDRblue - Halloween Gift - shoes BOX -
Hair: fri. - Apple - Ash Blonde - Seasons Hunt gift - find/buy orange pumpkin for $0L (NOTE: this hunt was supposed to end on 10/29, but the pumpkin might still be out!) - free
Pose: Long Awkward Pose (free AO for new avis; found this buried in my inventory!)

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Halloween Comes to Starlust!

I almost hate to post on top of Sileny's post today because she looks so darn cute but I think you will really like the things I am going to show you!  My love for Starlust and the folks that inhabit it is no secret.  They were generous to host our 4.44.444 event at no cost and I think that the people that set up there are super talented, straight up real folk and work hard to create original designs.  I wanna be a polygamous partnerer and marry them all to be honest but probably not even Appy from Pig would take me up on it.
Here is the deal there: Through Halloween start at the motel lobby and pick up a folder that will tell you who has treats at their shops.  (Not every store is involved - Eden bawls her face off)  The folder will contain a note that has an up to date list of treated stores as well as a cute map to help you find your way about.  Those stores will have a pumpkin near or right in the entrance with a bright orange pumpkin that has a message along the lines of "I have a treat for you".  Touch it and get the goods - it's that easy!  Allegory has decorated the sims with lots of pumpkins (she makes some of the best around) and they are for sale (go to Schadenfreude for a huge selection), so don't confuse them with the treat pumpkins.
Also, Schadenfreude has her annual trick or treat pumpkin at her store.  Go inside the elephant and look for the free one.  Allegory makes these goodies for many of the holidays and I look forward to them every year.  They are wearable and give out treats to anyone who touches them.
I've not shown you every gift because I have to go do a ton of RL things but its a lovely event.  Before I forget all about it, Nefaria Abel, another awesome creator has decided to close her L'Abel brand, another sad for me!  Everything has been significantly discounted.  I picked up some bloomers from this year's summer collection that I had been coveting for only 10 L.  Another do not miss!

Credits: (I will try to organize but keep this in mind and you will be fine: Starlust and L'Abel.
Photo1: Outfit: Silent Sparrow: Tweets: freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Neck tat: Miss Shippe's Studio: Whoops Cut my Neck Shaving: Freeeeeeeeeee
Black Shorts: L'Abel: Aniell Black ani Shorts: 10 L
Photo 2:
Shirts: Pig: Ribbon Sweaters Halloween: Freeeeeeeeeeeeee
Makeups/Earrings: Schadenfreude: Freeeeeeeeeee
Pants: L'Abel: Ella White Bloomers: 10 L
Photo 3
Facelamps: Schadenfreude: Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Photo 4:
Shirt and Rideable Ghosty: Saturine Dreams: Freeeeeeeeee
*also a treat at Stinkeye (sorry, I forgot to take a photo!!!!! Sorry Stinkeye! Dont spray me!)
Hair: Elikatira: Fight
Skin: Belleza: Aiko
Boots: GField: Short Lace Up Boots (don't forget their Halloween gifts plus great deals on selected orange and purple items - get shoes)


Happy Saturday!  I have a few things here I think you'll enjoy.  First off, this dress and hair flower is from one of my fave stores, Deviant Girls, and is hidden in a pumpkin patch at the Voc Linda sim.  Basically you go to the Voc Linda church and find 2 pumpkins, one with this dress/hair flower and a second from Chocolate Atelier that contains a sheer, black dress.  Almost all of the pumpkins are set for sale but only 2 of them contain the prize.  The hair is a group gift from Yuna's, a store we have blogged before that not only has nice hair for sale but is also very generous with gifts.  The hair comes in 3 colors, each with a different bang style.
The skin is from the Lavanda sim hunt.  The hunt isn't hard, just a little bit confusing, haha.  Basically, you join the Lavanda mall group and TP to the shopping area.  You click the sign that will give you a funny head/hat thing to wear.  You look around all the shops and click the little black halloween goodie bags.  Once you find all the bags and the map you can click the last sign for an LM to the secret prize room.  Inside you will find a bunch of gifts from amazing stores, such as this skin from Mother Goose's.  Have fun! 

Also Used:
Pose: Glitterati

Friday, 28 October 2011

Kosh - Bael Necklace for $1L

Kosh Dollarbie

Just a quick post for the dudes and dudettes! Kosh has a necklace set out at $1L. Yes 1 linden! The KOSH- BAEL NECKLACE can be found at the mainstore. It has the male and female versions, so don't hesitate to go grab it!

Found at Mainstore HERE !!

Skin: Belleza -Jacob
Shape: mine
Eyes: Tuli - Spotlight Eyes Azure
Hair: Dura - Boy 5
Nipple Piercing: HoD -  Lustful Piercing
Sunglasses: K_gs - Badjan 1.0
Necklace: Kosh - Bael Necklace ($1L)

Ruffles and Beads

This gorgeous lingerie is from Seldom Blue. IndigoBlue, the owner and designer is a generous woman, and has put out a pink dollarbie of her latest collection.
Here I'm wearing the full item in both black and white. It's gorgeous and very sexy; dare you try?

Check it out at the Seldom Blue mainstore





Skin by tb at Collabor88
Hair by Lamb

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Pumpkin Madness

Just few days left till the proper Halloween party fewer starts so make sure u r well prepared. Mstyle created these lovely orange pumps which you can grab for just 1L$. I also found this silly looking pumpkin flower - extra detail to decorate your house for free.
There is a massive sale going on at Elikatira. I got totally mad out there and bought half of the store:P. If you lucky enough there will still be something left for you;)

Skin – Al Vulo!, group gift
Hair – Elikatira, (66L$ for a pack, 75L$ for a multicolor pack)
Dress – Cupcakes, The Great Pumpkin Hunt, 0L$
Shoes – Mstyle, 1L$
Earrings – Wertina, MHOH gift (hurry up! MHOH is almost over!)
Pumpkin Flower – 0L$, Marketplace 
Code Tattoo – 0L$, Marketplace

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Good Morning Lovies!

I have ten million things I want to blog and am SO TIRED and all the V3 viewers won't let me use shadows and I'm SO LAZY and and and...whine whine whine!!!!!  But enough whining!  There's no whining in blogging (or crying in baseball, apparently.)  I'm feeling the fall colors at the moment.  Yes, I love my brights, but I also love me some gem tones and colors reminiscent of autumn leaves.  This dress from Addict is my favorite color!  Green makes me sooooooo happy.  Not enough deep greens in clothing I tells ya! The tights are just the perfect knit for fall.  You know how in RL when it starts to get chilly and you want to wear you're dresses but don't want to freeze your legs off?  Knit tights are my go to item for that.  You can get them in the fortune teller machine at Sn@tch in the dark color pack.  I'm wearing one from the light pack though because...I felt like it. :P
mix up_005
I know Eden already beat me to blogging the pipe from the Vaughan's hunt but, oh well, you can deal with seeing it again. :P  I'm happy to see Marleen back making things again after Marly's closed a while back and if you head to the store you'll see lots of fun stuff that will make you happy too.  The tattoo is SO FUN and it's free in the Seasons Hunt from Miss Shippe's Studio.  This store is just jam packed with creative, whimsical, FUN things for your various body parts.  Another store that is stuffed to the max with creativity is Solidea Folies and for a limited time you can get this great autumn necklace free in the subscriber.
mix up_011
I had to include some house items from La Flat as well at Dutchie because I feel like we just don't show enough of these things.  Plus I'm a sucker for vinyl records and cheese soooo...woo!  These boots are from AnE Meshworks (Adam N Eve's new mesh items line) and are NOT free but dang they sure are cute.  I may not love all mesh clothes but the shoes and furniture I am seeing from stores lately have me clapping my hands with joy, even if I have to use the mean old V3 viewers.
mix up_009
Details and Stuff:
Dress: Addict, Seasons Hunt gift
Stockings: Sn@tch, dark pack is free in the fortune teller machine so bring a friend to try and win!  I'm wearing one of the light versions in the pic, which are not free, but I promise the darks are awesome.  You can see the dark pack HERE on the marketplace if you want to check out the colors or you would rather just buy them than try to win them.
Chest Tattoo: Miss Shippe's Studio, Seasons Hunt Gift
Necklace: Solidea Folies, subscriber gift
Pipe: Vaughan's, hunt gift in store (there are 3 different items!)
Record Crates and Pillow: La Flat, one crate and the pillow are free in store, mixed in with other regular items (but ssh!  It's supposed to be a secret, cough cough.  One other free item available too.) The Halloween themed crate is a group gift (50L join fee, other gifts available.)
Cheese Plate and Dress Picture Wall Hanging: Dutchie, free
Skin and Boots: Adam N Eve/AnE Meshworks
Hair: Clawtooth by Clawtooth
Eyes: Croire
Pose: Estetica

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Hey, It's the Little Things in Life

Today has turned out to be an interesting day.  I was having a full blown panic attack the likes of which I've not had for years; the kind where I think I am having a heart attack and will die at any moment. Since I wasn't dead on the floor I decided to clean and worked through the worse part.  When I logged on SL a friend IM'ed me right away (which I hate!) and invited me to chat with some other people.  My usual response is to politely decline, but I didn't, and I got exactly what I needed.  Then Marleen Vaughn, who I remember from way back in the day from her store, Marly's, which I adored for her funky retro styles, contacted me about her new store, Vaughn's.  She is having a little hunt at her store for 3 items, the pipe, the scissor's necklace and the lovely grey top.  She is sweet and I am so glad to see her back in action.

Cupcakes has been having a hunt all month at their sim with fantastic prizes: Skins, clothes, eyes.  Several of the sim stores also have hunt items and all are free.  They are easy to find and it's a lovely sim to visit. I don't know why but I particularly loved the cold grey eyes that came in a large set.  Nice size, which I'm very fussy about.  Another little thing that I found on a recent journey is this Maori-style chin tat as a subscriber gift at Miss Shippe's studio.

It is refreshing to find that SL does include lots of cool people, some who are friends that care, some who do their own thing and make interesting items.  No drama, no heartache.  Just people at their comps, probably in their jammies drinking coffee or whiskey.  Good times.

Hair: Wasabi Pills: Kimmy Hair (new release - LOVE!)
Pipe: Vaughn's:V.Oppenheimer Pipe: Vaughn's Halloween Hunt
Necklace: Vaughn's: V.Hannah and her Scissors: Vaughn's Halloween Hunt
Shirt: Vaughn's: V.A Dreadful Top: Vaughn's Halloween hunt
Eyes: Cupcakes: Eyes 2011 - Grey: The Great Pumpkin Hunt - Cupcakes - 3 of 13
Tat: Miss Shippe's Studio: To Moko Wakini: Subscriber gift
Skin: Al Vulo: Easy* Merry Widow (previous group gift - new gift out now!)

Monday, 24 October 2011

You're A Doll!

Coco Designs has a brand new range of mesh avatars and clothes out called DollCoco.

Free Mesh Avatar

The 'Dolls' can only be viewed properly in a mesh enabled viewer.

Free Mesh Avatar & Dress

Different heads are available as are a number of specially made clothes and accessories. This dress is free but you must purchase the head for 450 L.

Free Mesh Avatar Body

You have your choice of free doll bodies. The white is shown here. Black is also available.

It's hard to say whats going to happen with mesh and avatars, but regardless, this avatar is a lot of fun. Check it out!

Style Notes
Hair: Fashionably Dead

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Chandelle Halloween

Find the pumpkins at Chandelle and get some super cute outfits perfect for Halloween and beyond.

Hunt Gift Dress

This purple ruffled mini can definitely carry over.

Hunt Gift Dress

And you always can use another LBD!

Hunt Gift Dress

Enjoy the hunt!

Style Notes
Hair: Boon
Hat: Vinyl Cafe Addicts Group Gift (check notices)
Candy Pail: ANA Super Bargain Saturday 60L
Earrings: Morantique
Nails: Mandala
Spiderweb Stockings: Halloween (the sim)
Boots: Purrfect 10

Gray Day

Hi all!  I'm not very chatty today but I still want to share some goodies!  Have a peek at the details for info.

Close up:


Boots: Dilly Dolls, bargain board item.  The more friends you bring the lower the price goes, down to 50L minimum.  Many colors and sizes in the pack, even more colors than shown.  These are MESH boots, meaning you must be using a mesh compatible viewer to see them properly.  All white version on the MM board and a black & white version as the VIP group gift (150L join fee) also.  And, of course, other colors for sale at a low regular price.
Vest: Ohmai!, Seasons Hunt item.  Other colors in the pack.
Purse: Epoque, Seasons Hunt item
Nails and Dress: Chandelle, in store hunt for many 0L-1L items.  Many more items from shoes to dresses and more available.
Lashes: Mother Goose's, lucky board prize
Second Layer of Lashes/Liner: Don't Freak Out, 1L
Hair: Elikatira
Skin: Fashionably Dead

Thursday, 20 October 2011

A different color for each day of the week

But you will have to buy sth else for Sunday;)
I went to check out new collection at Collabor88 and look what I've found. A mini hunt with 6 lovely outfits to collect.  There are 12 candies dropped all over the store. Each candy contains a piece of the outfit. You need to wear Collabor88 group tag to grab the candy. Together with a friend of mine Patina we got them all;) And here are results:

Outfits: Collabor88 hunt items

Not free (sorry:/)
Skins - Al Vulo, Mojo
Short hair - Elikatira at Collabor88
Long hair - Truth new
Shoes -Mstyle, N-core
Poses - Frozen

Ducks & Cows Beware!

My new cow friends, Bessie + Mathilda, wanted me to take some in-world shots of their idyllic farmland home. This worked out just fine for my cozy fall look today, which included this free dress, free moccasin boots, a new $30L color-change beanie by Glow Studio + some free gun pose props by Don't Freak Out.
Say what you will about guns, but this badass stance put me in the mood to shoot something. *spies Gavin waddling around in a duck avi; takes careful aim*
Here's another close-up so you can see these suuuperthick lashes by Glow Studio at The Dressing Room that I just can't seem to take off, tinged with 2 different colors for a nicely dramatic addition to a frex face. I'm also wearing a nice free lariat necklace that I found at Purple Moon (both the beads + metal are texture-change, so they go with just about everything).
Time for this huntress to find something more fashion-friendly than guns. New purse huntress love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who had those ducks on the run!)


Gloves: Add9 - +9 gloves in holder-black(stomach) - join Add9 group in Search; look in Notices for this + tons more gifts (new!) - free
Dress: -[AddiCt]- - LUCILLE Sweater Dress/Moss/The Season's Hunt
- find/buy orange pumpkin for $0L (new!) - free
Moccasin boots: Willow ~ Creek Moccasin - Seasons Hunt prize - find/buy orange pumpkin for $0L (new!) - free
Doll charm necklace: :NuDoLu: - Group gift Portrait de Matriochka - join group for
$0L + touch sign on wall; another gift here (new!) - free
Texture-change beaded lariat necklace w/ feather ends: Purple Moon - :: PM :: Mariah Necklace - The Runway Perfect Hunt - find/buy black rectangle thing for
$0L (HINT: lotsa dust at the back of this here table!) (new!) - free
Feathers ear cuff: [ glow ] studio @ TDR - Ear Cuffs (two colours) (TDR BLUE 36) - Ear cuff (R) raven (new!)
Blue & orange lashes: [ glow ] studio @ TDR - Colors&Colors- blurange lashes TDRb
Beanie: [ glow ] studio @ TDR - TDR Special - Beanie (new!) - $30L
Hair: Ploom - .ploom. Mona (streaked) - Ploomage (new!) *mwuahs Helyanwe Vindaloo*
Skin: Curio @ Truth District - :GP: Petal Frex [Light] Fall-Owl 2 (new!) *mwuahs Gala Phoenix*
Lace stockings: Le Poppycock - *Stockings* Je suis (option A) (new!) *double mwuahs Julliette Bade & Olivia Lalonde*
Lace thread necklace: Kyoot - Chained Thread Top - White
Shotgun totebag: Vooner - *VOONER*MARTI BAG_shotgun
Shoulder bag purse: !gO! - Laugh every day- FREE Bag (I think this was a group gift) -
Guns pose props: Don't Freak Out! - dfo! [tsh] gone huntin' - Seasons Hunt prize - find/buy orange pumpkin for
$0L - free

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

More autumn goodies!!

So we are now totally free-falling into autumn, and the seasonal gifts are many. I particularly love G*Fields' Halloween gift dress, which you can find at the store. It comes in two colours, purple and orange, and includes the choker.

How adorable is this hair? This is from shag, and is their Seasons Hunt gift item. This is a really good hunt, as usual, with lots of nice gifties, definately not one to miss!

Tree is the seasons hunt gift from kushoon.

Trini x

Tricks and Treats

Abra TrickTreat CompR

Cheap/discounted (items available at the time of posting):
Hair--D!va Hair "Naomi" (Onyx) (group gift in store)
Eyes--Insufferable Dastard .ID. Vampire Eyes (Zombie Popcorn 5 hunt item)
Facial tattoo--::Para Designs:: Paisley Face Tattoo (freebie in store)
Piercing--[-iPoke-] Element (Zombie Popcorn 5 hunt item, modified)
Necklace--KOSH- HANGMAN NECKLACE (Zombie Popcorn 5 hunt item)
Dress--~Sassy!~ Wisp Dress (Zombie Popcorn 5 hunt item)

Not free/disounted (check stores for other gifts and discounts):
Skin--Ploom Maia Living Doll (New!)
Eyelashes--[ glow ]Studio
Body tattoo
Poses--Ploom Trick or Treat (New!)

Bracelets--Mariposa (no longer available)

Posted by Abra Zelin

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

One And A Doux

Doux Couture has this cute outfit as a subscribo gift in store.


Style Notes
Hair: Lelutka
Skin: Curio
Hat: Wretched Dollies
Earrings: Paper Coutre

You: It's What's for Dinner.

I had this lovely red-lipped skin from Adam n Eve on when I opened the group gift from Saikin/Boon, completely unaware what it was going to be.  When I put the gift on it went with the skin so well I absolutely had to blog it!  The color of the necklace from Lolapop! goes perfectly with the bloody mess on top.

Necklace: Lolapop!, 5L hunt item.  Several colors available.
Bloody Lip With Halloween Message and Fangs/Tattoo Mouth Blood: Saikin, group gift (join the Boon and Saikin group and check notices)
Skin: Adam N Eve
Hair: Lamb
Prim Eyes: Tacky Star

Monday, 17 October 2011

Pumpkin Stuff!

Oh yes it's that time of year! Here's a few pumpkin inspired gifts for your autumnal pleasure :)

Subscribo Gift Pumpkin Dress

Miel has not one, but two gifts for subscribers. This fun pumpkin dress is the first, and the face is animated!

Subscribo Gift Dress

This roped up dress is also included. It includes the cute backpack.

Dollarbie Gown & LISP Hunt Gifts

I also wanted to show this gorgeous fireplace with autumn decor, both hunt gifts at LISP (Zombie Popcorn and The Seasons Hunt).

I hope you're having a wonderful fall!

Style Notes Photos 1 & 2
Hat w/hair: Clawtooth
Skin: Fashionably Dead
Stockings with spider clasps: Halloween (the sim)
Boots: J's

Style Notes Photo 3
Hair: Clawtooth
Skin: Fashionably Dead
Gown: Vinyl Cafe (Dominion Fashion District location dollarbie)

Orange You Glad It's Free?

I looooove Halloween so expect lots of themed posts from me!  My pictures ended up kind of pixely and I don't know why.  Very annoying!  Hopefully though you can see how cute these items are in spite of that.

I had to show a close up shot of this gift skin from Adam N Eve.  How gorgeous is it??  I have been seriously loving their new skin releases.  The eye makeup is from Elegant Epiphany and it comes in several colors for only 1L.  This store always has great makeup deals.

The shoes are from FIR&MNA and were for the 4.44.444 event, which is now over.  I am not sure if they will be in store or not but either way they have other colors available so if you like these check out the store.

Dress and Hair Bow: Ribbon, subscriber gift
Skin: Adam N Eve, group gift
Eye Makeup: Elegant Epiphany @ Marketplace, 1L
Tights: Bingo, lucky board prize
Striped Shirt: Forsaken, one of the million prizes in the Sn@tch/Pulse/Nomine sim event.  Grab a hud and solve the mystery.  A bazillion prizes to be found.
Earrings: Kosh, subscriber gift.  Not sure if these are still available because the redelivery terminal wasn't working when I went to check.
Shoes: FIR&MNA, not sure if still available in this color but other colors available for sure.
Hair: Pomme d' Amour, new release

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Autumn Walks

Yes, another seasonal photo, I simply can't help it, I LOVE all the beautiful colours autumn brings, and I just love that you can wrap up warm but still be sexy!! The outfit I'm wearing is Sakides' Taste of SL Fall hunt giftie, and it is one of my favourite items from that hunt, but better be quick if you want to do this hunt as it ends TODAY! Sorry for my tardiness in getting this post up, I had no internet for 2 days so it put me behind >:(

This gorgeous skin I'm wearing is Acides' FTLO Halloween Boo for 2 L$100 item. For those of you who don't know, FTLO is both a shopping fair and also a hunt. Each store is asked to contribute two items; one as a hunt gift, and one as an exclusive sale item priced at L$100, one being male and one being female, so plenty of awesome bargains and gifties for everyone!!


Full outfit (includes the shoes):
Sakide (TOSL Fall Hunt gift, available til TODAY!!),
Scarf: Alexohol (TOSL Hunt giftie, only available til TODAY!!),
Skin: Acide ~ Katcide/ Laura/ Night (L$100 item @ FTLO Halloween Boo for 2),
Pumpkin nomnom: Acide (FTLO hunt giftie, available til October 31st),
Eyes: Poetic Colours,
Hair: Loq ~ Tramisu (Subscribo giftie, comes with V2 hair base - there were actually TWO hair fatpack gifties sent!).

Happy soontobe Halloween!!!

Trini xx

Friday, 14 October 2011

2 coats, one dress and ...

... a pair of over the knee socks. In other words:  a quick post before my bed time;)

From the left:
Skin: Mambo Chic group gift (300L$ fee)
Coat: ][AV][ Lucky Board
Dress: Vita's Boudoir group gift
Coat: Giereh group gift
Socks: Hal*Hina dollarbie
Lingerie: Phoenix Rising 25L$
Hair: Truth 

Nighty night!

Aloha from 444!

Today is the LAST DAY of 4.44.444!  I would be remiss if I did not show you the adorable grass hula outfits that Mystic Sky has for only 44 L.  They include all the accessories, both a long and a short skirt and come in several colors.  They will not be 44 L at the store after the event closes.
This lovely, lovely skin from Chain & Vine is only 4 L! Since it is named 4.44.444 Loie Exclusive, it may not be available in the store!  Don't miss out!

Complete outfit: Mystic Sky: Luanna Hula Dancer (Dry Grass): 44 L at 4.44.444
Skin: Chain & Vine: 4.44.444 Loie Exclusive @ 4.44.444
Hair: Analog Dog: Tangled

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Birthday Party!

Find 12 little birthday cakes hidden around The Dominion Fashion District & The Dominion Femdom Fetish Shoppes and get some gorgeous gifts to celebrate Dominion's 3rd birthday! Check it out!

Dominion 3rd Birthday Hunt Gift

Four variations of this gorgeous gown are available.

Dominion 3rd Birthday Hunt Gift

They are truly stunning and can be worn in a few different ways.

Dominion 3rd Birthday Hunt Gift

I adore this red dress which is the only tea length gown in the set.

Dominion 3rd Birthday Hunt Gift

The detail really is beautiful.

Dominion 3rd Birthday Hunt Gift

There are also 8 versions of this sexy zipper dress, a staple for every wardrobe and beautifully made.

Dominion 3rd Birthday Hunt Gift

Don't miss this FOUR DAY HUNT, October 14th - 17th! Have fun!

Style Notes
Short Hair: Boon
Long Hair: Lamb
Skins: Curio
Shoes: Purrfect 10
Fascinator: Chantkare
Hat: Wretched Dollies
Earrings: A & A
Gloves: Coco
Nails: Mandala
Ring: Paper Couture